jbl soundbar keeps cutting out

Asking why the JBL soundbar keeps cutting out? You’ve found the answer!

The sound of your JBL soundbar could be interrupted due to several reasons.

Everything from the volume, cords, source, and soundbar’s hardware is of great importance and here we’ll be focusing on ALL possibilities to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Your JBL sound could be interrupted due to lowering the volume or because the device is muted. An issue with the source device or a hardware malfunction could also be responsible for the sound interruptions.

Let’s now review the possibilities and then learn how to address each of them.

Why Is JBL Studio Soundbar Sound Cutting Out?

One of the major suspects that you would need to inspect is the soundbars’ power supply.

There could be a problem with the power strip, the breaker box, or even the outlet your device is plugged in.

Here are ALL of the possible causes for the issue in a summarized list:

1. Too Low Volume

Your device could be lowering the volume or getting muted to cut the audio off.

2. Faulty Cord

An issue with the wiring, more accurately, the power cord of your JBL soundbar could be the problem.

3. Source Issue

A problem with the source device audio could be responsible for the interruptions.

4. Out of Range

If you’re connecting via Bluetooth, you may be moving the source of the audio too far away.

5. Hardware Malfunction

Problematic or worn-out internal parts within your soundbar could also be responsible for cutting out the sound.

Now when you’ve got a rough idea of what you could be facing, let’s proceed with addressing each of the above-described possibilities and solve the problem in no time!

How To Fix JBL Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out?

fix jbl soundbar keeps cutting out

Now that you’ve learned all possible causes for your JBL soundbar problem, let’s move on to troubleshooting the problem via our proven solutions.

It’s suggested to begin with a soft reset of your JBL soundbar, therefore powering the device on/off, through the power button.

In case the regular reboot did not help, proceed with the first solution:

Solution #1 Increase Volume/Unmute

Users admit that having your JBL soundbar running at too low a volume could cause the sound to cut out randomly.

In that regard, you should attempt to increase the volume to solve the problem on your soundbar.

For this purpose, you can either use the buttons on the soundbar or press the volume button on the remote from 5 up to 15 times.

You should also press the Volume +, Volume – and MUTE buttons simultaneously, to check if the device is muted or not.

Note: You should use the button on the soundbar’s remote to increase the volume and bypass pressing the hardware buttons to avoid additional glitches and issues of this kind.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your Soundbar

reset soundbar

The next thing you should do is hard reset your soundbar. The hard reset will restart ALL services and discharge your soundbar, hopefully resolving any ongoing issues.

Here’s how to hard reset your JBL soundbar with easy instructions:

  1. Shut down your soundbar through the power button.
  2. Unplug the A/C power adapter of the device.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes until the device is completely discharged.
  4. Re-attach the cable into the source.
  5. Test.
Note: When the discharge is complete, make sure that you listen to music for at least 5-10 minutes to test out the sound of the device.

Solution #3 Replace Power Adapter

If the sound of your soundbar keeps cutting out, you should definitely replace the power adapter.

In a variety of cases where your soundbar sound is cutting off, the problem is power-related, therefore you need to prevent your soundbar from restarting.

Note: JBL soundbars generally use standard brick power adapters and you should be able to get one for yourself at a very approachable price (20 up to 30$).

Here’s how to replace the power adapter of your JBL soundbar:

  1. Shut OFF your soundbar using the power button.
  2. Disconnect the current power adapter from the soundbar and the source.
  3. Grab the new adapter and connect it to the source first and then to the soundbar.
  4. Attempt to power on your device and play any music.

Once again, listen to the music for at least several minutes to determine if the issue has been resolved. In case the issue was not with the power adapter, proceed further.

Solution #4 Use Different Power Sources

use different power source

You should also use a different power source to supply your JBL soundbar with power, instead of only inspecting and replacing the power adapter.

In that regard, your next move should be to plug your soundbar into a different power source.

If you were using a power strip by now or you’re about to plug your soundbar into one, make sure not to do that. The power dividers can easily be the cause for many power-related issues, which you want to avoid.

Simply choose a comfortable position for your soundbar and a trusted power source you know is functioning properly.

Plug the soundbar and turn on the music with increased volume. Listen for several minutes again and check if the issue is going to occur again.

Solution #5 Troubleshoot Wireless Connectivity

If the issue hasn’t been solved by now, there probably is an issue with the wireless connectivity.

If you have your soundbar connected via Bluetooth to the sound transmitter, make sure to troubleshoot the connectivity additionally.

Notice: This solution is only meant for users who’re using their JBL soundbar wirelessly.

If you’re having your soundbar plugged into a device through a hard-wired connection, check if the cables are attached properly.

troubleshoot wifi

Here are some ways to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity.

1. Reconnect with Bluetooth

From your wirelessly connected device, redo the Bluetooth pair by disabling and enabling the feature on your device. Then reconnect with the soundbar and test.

2. Move Closer

Ensure that you are within 10 meters range from your JBL soundbar when playing music wirelessly.

3. Forget/Add Connection

On your wirelessly connected device, forget the JBL soundbar’s Bluetooth and re-add it from the menu.

Note: Make sure to test your JBL soundbar to determine if it cuts out after each of the troubleshooting workarounds for wireless connectivity we’ve provided above.

Solution #6 Reset Your Soundbar

If nothing worked so far, you should attempt to solve the issue by performing a factory reset on your JBL soundbar.

This is a proven method for reinstalling the device OS and in most cases, it is enough to resolve any issues.

Here’s how to reset your JBL soundbar to factory defaults:

  1. Ensure your soundbar is up and running.
  2. On the front panel of the soundbar, press the Volume + button, along with the Virtual surround button.
  3. Hold both of the buttons down for 5 seconds before releasing them.
  4. Wait.

Once the device is reset to factory defaults, attempt to play something to determine if the issue is gone.

Remember that if the problem is still there you should focus on the source and test with another media. Maybe the source audio is cutting out and not the soundbars.

Note: While your soundbar is resetting, keep in mind not to unplug it from the power source to preserve the installation and not impact the device additionally.

Thus, to fix the JBL soundbar that keeps cutting out, power cycle the device by unplugging it from the source and checking the wireless connectivity. Next, replace the power adapter of the device as well as the power source. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your soundbar.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why JBL soundbar keeps cutting out, along with the best available fixes, the execution is up to you.

Consider contacting a technician if none of the solutions above managed to fix your soundbar for additional assistance regarding the problem!

Nicole B