how to use nanit without wifi

How to use Nanit without WiFi? Nanit is one of the most fantastic monitors to keep track of your baby’s health while you take care of chores or work (in case you work from home).

But what if the WiFi is not working?

There are three levels of functioning for Nanit. With just the camera working, you can get alerts from it. With WiFi, you can monitor your baby via your phone. And, with the internet, you can receive all sorts of useful data. 

If that makes you more confused, it is alright. Many people forget that WiFi and internet connection are not the same.

Keep reading to have a proper insight into the matter.

How To Use Nanit Without WiFi

how use nanit without a wifi

Using all of Nanit’s resources is impossible without a proper WiFi connection.

For example, Nanit requires an internet connection to send all the data it collects and stream live footage of your baby.

Instead of thinking that Nanit can work without WiFi, the correct line of thought is this: Nanit can work without access to the internet.

However, that is only true after you have had the chance to set the whole system up.

When your WiFi is down but the camera is still up, the only feature still working will be the alerts from the camera itself.

WiFi, Your Internet Connection, And Nanit

We must first remember that Nanit reports can’t work without a wireless connection.

So it will need to be connected to your local network all the time to deliver useful info. 

That means it does not need an active internet connection all the time.

It only does need it when you are first setting up because you need to download the app on your phone and perhaps update software, etc.

your internet connection and nanit

Maybe you are asking yourself, “How can I have WiFi but no internet connection?”.

Such is the key difference: WiFi is simply the technology that allows a great quality wireless connection.

One of its broad uses is to connect us to the internet via Ethernet cables and optic fiber. 

That means WiFi is a way of connecting us to the internet. But it also works for local networks even when they are not connected to the internet.

So that is how your Nanit monitoring keeps working even when the internet signal is down.

How To Receive Camera Feed From Nanit When the Internet Is Down

receive camera feed when offline

You must be assured of a few things before assuming you can monitor your baby’s sleep even when your internet connection is down.

You must remember that devices can only keep in touch without the internet if they are on the same network.

Thus, your Nanit system and the device you use to keep track of its data must be in the same network.

Nanit’s Online And Offline Features

Now that you know Nanit can work without a connection to the internet, it is worth mentioning that it will have fewer functionalities when the internet is down.

As long as you keep your WiFi up, you can still receive a camera feed, check breathing motion, and get a few alerts on your phone.

But without connecting to Nanit’s servers, you will receive less useful info.

Features that depend on a stable connection to the internet include:

#1. Temperature Monitoring

the temperature monitoring

Knowing whether your baby is cold or hot is helpful, but this feature can only work when the system can exchange data with online servers.

#2. Sleep Tracking

Nanit’s servers analyze your baby’s sleeping pattern and tell you about the quality of your baby’s slumber.

#3. Smart Home integration

Nanit can connect to Alexa-enabled devices, meaning you can view your baby on the Echo Show. That allows you to ask Alexa questions regarding your baby’s sleep.

Can You Use Nanit Without WiFi?

can use nanit without wifi

Can you use Nanit without WiFi? Yes, the Nanit camera will keep working.

It will alert you whenever necessary, but you won’t receive anything on your phone.

However, you might be asking this because you are thinking of times when your router stops working for good. 

You need to find out why your router stopped working and return it to work as soon as possible.

In the worst-case scenario, you will have to replace it.

While your router is not working, you need to make do with what you have. 

Method #1: Use Your Phone As A Hotspot

Let’s say your router is gone for good, but you still have power in your house.

If you still want to keep the Nanit working to monitor your baby, you will need to create a network around your phone.

use the phone as hotspot

If your phone does have a strong connection to the internet via 5G, you can turn it into your hotspot.

Note: Nanit uses around 2GB of data daily, so make sure your carrier covers that much data usage.

To turn your phone into a hotspot, first, find Settings.

Depending on your phone model and Android version (or iOS), some terms will change, but they will be more or less the same.

  1. Go to “Connections” or “Network and Web.”
  2. Select “Cell Hotspot and Tethering
  3. Tap on “Cell Hotspot” or “WiFi Hotspot.”
  4. Tap “Mobile Hotspot.”
  5. Edit the hotspot name and password.
  6. Choose 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz if allowed.
  7. Tap “Configure” on any of the elements you want to edit.
Tip: If you can choose between 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, use the first for Nanit Original cameras and the second for other models.

Activating Your Hotspot

activate the hotspot

After you set up your hotspot, it is time to activate it. Some Android phones have that option by just swiping down from the top of the screen. 

However, if you can’t find the option, you can go to Settings again and follow the same path you followed to set the details.

Only now will you have to activate your phone as a hotspot.

Afterward, go to the network settings on the Nanit app and connect Nanit to the same network.

Method #2: Use A Generator To Keep Your Devices Powered

In the case of a power outage, a mini generator comes in handy, such as the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300.

That mini generator takes only 2 hours to charge, so keeping it charged all the time is easy.

When a blackout unfortunately happens, you can do the following:

  1. Take both the router and mini generator to your baby’s room.
  2. Turn the mini generator On.
  3. Connect the router and the Nanit camera to the mini generator.
  4. Wait for the WiFi to restart

Nanit and your phone should reconnect immediately to the WiFi. If the internet is also working, you will receive all data as usual.

Method #3: Rely On The Offline Features

rely on offline features

Suppose you are not going the distance of using any workarounds to get the minimum online features.

In that case, Nanit still offers a few offline features when your WiFi is down for good!

You don’t have to do a single thing when that happens. Nanit is already set up to work in such situations. 

Your baby monitor will keep tracking your baby’s motion and emit a sound alert if anything seems off.

Depending on your house’s size, you might be unable to listen to the alert if you are far away from the baby’s room. 

Because of that, using Nanit without WiFi is less convenient. In addition, it means you must be around, like in nearby rooms.

Note: Although Nanit has Bluetooth, it doesn't send data. Its only purpose is to perform the first connection with your phone. After that, all data travels via WiFi.

Wrapping Up

How to use Nanit without WiFi? You can’t enjoy all of Nanit’s features without a proper WiFi connection.

However, WiFi and the internet are different things.

That means you can use some Nanit functions without the internet as long as both Nanit and your monitoring device are connected to the same WiFi network.

If your WiFi is down because your router is not working, you can only receive alerts from Nanit’s camera. 

Nicole B