jbl bluetooth headphones won't turn off

If you’re wondering why JBL Bluetooth headphones won’t turn off, there are a few potential solutions you should attempt. 

The JBL Bluetooth headphones wireless pair with a receiver and this is where the problem most frequently begins.

In case you’re not able to control the JBL Bluetooth headphones via Power Button, then you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting!

First, make sure that the JBL Bluetooth headphones are fully charged or connected to a power source. The next most important step is to disconnect them from the Bluetooth receiver, and in case nothing helps, perform a Factory Reset to turn the headphones off.

Now that we know what the problem might be, let’s jump into the solution guide!

Why JBL Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Turn OFF?

why the jbl bluetooth headphones won't turn off

It’s important to first diagnose the problem by understanding whether the issue is related to the hardware or software of your JBL Bluetooth headphones.

The solutions to these issues are easy and only require a few minutes of your time.

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Unpair and Pair the Headphones!

There are times when the JBL Bluetooth headphones will not stop working if they are connected to a device using Bluetooth.

In order to solve this, first you will need to stop the music and exit the music application, before attempting to disable the headphones.

  • In case this doesn’t help, you will need to unpair and pair the headphones!
pair and unpair headphones

Unpair JBL Bluetooth connection through the settings:

  1. On the Source Bluetooth Device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. From there locate the Bluetooth Settings.
  4. Stop the Bluetooth.
  5. The device will automatically go to Pairing Mode.

Unpair JBL Bluetooth connection by getting out of range:

  1. Take the JBL Bluetooth headphones. 
  2. Move far from the Bluetooth receiver.
  3. The Bluetooth covers only about 25 – 30 feet.

When the JBL Bluetooth headphones are disconnected they will automatically enter Pairing Mode.

When you’re ready press the button or slide the switch then turn the JBL Bluetooth headphones OFF and in case this doesn’t work, keep reading!

Tip: Regular maintenance and firmware updates can fix bugs and improve the performance of the JBL Bluetooth headphones so check in the app!

Solution #2 System Restore the Headphones

system restore headphones

In case the JBL Bluetooth headphones do not turn off which can be caused by a software glitch, factory resetting will most likely solve the problem.

Once this method is done the headphones will be reverted to default settings, removing any selected or previously chosen settings. 

In addition, ALL remembered Bluetooth connections will be permanently erased!

In order to reset the JBL Bluetooth headphones, here’s an easy guide: 

  1. Tap and hold the “Volume Up +” and “ Volume Down -” buttons!
  2. Hold for about 20 – 30 seconds
  3. This will disconnect the JBL Bluetooth headphones from the Bluetooth receiver.
  4. The headphones will go into Pairing Mode
  5. Shortly after the device will start emitting a Blue Light.

The procedure for performing a factory reset might vary from model to model, so it’s best to check the user manual or the product website for instructions on how to factory reset.

When ready press or slide their Power button (based on the model) to turn them OFF

Note: In case this doesn't help, pair the headphones via Bluetooth and test again!

Solution #3 Switch Bluetooth OFF!

switch off bluetooth

Since the JBL Bluetooth headphones do not have a Bluetooth button, especially the earbuds, Bluetooth is enabled by default when the device is in Pairing Mode.

To make sure that your JBL headphones won’t automatically connect to the last receiver, then stop the Bluetooth there!

  • On most smartphones, you can stop Bluetooth from the settings!

It’s also important to Forget the Bluetooth Connection with your JBL headphones, which will prevent the device from automatically pairing.

When your device is completely unpaired from all other devices, check whether you’ll be able to turn the OFF, by pressing the Power Button.

Alert: Check for any other devices that your JBL headphones are automatically pairing too!

Solution #4 Test With USB – (Best-Working Method)!

test with usb

There is a well-known bug that intercepts the JBL Bluetooth headphones stopping when you plug them into a personal computer, luckily this doesn’t happen often, but it sure can.

The problem is even more pronounced when you’re using Bluetooth so we need to refresh things…

Solution: Factory reset the JBL Bluetooth headphones, again, and pair them with a PC or laptop!

Here is an easy guide on how to resolve JBL headphones pairing interference:

  1. Perform a Factory Reset on the JBL Bluetooth headphones.
  2. The headphones will emit a Blue Light.
  3. That indicates that they enter Pairing Mode.
  4. Connect the headphones to a PC using a USB cable.
  5. After this try to press the Power button to turn them OFF.

In case you don’t have a USB cable, try pairing the headphones to your computer or laptop via Bluetooth, which is what we’re trying to achieve.

When paired, press or slide their power button to stop the JBL Bluetooth headphones.

If you’re still unable to stop the JBL Bluetooth headphones, stay with us!

Solution #5 Try The Unplug & Plug!

try to plug and unplug

In case the JBL headphones won’t turn OFF, we’re going to repeat the previous solution, but this time you will not plug the headphones into a PC, but into a Power Outlet.

This is also called a Power Cycle and will actively refresh ALL services in your JBL headphones!

This is how to power discharge your JBL headphones:

  1. Factory Reset the JBL Bluetooth headphones (Solution #2).
  2. When you see the Blue Light, hook them up to a Power Source.
  3. Wait for about 6 – 10 seconds.
  4. Unplug the JBL Bluetooth headphones from the charger.

When you’re done, use the power button to attempt turning off the JBL Bluetooth headphones.

It’s also recommended to go into another room just to justify that you’re out of range so any Bluetooth connections will automatically drop.

Note: Make sure to use only the original charger provided by JBL.

Solution #6 Play Music Continuously!

play the music continuously

The very last move left for you to attempt is to drain the life of the battery on your JBL Bluetooth headphones to zero percent.

The best way to do so is to turn up the volume to about 70% and play some music until the headphones inevitably turn off.

When the battery of the headphones is completely used up, charge the JBL Bluetooth headphones back up to a hundred percent.

Then you should be able to turn ON and OFF the headphones without any problem so it’s worth trying before drawing any conclusions.

Still Here?

If you have tried all the troubleshooting solutions and your JBL headphones still won’t turn off, it might be best to contact JBL Customer Support for further assistance.

They will provide you with more information and help how to identify the root of the problem. 

It’s recommended to share what you’ve already attempted to save as much time as possible and also check where the warranty is still intact.

Perhaps you can claim a free replacement…

Quick Recap: 

Thus, to fix when JBL Bluetooth headphones won’t turn off, unpair the JBL Bluetooth headphones from ALL other devices and connect them to a PC via a USB cable.

In case they still won’t turn off, perform a Factory Reset and pair them via Bluetooth before turning them OFF.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B