jbl live 500bt won't turn off

Wondering why JBL Live 500BT won’t turn OFF? Stay with us to find out more!

It’s unfortunate how the JBL Live 500BT sometimes won’t turn OFF, regardless of what we attempt.

In most cases, such weird behavior is caused due to hardware (faulty buttons) or software (OS glitch), which can easily be solved. Let’s learn how!

To turn OFF the JBL Live 500BT headphones, simply start by charging them and press the START/POWER button when the battery is full. In case that doesn’t help we can easily perform a Factory Reset, which in most cases resolves operating system blunders!

Let’s next learn the most-frequent reasons why JBL Live 500BT won’t turn OFF!

Why JBL Live 500BT Is Not Turning OFF?

my jbl live 500bt won't turn off

To answer the question “why” we need to start from the beginning. You need to recall the last action you’ve undertaken with your JBL Live 500BT.

One of the most-reported problems that prevent the JBL headphones from turning off is after a pairing process to another device.

For example, your JBL Live 500BT might not be able to turn OFF after:

  • Connecting them to a PC with a USB Cable
  • Connecting them wirelessly to a source
  • Using a 3.5 Jack (wired connection)

As we’ve already discussed, the reason for this weird problem is 99% of the time related to the software condition of the headphones.

We leave the 1% as a possibility that the START/POWER button on the JBL Live 500BT is simply faulty and no longer works.

In such cases, the JBL Live 500BT headphones will turn OFF when the battery dies!

How to Turn OFF JBL Live 500BT?

turn off the jbl live

Turning OFF the JBL Live 500BT headphones is the easiest thing ever…

  • Simply, switch the START/POWER button to the OFF position!

In case the JBL Live 500BT headphones do not turn OFF when you flip the power button switch up and down, there is a problem.

Keep reading to solve the issue in minutes!

How To Fix When JBL Live 500BT Won’t Turn OFF?

It’s easy to solve the problem when your JBL Live 500BT headphones can’t turn off, and this is why we’ve made a guide for you to follow.

It’s important to read the entire guide before drawing any conclusions and for even more effectiveness, make sure not to skip anything!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Disconnect The JBL Headphones!

disconnect jbl headphones

The very first thing is to disconnect the JBL Live 500BT headphones from any connected devices.

Those include computers with a USB cable or a smartphone with Bluetooth connection, and even any 3.5 Jack cable connection.

  • The goal is to disconnect the JBL headphones from ALL devices!

Here are a bunch of steps that will guarantee that your JBL headphones are clear:

  1. Disable the Bluetooth on the receiver! 
  2. Forget the JBL headphones Bluetooth Connection.
  3. Move away from the source device.
  4. Unplug the USB or 3.5mm Jack cables from the JBL headphones.

Now when your headphones are completely disconnected from ALL types of connection, it’s time to switch the Power from ON to OFF. Test whether the JBL headphones are now OFF.

Solution #2 Discharge The JBL Live 500BT

discharge the jbl live 500bt

The next step is to connect the JBL Live 500BT to a Power Outlet, and make sure to fully charge the battery.

Leaving them in a working state for a few hours won’t be harmful for the device and won’t impact the electricity bill at all so it’s a good method to attempt.

In case the headphones are fully charged, follow the steps below to discharge them:

  1. Plug the JBL Live 500BT into the Power Outlet.
  2. Wait for no more than 3 seconds and unplug them.
  3. Slide the Power Switch 3 x times from ON to OFF.
  4. Plug the headphones into the Power Outlet again.

In case your JBL Live 500BT turns OFF during the discharging process, the problem might be solved so make sure to test.

In case you weren’t able to turn them OFF, keep reading!

Note: Ensure that the power outlet is working well!

Solution #3 Connect JBL to a Computer!

connect jbl to computer

Quite a lot of people have reported that plugging the JBL Live 500BT into a computer by using a USB cable has solved the issue.

This is why to carry out this solution you’ll need a double-sided USB cable that you can use to hook up your JBL Live 500BT to any computer!

  • You can use a Laptop or Desktop Computer!

It’s important to switch the computer’s default audio output to your JBL Live 500BT headphones.

This way the software orientation of the device will refresh/re-toggle, and in most cases that’s enough to solve the powering off the problem.

Note: Slide the Power Switch from ON to OFF to power off the JBL Live 500BT headphones!

Solution #4 Factory Reset JBL Headphones

factory reset the jbl headphone

The ultimate solution that helps every time is performing a Factory Reset.

Resetting your JBL Live 500BT headphones means that ALL remembered connections with wireless devices will be permanently erased.

Also, any additional settings made toward the headphones from smartphones or computers will also be wiped clean.

When you’re ready to Factory Reset the JBL Live 500BT headphones, follow the steps:

  1. Locate the “Volume Down and “+ Volume Up Buttons.
  2. Press and hold both buttons for 20 seconds!
  3. Wait for the Flashing Blue Light.
  4. The JBL Live 500BT will enter Pairing Mode.

Now when your JBL Live 500BT is in pairing mode, you should be able to turn them OFF easily by sliding the Power Switch.

In case they still won’t turn OFF, connect them to a Desktop Computer and attempt turning them OFF again.

Solution #5 Reach 0% Battery!

reach a 0 battery

In case nothing helps, and the JBL Live 500BT headphones still won’t turn OFF, it’s time to try the last solution before we seek help.

Assuming that your headphones still have some battery left after attempting all other solutions, leave the JBL device until the battery reaches 0%.

  • This might take a couple of minutes or a couple of hours!

Based on the percentage of battery left within the headphones, you’ll need to patiently wait until they inevitably turn off.

Once that happens, plug them into the Power Outlet, and try turning them ON by sliding the Power Switch.

In case the JBL Live 500BT headphones won’t turn off, it’s probably a faulty power button!

Need More Help – Next Steps!

If you’ve reached that far into the guide, chances are that your JBL Live 500BT headphones’ power button is faulty.

However, before drawing a conclusion we have one more thing to attempt and that is to connect JBL Live Customer Service.

We strongly recommend checking your warranty before contacting you and making sure that you’ve attempted absolutely everything in the guide above.

This way you can share what you’ve tried and save quite a lot of time attempting the same solutions over again.

Good luck!

Quick Recap:

In order to solve the issue where JBL Live 500BT won’t turn OFF by using the Power Switch, we need to perform a factory reset.

In case the reset does not help on its own, we need to connect the JBL headphones to a computer and try turning them off.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

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