jbl earbuds won't connect

Your JBL Earbuds won’t connect and you’re looking for a solution to the problem?

In this guide, we’ll go over all possible causes for connectivity problems with your JBL Earbuds and how to properly manage them.

We’ll even get you familiar with user opinions who are sharing the same problem with JBL Earbuds so we can identify the issue faster!

To fix when JBL Earbuds won’t pair to your phone, re-insert the earbuds from the case and then charge both the case and the headphones. Next, hold the Bluetooth button and re-add the profile of the headphones. Finally, Factory Reset the JBL Wireless earbuds.

Let’s first learn what could prevent the earbuds from connecting to your phone/device!

Why Won’t My JBL Earbuds Connect to Bluetooth?

my jbl earbuds won't connect

Before we begin the troubleshooting, we should first review what could possibly prevent the earbuds from pairing to your Bluetooth.

The causes could vary, based on the condition of your connection and the reliability of the wireless signal between the devices.

Here’s what could cause this problem in the first place!

  • There is an issue with the Bluetooth on your phone
  • A Charging Problem has occurred with the earbuds
  • A problem with the Bluetooth Profile of the JBL Earbuds
  • Software Fault with the earbuds has occurred

This is what could most generally prevent your earbuds from performing the connection.

After taking a look at what the users reported in regard to the problem let’s jump into the solution!

How to Fix When JBL Wireless Earbuds Won’t Connect?

We’ll make sure to address each one of the following causes in a complete solution, to help you identify and solve the problem more quickly.

how fix jbl earbuds won't connect

You should follow the chronological order of our guide and make sure that no solution, tip, alert, or note is left behind.

Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Re-Insert the Earbuds 

Your first task is to re-insert the earbuds from the charging case!

This is what most often could resolve the connection problem between your mobile device and the earbuds, so it is worth trying it first.

It will refresh the Bluetooth connection between the devices, causing the pairing to re-activate and your earbuds will start outputting.

  • Open the case > take out the buds > wait for 7 seconds > place them back!

Make sure to give the earbuds at least 7 seconds after taking them out of the compartment, in order to properly re-activate the Bluetooth connection.

Otherwise, the problem may still persist and your earbuds will refuse to connect with the mobile device.

Note: While the earbuds are taken out, remove debris preventing their connection to the case.

Solution #2 Hold the Charging Case Button

hold charging case button

The quickest way to get your JBL Wireless Earbuds repaired to the mobile device is to hold the Charging Case button.

Same as with re-inserting them into the case, this will cause the Bluetooth connection to refresh and make the earbuds discoverable by your mobile.

There is a Charging Case button on the charging case of the earbuds and by holding it, the pairing sequence will be re-initiated.

  • Locate the Charging Case Button on the case itself and hold it for 15 seconds!

In the Bluetooth settings of your phone, the status of the already-existing connection of the buds will change to “Connected” if holding the Charging Case button was successful.

Alert: Holding the Charging Case Button will only pair the buds if they already have a profile.

Solution #3 Restart Bluetooth on your Phone

restart the bluetooth

Perhaps, the problem we’re looking for is with your mobile device, rather than the earbuds themselves.

What you should do next, is have the Bluetooth Feature restarted on your phone.

This will cause all wireless connections made by your mobile device to be temporarily dropped, but it will also help with connectivity issues with the earbuds. 

Let’s learn how to restart the Bluetooth on your mobile:

  1. On your phone, launch Settings.
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth.
  3. Locate the Activation Slider at the top of the page.
  4. Press the slider once in order to turn off the Bluetooth feature.

Once the Bluetooth has been restarted, all connected devices will re-pair automatically.

Note: If your wireless earbuds do not pair automatically, press their profile to regain connection.

Solution #4 Charge the Earbuds’ Case

charge the earbuds case

Chances are that your buds have run out of battery, due to the charging case being completely depleted of electricity.

You should plug the case of your JBL Wireless Earbuds into the charger while the headphones are inside for at least half an hour…

  • JBL Wireless Earbuds case uses Type-C Charging Cable to connect with the adapter!

Make sure that you have the charger in hand, along with a Power Adapter that plugs in with the electrical outlet.

You should also avoid the usage of secondary charging devices, such as power strips or dividers plugged into the electrical outlet source.

  • Plug the charging case of the earbuds and let them charge for 30-40 minutes

This is the optimal time for your JBL Wireless Earbuds to achieve battery for optimal functions and standard workability.

Note: Once the earbuds have finished charging, attempt to connect them to your phone.

Solution #5 Forget Earbuds from Mobile Device

forget earbuds on mobile phone

If you’re still struggling with the “JBL Earbuds won’t connect” problem, you should forget and re-add the earbuds to your mobile device.

Once a Bluetooth device connects with your mobile phone, it will create a profile within the Bluetooth tab.

You’ll be able to manage the impact the Bluetooth device makes on your phone through that very profile, adjust settings, activate/deactivate certain features, and more.

Here’s how to forget and re-add the JBL Wireless Earbuds from your phone:

  1. On your mobile device, navigate to Settings.
  2. Head to “Bluetooth”.
  3. Locate the profile of the JBL Wireless Earbuds.
  4. Press “Info” to access the profile settings.
  5. Choose “Forget this Device” and wait for the profile to be deleted.
  6. Press the Bluetooth button on the earbuds to make them discoverable.
  7. In the “Discoverable Devices” section of your phone, press the JBL Earbuds.
  8. Wait for the connection to be performed.

Once the buds are removed from your phone’s Bluetooth settings, they’ll become discoverable in the “New Devices” section of your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Press the connection to pair.

Alert: Removing the profile of the buds will erase the already-made settings preset.

Solution #6 Reset the JBL Earbuds!

reset the jbl earbuds

If all else fails to fix the problem with your earbuds, it’s time for a Factory Reset!

This is the ultimate solution to all hardware and software faults and malfunctions with your earbuds and most of the time it works without fail.

The Factory Reset is easy to perform and it only takes about 60 seconds.

Here’s how to reset your JBL Wireless Earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Place the earbuds inside the case.
  2. Leave the case lid open.
  3. Press and hold the Charging Case Button.
  4. Hold it for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Wait for the indicator light to change to another color.
  6. Wait…

Once the color of the indicator light on the charging case has changed into an alternative shade, the factory reset has begun.

Alert: The factory reset may last for around 60 seconds, so don’t interact with the buds.

Need More Help…

If our solutions failed to resolve the problem with your JBL Wireless Earbuds, you should consider contacting the merchant.

They’ll be able to provide you with more technical assistance regarding the problem and potentially perform a check-up on the device.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when JBL Earbuds won’t connect, reseat the buds into the charging case and then plug the case into a charger. Hold the Bluetooth button on the headphones to perform the pairing process and finally, reset the JBL Earbuds.

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