how to connect two jbl speakers together

Are you wondering how to connect two JBL Speakers together? Since JBL speakers are top-rated, that function enables you to enjoy music everywhere with maximum power.

JBL speakers have three different protocols that allow for syncing between them: Connect, Connect+ and PartyBoost. Before attempting to connect two speakers, ensure they have the same protocol.

JBL speakers are compelling alone, and they are even more powerful together.

The guide below will teach you all the necessary info to get your parties rocking with the best songs and maximum range.

How To Connect Two JBL Speakers Together?

connect the two jbl speakers together

When it comes to handy Bluetooth speakers, JBL is among the industry leaders since each model is created with top-notch standards of excellence and the most cutting-edge technology inside.

For instance, JBL’s Connect technology allows linking multiple speakers.

We are aware that many people want to connect their speakers so that they can enhance sound potency. Of course, that is desirable if you are throwing a party or something similar.

Here, you’ll learn how to synchronize two JBL speakers for enhanced sound and strength.

First of all, however, you must comprehend the differences between the technologies each JBL speaker employs.

They are Connect, Connect+, and PartyBoost.

How to Pair Two JBL Speakers 

pair the two jbl speaker

How to sync two JBL speakers? The methods for pairing two JBL speakers will vary depending on the technology they possess. 

For example, connecting devices with Connect and Connect+ involves the same steps. However, PartyBoost devices have a different approach. 

To enable the connection between two speakers, please read the instructions below:

Method #1: Pairing Connect Or Connect+ Speakers

The method is the same for pairing either Connect or Connect+ speakers. However, you must remember that speakers with different technology are incompatible.

Thus, you must first identify each type of speaker.

Identify The Type Of Connectivity

the type of connectivity

JBL Connect and JBL Connect+ are both technologies that allow you to wirelessly connect multiple JBL speakers together to create a multi-room audio system. 

One visible difference between the two is that JBL Connect+ speakers usually have a “+” symbol on the speaker itself or in the name of the product.

For example, the JBL Flip 5 is a speaker that supports JBL Connect, while the JBL Flip 5+ is a speaker that supports JBL Connect+.

To differentiate JBL Connect and JBL Connect+ speakers, you can look for the "+" symbol on the speaker or in the product name. 

Alternatively, check the product specifications to see if it supports JBL Connect or JBL Connect+. 

You can also try connecting the speakers together and see if they are able to connect and function as part of a multi-room audio system.

Connect The Speakers To Your Phone

connect speakers to the phone

Now, get two compatible speakers and try to connect them.

  1. Turn on the JBL speakers
  2. Press the Bluetooth button on each speaker
  3. Turn Bluetooth on your phone
  4. Pair each JBL speaker

Suppose one of the speakers doesn’t turn on. It’s possible the battery in your speaker has died and needs to be recharged.

Suppose you proceed to play music immediately. You will notice that only the first paired speaker will play it. So it is time to sync the speakers.

Sync The Speakers

Now we must pair two JBL speakers. Every speaker with the Connect function has a button shaped like a sand timer. You just found the Connect button. 

  1. Press the Connect button on the first speaker
  2. Wait for a flashing light to show up
  3. Press the Connect button on the second speaker
  4. Wait for the lights to stop blinking

After pairing, both lights will remain lit and music will play via both speakers. That will show that the two are in full sync. It may take up to 30 seconds.

From there on, you must select a great playlist on your favorite music streaming app.

JBL can support any platform, such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, etc. 

Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues

troubleshoot the issue

If your JBL Connect/Connect+ speaker won’t connect, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check that the speaker is turned on and within range of the device you’re trying to connect it to. The range is around 30 feet.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device you’re trying to connect the speaker to. 
  • Reset the speaker by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. This will reset the speaker’s Bluetooth connection and allow you to try connecting it again.
  • Try connecting the speaker to a different device to see if the issue is with the speaker or the device you were originally trying to connect it to.

Method #2: Pairing PartyBoost JBL Speakers

As you already know, it is impossible to pair speakers with different technologies.

Plus, when we are talking about PartyBoost speakers, their pairing process works a bit differently. 

The first step when trying to connect these speakers is ensuring you have two compatible PartyBoost models.

Every PartyBoost JBL speaker is compatible with other PartyBoost JBL speakers, but incompatible with Connect and Connect+ models.

Check That You Have Compatible Devices

check the compatible device

To identify a JBL speaker that supports PartyBoost, you can look for the “PartyBoost” logo on the speaker or in the product name.

PartyBoost-compatible speakers will often have the PartyBoost logo on the speaker itself or in the product name.

While an hourglass symbol indicates Connect and Connect+, the PartyBoost symbol looks like the infinite symbol (∞).

Here is how you must proceed to pair two or more JBL speakers with PartyBoost:

  1. Turn the first speaker on
  2. Press its Bluetooth button
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your phone
  4. Pair both devices
  5. Open the JBL Portable app
  6. Press the connect button on each subsequent speaker
  7. The speakers will be visible on the app

PartyBoost joins JBL Portable to let you control all the settings of each speaker remotely. 

Ensure That The Connection Works Flawlessly

Suppose you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your JBL PartyBoost system.

ensure the connection

In that case, there are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Make sure that all of the speakers in the PartyBoost system are turned on and within range of each other.
  • They need to be within 30 feet of your phone and from each other.
  • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on all of the devices that you’re using to control the PartyBoost system.
  • If you are using too many devices, you might have forgotten to turn Bluetooth on one of them.
  • Reset the PartyBoost speakers by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. 
  • Check that the PartyBoost speakers’ firmware is up to date. If the speaker’s firmware is out of date, it may not be able to connect to devices. 

To update the firmware on a JBL PartyBoost-compatible speaker, you’ll need to use the JBL Connect app.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the JBL Connect app on your device.
  2. Turn on the speaker and ensure it’s in range of your device.
  3. Connect the speaker to the app 
  4. Follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Tap the “Menu” icon in the top left corner of the app.
  6. Tap “My Devices” and the name of your speaker.
  7. Tap “Firmware Update” 
Note: This guide is about connecting two speakers, but PartyBoost allows you to connect even more seamlessly!

What We Learned

How to connect two JBL speakers together? You learned that connecting two or even multiple JBL speakers is pretty straightforward.

You first need to verify which connection protocol each speaker has.

Remember that it is impossible to connect devices with a different protocol. That means you must buy only models with the same technology if you want to have many JBL speakers and sync them. 

Nicole B