icraig smart led bulb won't connect to wifi

Icraig smart led bulb won’t connect to WiFi? In that case, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. 

Icraig smart LED bulbs require some correct network parameters to work correctly. Moreover, you must check the permissions are enabled in the app. 

To learn how to get your Icraig LED smart bulb on its feet, check the guide below and follow all the steps. 

Why Won’t The Icraig LED Bulb Connect To WiFi?

why wont icraig connect

It is such a headache when a smart device can’t connect to the Wi-Fi and thus becomes useless for the time being. 

We always get annoyed by our smart devices when they can’t seem to work properly.

Unfortunately, that sometimes happens with Icraig LED bulbs because they fail to connect.

But you won’t be without help, since we put a list of the most likely causes of the issue:

  1. Wrong frequency – Old LED bulbs such as Icraig only work with 2.4GHz networks.
  2. Jammed Wi-Fi – Is your Wi-Fi truly working as it should? If there is anything wrong with it, your LED won’t connect.
  3. You haven’t enabled permissions – Some apps require a few permissions to run smoothly.
  4. VPN – VPNs often make it hard for smart devices to work correctly.
  5. Malfunctioning bulb – Icraig bulbs are already grandpas in smart device history, so malfunctioning is no surprise.

Icraig Smart LED Bulb Won’t Connect To WiFi – How To Fix

how fix icraig smart led bulb

Most issues with your Icraig Smart LED bulb are easy to fix. This guide will show you how to proceed before you determine the bulb is no longer good for use.

We will lay down the solutions in steps, so follow them one by one for maximum effectiveness.

Step #1: Check Permissions

When you first download the Icraig LED app, it asks you twice to allow certain permissions. 

The first is when you click to download via the Play Store/App Store. The second time is when you open the app. You must confirm both times!

In case you didn’t do that, let’s correct this right now:

  1. Browse your phone and find the app
  2. Hold your finger on it
  3. Click on “app info.”
  4. Click on “permissions.”
  5. Now ensure the app can access: files and media, camera, and mic

Fortunately, the standard permission required by Icraig LED is “only when using the app.” That is less invasive than other types of permission.

Next, open the app again and try to connect your LED bulb. If it worked, great! If not, move to the next step.

Step #2: Check Network Parameters

check network parameter

Certain smart devices require very strict network parameters to work correctly. It is no different with Icraig LED.

Icraig LED bulbs are a bit old already, so they don’t connect well with 5GHz networks.

Modern routers usually have split networks, each boasting a different frequency. For your Icraig bulb, you need a 2.4GHz frequency.

In most cases, each network is named differently. Commonly, at least one of them is identified with the frequency. 

Now that you are aware, check your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to your home’s 2.4GHz network. 

After that, you can try connecting your bulb again.

Note: Isn't there any 2.4GHz network available from your router? You should check its booklet to learn how to set it up.

Step #3: Reset Your Router

reset the router

A few times, a jammed network prevents smart devices from connecting

Depending on your internet service and smart environment, you probably notice the connection has ups and downs throughout the day. 

That can happen due to problems in the ISP. Alternatively, there is a great number of requests the router receives from devices in your house.

One way of fixing that and ensuring your network gets back to full speed is resetting the router. 

  1. Unplug your router
  2. Wait for a few instants
  3. Plug it back again
  4. Try connecting your bulb

Step #4: Reset The Bulb

reset your bulb

Along with the step above, resetting your bulb is a good idea.

The truth is, Icraig bulbs are old already. If you have one, it means you bought it long ago or at eBay (or anything similar).

Therefore, it is expected for them to be troublesome.

Here is how you can reset your Icraig LED bulb:

  1. Turn it on and off thrice
  2. Wait for a few instants
  3. Turn it on again
  4. Try connecting
Note: When resetting the bulb, wait for it to blink before turning it off. Otherwise, resetting won't be successful.

Step #5: Disable VPN 

disable your vpn

A known enemy of some smart devices is the VPN. Although VPN services are great and help us protect our information, they create a roadblock for smart devices such as LED bulbs.

That is because smart devices require location access (as you already know) to connect to the Wi-Fi and phone. 

So, you should ensure that your router doesn’t have any VPN activated. If it has, then head to its settings webpage and deactivate it.

Next, reset the device as we taught in Step #3.

VPN services in your mobile device also obstruct the Icraig LED bulb setup. So ensure you turn VPN down on your phone before trying to connect to the bulb.

Step #6: Check The Software Version

check the software version

Is your app updated? Icraig LED’s last version is 1.6.9. To check if you have it, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the app icon
  2. Click on “app info.”
  3. Scroll down and find the version number

When the app is not up to date, go to the Play Store/App Store and check if you can download any updates on the app’s page.

If the option is not there, you must reinstall the app.

Here is how:

  1. Press and hold the app
  2. Choose to uninstall
  3. Go to the app store and find the app
  4. Install it again
Note: If you recently downloaded the app and it is not the latest version, something is wrong with your phone! That is because the Icraig LED app hasn't been updated in a long time.

Step #7: Reset Your Phone

reset your phone

Once we are this far down the guide and you still can’t make your Icraig bulb work, it is worth resetting your phone.

It might be the case that something is wrong with your phone’s responsiveness to the software, so:

  1. Turn your phone off
  2. Turn it on again
  3. Wait for a bit
  4. Open the app again

Step #8: Get A Recall/Replace The Bulb

If nothing of the above works, you might have to replace it with a bulb of another brand.

With most smart devices, we recommend you get in touch with the manufacturer and try to get a new product.

However, with the Icraig LED bulb, it is difficult for that to happen. 

Why is that?

As we mentioned, Icraig LED bulbs are old and not fabricated anymore.

As a result, you can’t even find them on Amazon or other common retailers. 

If you want to try and get in touch, go to Soft112, the only site that offers any info on the Icraig LED app.

What We Learned

Icraig smart led bulb won’t connect to Wi-Fi? When that happens, you must first check your network parameters.

Smart bulbs rarely work with 5GHz connections. Moreover, trying a reset on both the bulb and router might do the trick.

Permissions are also required for your app to work correctly, so enable them. Further, disable any VPN so that the connection becomes seamless.

If nothing works, you might have to replace your Icraig LED bulb with a new bulb.

Nicole B