how to watch hbo max on cellular data

How to watch HBO Max on cellular data? Such is a widespread question as HBO Max gains popularity.

After all, everyone wants to watch popular shows such as House of the Dragon.

Watching HBO Max on cellular data requires you to change its video settings so it will allow such possibility. Alternatively, you could use a mobile hotspot that counts with a more robust connection than your own. 

So you want to watch your favorite shows relying on your carrier data? Depending on where you live, that can be a great step!

If you want to set everything up correctly, keep reading and paying attention to all the information provided.

How To Watch HBO Max On Cellular Data?

how watch on hbo max on cellular data

Can you stream HBO Max on cellular data? That is a common question since HBO Max is one of the most recent streaming services.

However, as you might have noticed, its phone app is not as polished as older competitors (such as Netflix).

Because of that, a few questions are raised.

Watching HBO Max on cellular data involves more than the app offering the possibility. It also involves whether cellular data is enough for it. 

According to estimates from many users and specialists, HBO Max on cellular data consumes around 1024 Megabytes per hour.

That is 1GB of your carrier data each hour. So if you have a minimal amount of data, you probably don’t want to spend that much on HBO Max.

Necessary Info

necessary informations

Before we move to the methods you can employ to watch HBO Max on cellular data, there is some info you should know.

The first thing is that it is impossible to manually adjust the streaming quality on the HBO Max app.

However, such an option exists on a few other streaming apps and is helpful when you are in a low data connection.

For example, you could set the video to 360p just for the sake of being able to watch.

Second, you should not try watching HBO Max on a computer via cellular data. In Methods #2 and #3, we will talk about using hotspots, which can be used by computers too.

However, streaming on a computer involves much more data usage than on a smartphone.

Speed Required And Consumption

Watching HBO Max over your carrier data requires a bit of speed, so you won’t end up with a frozen screen buffering all the time.

According to the collected data, here is the estimated speed you will need:

  • 5MB/s for high-definition content
  • 25MB/s for 4K UHD content

The app will probably adjust for your connection, so you must have a connection that provides at least 5MB/s. You can check that on the contract with the carrier data company.

As for data consumption, it is estimated that watching an hour of HBO Max over cellular data will consume between 1GB and 2 GB.

Some experts estimate that doing that daily will cost you around 50GB of data monthly.

Method #1: Enable Cellular Data On HBO Max

enable the cellular data

Suppose you don’t care much about data consumption and have already tried watching HBO Max on cellular data.

In that case, you might have bumped into a blocking notification. It won’t allow you to watch HBO Max via cellular data, right?

That is simply because the app comes with its own set of configurations when you download it.

Unfortunately, one of those configurations doesn’t allow users to use cellular data to watch shows. 

However, most settings on the HBO Max app are changeable. So then it begs the question: how to allow cellular streaming on HBO Max?

Allowing HBO Max On Cellular Data: Steps

allow the cellular data

Below you will check the steps that will allow you to finally watch your favorite shows on cellular data.

It works on the app on any device and OS you’ve downloaded.

  1. Open the HBO Max app
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Choose the gear icon
  4. Click “Video options.”
  5. Adjust the toggle that says “Stream Over Wi-Fi Only.”

Suppose you want to be able to download over cellular data, too. In that case, you can adjust the toggle that says “Download Over Wi-Fi Only.”

Tip: There is a toggle for "Cellular Streaming Warning." It is recommended you keep it the way it is. 

That is because it might happen that you are watching over Wi-Fi, but your connection fails and switches to data. 

Method #2: Use Another Phone’s Cellular Data

use another phone cellular data

So here goes a trick: use cellular data your phone will recognize as Wi-Fi. 

In case you don’t know, any phone that has a steady cellular data connection can be set to act as a hotspot.

A hotspot is nothing more than a phone acting as a router and transmitting internet frequency in Wi-Fi form.

With that method, it is possible to fool HBO Max settings. Also, it is not your data that will be consumed.

However, before attempting it, you must ensure the other phone’s owner is okay with using so much data. 

use another cellular data

Here is how it is possible to set up a phone as a hotspot

  1. Go to your phone’s settings
  2. Tap on “Mobile Hotspot“/”Tethering & Portable Hotspot” 
  3. Activate the mobile hotspot feature
  4. Set a password and give the network a name

On the device that will connect to the network:

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings
  2. Search for available networks
  3. Connect to the one just set up

All your apps, including HBO Max, will understand that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Thus, none will stop you from watching content.

Note: Even if the source's cellular data is fast, turning it into a hotspot might make it a little less fast. That is especially true if the original device is still using the internet.

Method #3: Use A Cellular Data Router

Perhaps you want to use HBO Max over cellular data because you are going on a trip.

Even though most places nowadays have Wi-Fi available, it is always good to have a reliable internet connection, right?

cellular data router

Many brands have started making routers that operate with cellular data chips.

And some carriers offer unique plans that make it worth acquiring such routers/hotspots. 

Once you decide you want to buy one of those, here is what you must do:

  1. Connect the mobile router to a power source or ensure its battery is full
  2. Turn it on
  3. Access its IP Address on your device’s browser
  4. Set up password and network name
  5. Connect to it over Wi-Fi

You can turn the mobile router on and off whenever you want. Its configurations will not change, and connection with your phone should be automatic. 

Note: Just like cellular data on your phone, you must check with the carrier data company the data limit per day/week/month. 

What We Learned

How to watch HBO Max on cellular data? Finally, the mystery is over, and you have found it very simple to set your HBO Max app to run on cellular data.

First, you must ensure you have enough data to spend on streaming.

Otherwise, you will be without data for other important things, such as communicating with friends and family.

Nicole B