how to unlock a kwikset lock without a key

Asking how to unlock a Kwikset lock without a key? We have a detailed step-by-step guide for you!

Unfortunately, being locked out of your Kwikset lock means that you have to disassemble the entire lock with the tools necessary for the job.

Once you unlock it, you will re-insert the lock into the door, install and then get a new key to unlock Kwikset.

To unlock a Kwikset lock without using a key, get the lockout of your door by undoing the 2 screws and holding the inner assemblies. Next, remove the cylinder from its housing, get the plug out of the cylinder and reset the tab for wafer alignment. Reassemble your lock.

Many users won’t find this enough to unlock their Kwikset lock without having a key, so let’s dive into the detailed guide about unlocking Kwikset.

How To Unlock A Kwikset Lock Without A Key?

unlock the kwikset lock without a key

Getting the Kwikset lock out of your door and unlocking it will require certain skills and instruments to get it done.

However, it is relatively easy to do in the correct circumstances and with the help of the detailed guidelines, we’re about to get you familiar with it it.

Note: Make sure to follow our solutions consecutively and not miss out on any of the instructions we explain further in the guide.

Step #1 Acquire The Required Instruments

Instrumentals are not an absolute necessity, but they will definitely make the unlocking of your Kwikset a lot easier.

Furthermore, they will also help you get the lock off the wall, remove the cylinder which will essentially unlock Kwikset, and then help you reinstall the entire unit.

What Instruments Should I Use When Unlocking a Kwikset?

what instrument should use

Since unlocking your Kwikset is the main purpose for rekeying the lock, one of the main instruments you will need is the new key for the setup.

It will later be used to change the kind of your lock according to the new key.

As for the other instruments, here’s what you can use for the process:

A working bench with a light source:

Since unlocking and potentially rekeying the Kwikset lock requires delicate work, make sure you have a workbench with a reliable light source on it.

Screwdriver for Kwikset bolts:

The Kwikset lock is attached to your door with 2 screws, for which you have to get the appropriate screwdriver.

Magnifying glass:

Get a magnifying glass that will help you work with both hands during the unlocking of your Kwikset.

Note: Acquire whatever tools you think you will be needing regardless of our recommendations.

Step #2 Get Kwikset Out Of Your Door

get kwikset out

To unlock Kwikset without a key, you must first get the entire thing out of your door.

Since the locking latch has been internally switched, which locks Kwikset completely, the only way to undo it is by removing the entire lock.

To remove Kwikset from your home’s door, you will need the screwdriver we’ve mentioned in the previous step, with a Philips-head type.

Once you’ve gotten the appropriate screwdriver, go over to the lock and remove the two screws positioned on the top and bottom of the lock.

After removing both of these screws, the Kwikset lock should become loose and you will be able to take it out.

Note: Ensure that you won’t damage the screws, since you’ll be using them later.

Step #3 Eject Cylinder From Housing

eject cylinder

Once Kwikset has been finally taken off, the next step is to remove the cylinder from the housing.

This is what practically causes your Kwikset to lock, so by removing it, you’re halfway to unlocking Kwikset.

Alert: Keep in mind that changing the position of the retaining clip without damaging it is challenging.

Here’s how to eject the cylinder from the housing in easy steps:

  1. Grab 2 small flathead screwdrivers.
  2. Insert the first screwdriver to plug the cylinder upwards.
  3. Keep holding the first screwdriver and insert the second screwdriver into the cylinder’s housing.
  4. Using the second instrument, gently push the cylinder towards you to eject it.
Note: Ejecting the cylinder may take a few attempts until you get it right, but be careful not to damage the retaining clip or the housing.

Step #4 Get The Plug Inside Cylinder Loose

get the plug inside cylinder

Getting the cylinder out of the housing only brought you halfway to unlocking Kwikset.

The next thing you should do is align the wafers that have shear points to remove the plug from its cylinder.

You can use a pick for manipulating the wafer points and get the plug removed from the cylinder.

Here’s how to use the pick to eject the plug from Kwikset’s cylinder:

  1. Grab the pick tool.
  2. Insert them into the cylinder.
  3. Start manipulating the wafers up and down.
  4. Keep attempting to align the wafers correctly.
  5. Stop interacting with the cylinder once you hear the unlock click.
Note: Be patient. Aligning the wafers may take a while as you keep moving the wafers up and down, but once hearing the click, Kwikset is now unlocked!

Step #5 Carefully Remove The Plug

carefully remove plug

This step is mainly here for caution. See, getting the plug inside your Kwikset’s cylinder is one thing to do.

But when removing it from the core, you must be aware of what may follow.

The plug is being created in 2 pieces. The moment they get freed from the core, they ought to separate from each other, resulting in the internal parts becoming completely free.

You will want to avoid separating the 2 pieces of the plug and keep holding the second part as you pull the first part free.

That’s why for this you will have to use the two flathead screwdrivers to successfully remove the plug from the core.

Note: Once you carefully remove the first piece of the plug, take out the other one as well.

Step #6 Rebuild The Kwikset Lock

rebuild kwikset lock

Now that your Kwikset has been unlocked! The next thing you have to do is rebuild all of the components of your Kwikset.

We’re talking about placing the plug inside the cylinder, and then the cylinder into the housing.

All you did so far, but the other way around to make your Kwikset lock one whole again.

Once you do that, you can reinstall the lock onto your door and it will be unlocked now.

Tip: If you want to rekey the Kwikset lock, insert the new key before placing the plug inside the cylinder. It will automatically match.

Thus, to unlock a Kwikset lock without a key, first, undo Kwikset’s lock from the door using a screw. Eject the cylinder from the housing and then the plug from the cylinder. Finally, remove the plug to unlock Kwikset and then rebuild the entire lock.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to unlock a Kwikset lock without a key, we hope you were able to do it with our guidelines.

After all, contacting a technician to take care of the lock is never an excluded option and you should consider it as well.

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