how to turn off kidde smoke alarm

Learning how to turn off Kidde smoke alarm without compromising the fire safety in your house comes in handy since you will have the ability to silence the constant noise.

Even if you are not an expert, you will be able to troubleshoot this problem.

To turn off your Kidde smoke alarm, first check if there’s a fire in the house. If it’s a nuisance or false alarm, push the Hush/Test button on the alarm to silence the noise. If the alarm sound is still on, you can opt to reset it by turning off the power from the circuit breaker.

The Hush button desensitizes the alarm for 8-10 minutes only. The sound of your fire alarm may show that there is smoke in your home, but there could be other causes for it to go off.

Here are some easy steps on how to turn off Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm:

Kidde Smoke Alarm, How to Turn Off

turn off kidde smoke alarm

You can use several methods to turn off your Kidde smoke alarm depending on your model.

Let us see below the various approaches you can try.

Method 1: Turning Off an AC Smoke Alarm with Removable Battery Backup

Did you know that about two-thirds of fire deaths happen in homes that have not installed a smoke alarm or have one that has malfunctioned?

Sometimes smoke is inevitable, especially when you are cooking.

Be careful not to turn off the smoke alarm, thinking it’s a false alarm, but instead, there’s a fire in your house. Here is how you can do it:

Step #1: Turn Off the Power

Hard-wired smoke alarms get their power from the electric circuit and not from the backup batteries.

If you have tried hushing the alarm from the Hush button, but it’s not working, you have to disconnect it from the electricity.

 You can do any of the following.

  1. Disconnect the wires inside the alarm or,
  2. Switch off the power on the circuit breaker. Flip the switch down, and the alarm will switch to battery power.

The second option is straightforward, especially if you know nothing about electricity, but you know the smoke alarm’s circuit breaker.

Important tip: When disconnecting the cables, check for any damaged or worn-out wires and replace them.

Step #2: Remove the Batteries from the Alarm

remove kidde alarm battery

The alarm is still on because of the battery backup. So, after switching off the alarm’s power, remove the batteries to turn off the alarm completely.

Some alarms come with a sealed battery, so you can’t remove them. Refer to the device manual for directions or contact Kiddie’s product support if the battery has a seal.

A 10-year sealed alarm comes with a sealed battery that can be permanently deactivated, but this will necessitate a new smoke alarm.

If you want to permanently disable your sealed alarm because you want to replace it:

  1. Disconnect your alarm from the power.
  2. Locate the label with arrows pointing to a screw underneath it
  3. Break the seal and twist the screw towards the direction indicated to turn off the alarm permanently

If you want to replace your smoke alarm, get an expert to do it for you.

Using an expert enables you to meet all the standards set for installing the device and ensures you are well protected against carbon monoxide and fire.

Step #3: Test if the Smoke Alarm is Working

Press and hold on to the test button for around 15 seconds to test if it’s still working.

The device will chirp for a few seconds then go silent. This means that it’s working.

Insert back the batteries after replacing them with new ones; this will cause the unit to chirp once and indicate that the batteries have been inserted.

Step #4: Reconnect the Power

Reconnect the wires or flip down the switch on the electrical board.

Unless there are other reasons for the alarm to go off other than it needing to be reset, these steps should silence it.

Method 2: Turning Off the Smoke Alarm with a Removable Battery Only

turn off by removing battery

Follow the steps for turning off an AC smoke alarm with detachable battery backup but skip Steps 1 and 4.

These simple steps will help you turn off the smoke alarms depending on the model you are using.

Make them your guide if you have any problem with your smoke alarm.

  1. Remove the battery from the smoke alarm
  2. Press and hold down the hush button
  3. Insert the battery.

If after re-inserting the battery the alarm still beeps you may need to replace the batteries. Low charged batteries may at times cause your device to misbehave.

Method 3: Use the Up and Down, and Time buttons

The up and down, and time buttons are also a great trick you can use to turn off your Kidde alarm.

  1. Press the up, down, and time buttons simultaneously
  2. Wait to see if the alarm has gone off if you had hushed it.

If the alarm does not turn off, we can try the other method below.

Method 4: Reset the Alarm

reset kidde alarm

If the above methods will not turn off your Kidde smoke alarm, you may opt to reset the alarm.

Of course, once you are through with the process, you should not be hearing any nuisance sound from this device.

After resetting, you will need to begin setting up your alarm, since the process wipes away all data and settings from the device.

These steps can be handy to reset your Kidde Alarm and help it turn off.

  1. Remove the unit from its mounting bracket
  2. Remove the alarm batteries and install them backward for 15 seconds
  3. Reinstall them correctly
  4. Check to see if your alarm has gone silent.

Method 5: Contact Kiddie Customer Service

If the methods and steps we have mentioned above do not work, contact Kiddie customer service for technical assistance if your device has a valid warranty.

Knowing how to turn off Kidde smoke alarm on time can save you from all the noise that comes with it.

The beeps can be irritating, and that’s why knowing the cause of the alarm not going off can be relieving.

Turning off your Kidde smoke alarm should be done after confirming that you are safe. To turn off nuisance or false alarms, press the Hush/Test button on your smoke alarm. This will temporarily silence the noise if the alarm sound continues.

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Take Away

The sound of your smoke alarm may indicate a fire in your home, but it could also indicate that something else is wrong, so be careful when dealing with it.

If you cannot turn off your smoke alarm, be sure to check its manual to avoid false alarms and be a step ahead on how to turn off Kidde smoke alarm in your home.


Why is my Kidde Fire Alarm is not Going off?

If your Kidde smoke alarm fails to turn off, you may need to check any of the following: device malfunctioning, batteries need replacement, end of life indicator, and dust in the sensing chamber.

Kindly check your user manual to know how to approach each of those issues and your alarm will go off.

Nicole B