jbl soundbar remote not working

Whenever your JBL soundbar remote not working there are a few things to inspect!

The remote of your JBL soundbar has quite an important role in controlling your device’s volume, modes, and power.

If it stopped working all of a sudden, then there sure is something wrong and in this guide, we’ll make sure to solve it.

To fix your JBL soundbar remote that isn’t working, power cycle your soundbar along with the remote. Replace the remote’s batteries and check if the remote signal has a clear path that reaches the soundbar. Moreover, you should factory reset your soundbar to solve the problem.

If you’re pondering where the problem is coming from, we have extracted all possible causes for the issue in a list so let’s jump right in!

Why Is JBL Soundbar Remote Not Working?

Users mainly adjust the volume of their JBL soundbar with the remote.

If that function of the remote has stopped working, it’s bound to be a soundbar problem rather than an issue of the remote.

On the other hand, if the entire remote doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, you should look for the problem in the remote, over the soundbar.

Let’s guess no further and take a look at the possibilities:

1. No line of Sight

Shared interference with your household or other devices accepting signals (like other soundbars) can prevent you from controlling your soundbar.

2. Problem Power Issue

Your remote could be running low on power, therefore being unable to control your soundbar.

3. Soundbar Problem

A software or hardware issue with your soundbar might prevent you from using the remote with the soundbar.

4. Hardware Damaged

Any lethal damage or liquid inside the remote could be preventing it from working.

Those were the causes that you might be facing and next, you’ll learn how to address each of them until you discover and resolve the true problem.

How To Fix JBL Soundbar Remote Isn’t Working?

fix jbl soundbar remote not working

Here we will undergo complete troubleshooting of your remote, along with your setup, to remove potential issues preventing your remote’s work.

However, make sure to follow our solutions consecutively to have the best effect at troubleshooting!

Here’s how to fix your JBL soundbar’s remote in easy solutions:

Solution #1 Power Cycle Remote/Soundbar

You should begin with power cycling your remote along with the soundbar, to make sure there is no glitch or bug causing your remote to be nonfunctional.

This method will discharge both your devices, reboot ALL services, and hopefully solve the problem.

Let’s begin with power cycling your remote:

How To Power Cycle JBL Soundbar Remote?

  1. Turn the remote upside down and locate the battery compartment cover’s latch.
  2. Open the compartment and expose the batteries.
  3. Take the battery unit (puck-looking battery) out of the remote.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes, re-attach the batteries and test your remote.

How To Power Cycle JBL Soundbar?

  1. Press the power button on your soundbar.
  2. Wait for the device to shut down and unplug the power adapter.
  3. Standby for another 5 minutes and re-attach the power adapter.
Note: Test your remote after power cycling the remote itself and the JBL soundbar to determine if the issue is solved.

Solution #2 Replace Remote’s Battery

replace battery remote

Your remote could be running low on charge or had already lost its power. This can cause your device to stop working with the soundbar.

With most JBL soundbar remotes, the battery inside of them is CR2025, but older models use standard batteries.

Here’s how to replace the battery of your JBL soundbar remote:

  1. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of your JBL remote.
  2. Pull the battery holder and eject the old battery.
  3. Grab your fresh CR2025 (or standard battery based on model) and insert it into the holder.
  4. Put the holder back into the remote and close the compartment.
Note: When replacing the battery, make sure to insert it into the correct position of the holder so it makes good contact with the electricity poles.

Solution #3 Resolve Interference

There’s a chance that interference has occurred in your setup, blocking your remote signal.

In that regard, you should identify if any other devices or objects are impacting the remote’s signal and remove them to improve the signal strength.

resolve interference

Here are some factors of interference you should review and deal with:

1. RF Transmitters

If any RF transmitters are positioned close to your soundbar, make sure to move them so they won’t withdraw the signal.

2. Solid Objects Interference

Any large objects or furniture on the path between your JBL remote and soundbar must be removed in order for the signal of your remote to be able to reach.

3. Out of Reach

Being too far away from the soundbar could also interrupt the signal. Make sure to attempt to control the TV from close proximity to identify the problem.

4. Soundbar Positioning

If your soundbar is located in an uncomfortable spot for your remote’ signal to reach, the device won’t respond to any of your commands.

Note: Test your JBL soundbar remote’s functionality after each of the troubleshooting bullets to identify the cause and prevent it from appearing in the future.

Solution #4 Reprogram The Remote

By any means necessary, you should reprogram your remote before you continue any further.

Reprogramming can be done when your JBL soundbar remote gets disconnected from the soundbar and through this process, you can get it paired with the receiver again.

Here’s how to reprogram your JBL remote to the soundbar:

  1. On your soundbar, hit the Bluetooth button for several seconds.
  2. Wait for the “Searching for accessories” screen to appear on your soundbar.
  3. On your JBL remote, press the HOME and the BACK buttons for three seconds.
Note: A green light should appear on your soundbar, indicating successful programming after pressing the Home and Back buttons.

Solution #5 Reset Your Soundbar Remote

reset the soundbar remote

If nothing worked so far, you should factory reset your JBL soundbar remote.

The reset involves pressing the same buttons as with the programming, but this time, you won’t put your soundbar into pairing mode as you did in the previous solution.

Note: Whenever your soundbar isn’t in pairing mode, the HOME and BACK buttons will cause your remote to reset.

Here’s how to reset your soundbar remote in easy steps:

  1. Ensure your soundbar is up and running.
  2. Grab your remote and press the HOME along with the BACK.
  3. Hold them down for 3 seconds and wait for the green light of your remote to indicate a successful reset.

These solutions should be enough to help you identify the problem. In case nothing helps, you might be having a faulty unit and you’ll need a replacement.

Note: For users that have issues only with the VOLUME button on their JBL remotes, proceed further to learn how to fix the issue.

How To Fix JBL Soundbar Remote Sound Control Not Working?

sound control

If you’re unable to control the sound of your soundbar through the remote, but at the same time ALL other buttons are working, we’ve got a solution for you!

Here’s how to fix the sound control of your JBL soundbar and remote.

1. Increase TV Volume

The JBL soundbar’s volume is bonded with the TV’s. Attempt to increase the volume from your TV along with your soundbar to fix the problem.

2. Soundbar Not Paired with TV

Hit the Bluetooth button on your soundbar and go to your TV’s pairing settings. Locate the soundbar’s connection and ensure it’s connected with the soundbar or connect it by hitting the button in the options.

3. Reset Soundbar

Reset your soundbar by holding the Volume and the Virtual Surround buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the JBL soundbar’s remote not working, power cycle both your soundbar and remote. Replace the remote’s batteries and reprogram the unit back to your TV. In case nothing helped you should perform a factory reset to solve the problem.

Now that you know why JBL soundbar remote not working, follow our solutions to fix the device.

Although replacing the remote is never out of your options list, consider it as your last resort in case nothing in this post helped.

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