hbo content not available error

Wondering why HBO content not available error appears? Keep reading!

HBO is one of the best streaming services with active support but sometimes, unexpected errors appear when we try to stream something.

In this guide, we’ll take under inspection the “content not available” error and show how to solve the problem in minutes!

Typically, the “content not available” error appears due to technical issues from the HBO servers or mobile app. The error is also known to appear when a VPN connection is used from an IP that HBO does not support. To fix the issue we need to inspect everything!

Let’s learn how you can fix the HBO “content not available” error easily!

How to Fix HBO Content Not Available Error?

howfix hbo content not available

Occasionally, the “content is not available” error appears on one video or throughout the whole show.

In that set of thoughts, we first need to check whether the problem is related to one of the shows/movies or all of them.

The first solution will help us with this, so let’s jump right in!

Solution#1 Play Another Show!

When the “content not available” error appears for the first time we need to determine whether the problem is related to a specific show or movie.

It’s important to test with a different show/movie instead of simply testing by playing the next episode from the same show.

  • Play at least several different movies/shows to determine the issue!

When the problem appears on ALL contents, chances are that there is an issue with the HBO services at the moment.

In case the error continues on every single media content, then the problem is global and we need to look for the cause somewhere else. 

Tip: Test viewing HBO through a computer browser to justify!

Solution #2 Inspect Internet Connection

inspect your internet connection

The internet is the main thing that has to be working fine when you are using HBO or any other online streaming service.

The “content not available” error would appear when your internet/WiFi is out of order.

This is why it is necessary to have a good network on the device!

Here are some ways how you can maintain the network on your HBO:

  1. Test your internet connection speed online.
  2. Anything below 5Mbs is considered not enough!
  3. Reconnect your source device to the WiFi.
  4. Perform a power cycle on your router/modem.
  5. Disconnect other devices from the WiFi.
  6. Stop downloading/seeding or uploading.

With the internet connection now refreshed, check whether the content in HBO will now be available.

In case the issue is persistent, proceed with the next step.

Tip: Lower the resolution quality of the video player to check whether this will help!

Solution #3 Clear HBO Browser And App Cache!

clear the hbo cache

The devices save a lot of information about HBO in the form of cache data.

Sometimes this data could get corrupted and prevent your access to HBO content.

In addition, piled-up cached data can slow your HBO device performance and produce the “not available” error!

Here is how you can clear the HBO cache:

Clear Cache From Browser:

  1. Open the browser on which you use HBO. 
  2. Press the CTRL+H key. The browser history will appear on the screen.
  3. Tap on Erase Browsing Data,  and select All Time from the time range menu. 
  4. Check the Cached Files and Images, Cookies, and other Site data checkboxes. 
  5. Select Clear Data to clear the cache.
  6. Go back to HBO Max and check whether the shows are playing. 

Clear Cache From Mobile:

  1. Go to your mobile Settings
  2. Tap on App Management.
  3. Look for the HBO Max app. 
  4. Choose the Clear Cache button. 
  5. Restart the app and check whether the HBO content is playing. 

After clearing the cache, you’ll notice that you’re signed out of your account. Sing back in and test whether the “content not available” error is still there. 

Note: Again, test streaming multiple different TV shows and movies!

Solution #4 Refresh Login Session

refresh the log in session

When you’ve left your computer logged in to HBO for a few hours without streaming anything, and suddenly “content is not available” you need to relog.

You can do that simply by signing out and into your HBO account. This will refresh the services.

Here is how you can refresh the HBO Max login session:

Refresh Login Session In HBO App:

  1. Open the HBO Max app. 
  2. Go to Account Settings and Sign out from the app. 
  3. Close the app and launch the app again. 
  4. Login to your HBO account and try to play the HBO titles. 

Refresh Login Session In Browser:

  1. Open your browser and go to the HBO website. 
  2. Click on Account from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Click on Sign-out.
  4. Reload the website by pressing the refresh icon from the top left corner. 
  5. Login to your HBO account. 

Try playing the content. Hopefully, this time, the problem will be gone!

Solution #5 Check HBO Server Status

check the server status

When the HBOMax content not available error appears out of the blue, you definitely need to check for any ongoing outages.

Sometimes, they perform maintenance, which they always announce on their official social media accounts.

Simply take a look at the most recent posts on their page to check whether there is a planned or unexpected server outage.

Based on your findings, proceed further or wait for the outage.

Note: Outages can involve ALL platforms (website, consoles, and HBO max for mobile).

Solution #6 Update HBO Max Version!

You might be experiencing the “not available” error because of an outdated HBO Max version

This is why we can’t proceed further, before making sure that we’re up to date!

Here is how you can update the HBO Max version:

  1. Go to the Play Store or App Store
  2. Tap on your Profile icon from the top right corner. 
  3. Now look for the HBO Max app. 
  4. Click on the app and check if the update option is available there. 
  5. Simply tap on Update to install the latest version. 

When the application has been updated, sign out of your account and sign back in.

Then you’re ready to test, again several different movies to determine if the problem is gone!

Solution #7 Switch To VPN

switch to a vpn

Here comes the interesting part. What is available on HBO varies based on your location.

For example, some TV shows might not be available in your country, but in others, the content will stream just fine.

If we type the name of the desired show in Google and click on the HBO link, clearly saying that the title is available, we often see “content not available”.

This is not because the TV show or movie is not included in HBO, it’s because it’s not available in your country.

The Solution?

We can simply check where in the world the particular “not available” TV show or movie is accessible and use a VPN to connect through this country.

This works by installing the VPN software and connecting to a server in that country so we can use its IP to connect.

Tip: If you’re looking for a VPN that will get the job done, scroll to the bottom of the guide!

Solution #8 Check Compatibility

check device compatibility

In case you’ve attempted ALL of the previous solutions but the content not available HBO Max error still appears, it’s time to check the foundation.

Perhaps your device does not support HBO max or you need to perform a firmware update. Let’s learn more!

The HBO Max is supported by the following devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, LG & Samsung Smart TV 
  • Spectrum Cable Box, Xbox and Playstation, and Roku 
  • Fire Tablet, Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Computer, Laptop, and other browser-enabled devices.

The firmware version of your device has to be updated to the latest version in order to avoid compatibility issues with HBO Max.

In case your device is supported, you might have to seek assistance from HBO Customer Service for more help!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the HBO “content not available” error appears when a certain title is not available in your country and you need a VPN connection to access the stream. We’ve also learned that our device and HBO Max app should be updated and cleanly installed to work!

Wrapping Up:

Now that we know why HBO content not available error appears and how to solve the problem in a matter of minutes, we’re ready to enjoy our content.

If the problem still persists, then report it to HBO Support and share what you’ve already tried.

In case you really want to stream an HBO title that is not supported in your country, we strongly suggest using Atlas VPN.

The software will allow you to connect to a foreign country’s IP and use this connection to access content that is available there, but not at your location!

Good Luck!

Nicole B