jbl playlist won't turn on

So your JBL Playlist won’t turn on and you don’t seem to be figuring out why?

In the upcoming guide, we’ll be learning what could cause the problem on your JBL Playlist along with the best solutions to address the problem.

We’ve taken our time researching and learning what users experienced fending this problem, to provide you with the info!

To fix when the JBL Playlist speaker won’t turn on, press the power button multiple times and then recharge the speaker. Once this is done, place the device outside of standby mode, replace the charging equipment and factory reset the speaker.

Learn more about the problem before we dive into troubleshooting…

JBL Playlist Not Turning On – Reasons & Causes!

my jbl playlist won’t turn on

If your JBL Playlist is going through unexplained faults, we could have the answer to your inquiries!

After thorough research and many user opinions taken into consideration, we’ve been able to understand what exactly is going on with your JBL Playlist and why it isn’t turning on. 

Keep reading to unveil the problem behind your JBL Playlist and what’s causing it:

  • Low Battery!
  • Fault in the Charging Equipment
  • Stuck in Standby Mode
  • Operational System Fault
  • Problematic Powered Circulation!

All of the things we’ve listed could be the cause of the problem with your JBL Playlist.

Make sure to pay attention to what we’ve included above and only then, proceed with the guide!

How to Fix When JBL Playlist Won’t Turn On?

how fix the jbl playlist

After learning what could potentially impact your JBL Playlist speaker, we shall proceed with the troubleshooting guide.

We’ve extracted the solutions with the best functionality throughout the community and many forums and listed them in the correct order for your ease!

Let’s begin with the solutions now!

Solution #1 Press the Power Button Multiple Times

Perhaps, you haven’t turned on your JBL Playlist speaker the correct way!

A quick way to determine what has gone wrong with the device is to press the power button on the device at least 5-10 times.

By pressing the power button more than once, you’re making sure that the speaker recognizes the presses of the button and so it will turn on.

You should first locate the power button, positioned on the top panel of the speaker.

  • Once you’ve found the power button, press it 5-10 times and wait!

Make sure that each press is not longer than 1-2 seconds, or you may end up triggering a different process. For now, we only want to check the state of the problem.

Note: Your speaker should give you a sign if you’ve managed to turn it on!

Solution #2 Recharge the JBL Playlist Speaker

recharge the jbl speaker

Chances are that your JBL Playlist speaker has run out of charge!

The best thing you could do in that situation is to give the device enough battery, so it could start up.

This could be done by plugging the speaker’s charging adapter into an electrical outlet and letting it acquire charge for a while.

Follow these instructions to recharge your JBL Speaker in easy steps:

  1. Inspect the cables and ports of your charging equipment.
  2. Connect the adapter to a Standalone Electrical Outlet.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into your JBL Speaker.
  4. Wait for your speaker’s charging LED icon to become active.
  5. Let your speaker charge for the next 10 minutes.

Letting your speaker connect to the charger long enough is essential to bringing the device’s functionality back.

Plugging the speaker into the charger and disconnecting it straight away will prevent the unit from receiving enough charge, even to start up.

Note: The charging indicator on your speaker will go off once the device is charged.

Solution #3 Disable The “Standby Mode”

disable the standby mode

Your JBL Playlist speaker could be stuck in Standby Mode, which you could’ve accidentally triggered by pressing buttons on the device.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to place your speaker out of this mode, by pressing the same buttons, used for activating the feature.

  • Standby Mode requires pressing multiple buttons to enable/disable!

Follow these instructions to place your speaker out of standby mode:

  1. Plug your speaker into the Power Outlet.
  2. Press the Power Button for 10 seconds.
  3. Hold down the Volume + along with the Power Button for 15 seconds.
  4. Press the Bluetooth and Power Button once again, for around 15 seconds.
  5. Wait for the Standby Mode to be exited.

If your speaker has successfully come out of standby mode, it should rapidly blink.

You really can’t distinguish a JBL speaker when it is turned off and another speaker that is placed in Standby Mode if you don’t disable the feature. 

In case your JBL Playlist speaker still won’t turn on, keep reading!

Solution #4 Use a Different Power Outlet

use different outlet

If the problem with your JBL Playlist wasn’t resolved by now, perhaps it’s the Electrical Outlet that’s giving you problems.

Our suggestion is to relocate the charging equipment of your JBL Playlist and plug the speaker into an alternative power source.

  • Tighten ALL cable connections on the speaker’s charging equipment!

Once again, you should leave your speaker connected to the other power outlet for at least 10 minutes.

This is the optimal time required for your speaker to charge and turn on.

Note: Keeping the speaker connected for a longer amount of time is recommended.

Solution #5 Factory Reset the JBL Playlist

factory reset jbl playlist

Next, we’ll be performing a Factory Reset on your JBL Playlist speaker!

Even if the device is currently not functional, you could still trigger a Factory Reset by pressing a particular combination of buttons on the device.

Thanks to that, your speaker doesn’t have to be turned on to perform the reset, so it’s perfect for your situation.

Follow these instructions to reset the speaker to factory defaults:

  1. On your speaker’s surface, find the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons.
  2. Press and hold both of the buttons for 30 seconds.
  3. Wait for the Play/Pause button to light up.
  4. The speaker will go into Standby Mode temporarily.
  5. Press the Power Button to finalize the reset.

If your speaker has successfully undergone the reset, its power icon should light up as a result.

If not, then you’ve either not reset the device the correct way or it has not recognized the reset.

Note: If your speaker hasn’t recognized the reset, it means that the device has no power.

Solution #6 Replace the Charging Equipment

replace the charging equipment

If the issue with your JBL Playlist speaker persists, you should grab a different charging cable for the device.

Chances are that the current adapter has gone faulty and it could no longer recharge your speaker, therefore the device isn’t turning on.

There are two different components in the charging equipment of your JBL Playlist.

The cable and the adapter so it’s best to replace both pieces at once and never worry again.

Note: It is not recommended to use second-hand charging adapters for your JBL Playlist.

Need a JBL Playlist Charging Adapter?

If you need a charging cable + adapter for your JBL Playlist, we strongly recommend getting the  Harman AC Power Cord to charge your device in no time!

Supporting high-speed charging, this cable should meet your expectations and reduce your troubles to zero. Good luck.

Note: You could even order an original adapter for your speaker from JBL’s website!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when the JBL Playlist won’t turn on, press the Power Button more than once and then disable the Standby Mode.

The next step is to connect the speaker to a different charging outlet and factory reset the device, before changing the charging equipment.

If we weren’t able to help you with this guide, perhaps JBL will be able to address this problem!

Nicole B