how to tell which arlo camera i have?

How to Tell Which Arlo Camera I Have? When you are unsure which Arlo camera you have, it becomes harder to figure out its functionalities.

Further, it is impossible to sell it since you can’t price it.

The easiest way to tell which Arlo camera you have is to find its box. When that is not feasible, check your Arlo app or locate the serial number on the cam. Lastly, some cameras can be identified by their bezels.

The guide below will walk you through all the methods you can employ to find out which Arlo camera you have.

At the end of our walkthrough, you must be able to regain complete control of the camera.

How to Tell Which Arlo Camera I Have?

how to tell which arlo camera

Arlo makes top-rated high-end security cameras. However, just like any other brand, they produce many different models.

Each model appeals to specific audiences, from most casual to pro users.

If you’ve had your Arlo camera for a long time and are a casual user, you might have forgotten its exact model.

Forgetting what model you have is problematic for a few reasons:

  • It is harder to troubleshoot when something goes wrong
  • It is the info you lack when trying to sell it
  • You don’t know which accessories or parts are compatible
  • You might not be aware of its full functionalities

With that in mind, you can see it becomes a very crucial matter to learn the model you have in your hands. 

Fortunately, there are some methods you can employ. After you learn which Arlo camera you have, it is essential, you don't forget it. 

Knowing the model will help you along the way, assisting in making informed decisions.

Without further ado, let’s check how you can discover which Arlo camera you have!

Method #1: Find The Box

find its box

This is very silly, isn’t it? However, it is one of the easiest methods to check the Arlo camera installed in your house.

We are aware that some users throw their boxes in the trash, or store them in places they don’t remember.

If you just threw it away, move on to the following method. However, suppose you have any confidence that you stored the box somewhere in your garage or basement.

Then, it is time you look for it!

Once you find the box, you will see the model’s name written on it. Plus, the outer side of the box already tells you a little info about the camera. 

Moreover, if you have stored it nicely, you will find the manual inside the box. Keeping the manual/datasheet is very important as it is your first way of troubleshooting the Arlo camera.

Alert: Don't throw the boxes of your smart devices in the trash! They can usually come in handy when you check information or sell the smart device to a new owner.

Method #2: Check The Arlo App

check the arlo app

Suppose you have had your Arlo camera installed for a long time but:

  • It is installed in a place where you can’t reach it easily
  • You can’t find its box

Those two factors are playing against you. However, one more factor to consider, which can play in your favor: your Arlo camera is connected to your Arlo app.

When that is the case, everything becomes truly simple to handle.

Here is how you can check your Arlo camera via the phone app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find My Devices

Next, the process will be easy or hard, depending on how you named each camera.

As you know, you can call the cameras on the Arlo app. Usually, users should name them according to the place they are positioned. 

For example, suppose you have multiple Arlo cameras in your house.

The best approach is naming them like this: “Front door camera,” “garage camera,” and so on. 

When you want to know the model of any camera, just click on it. All the info about it will show up on the app.

Note: Naming each camera won't overwrite info regarding their model. On the contrary, the name only acts as a label. All the original information about the camera is still on the app.

Method #3: Check The Camera Bezel

check camera the bezel

Let’s clarify: you can only employ this method for Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2. Unfortunately, those are the only models easily distinguishable according to the bezel.

This method will work if you remember you’ve bought an Arlo Pro but don’t remember whether it was the first or second model.

The Arlo Pro’s bezel is consistently black. But the Arlo Pro 2’s bezel is always white. So now you can tell the difference between the two Arlo models. 

Above, you can see Arlo Pro (on the left) and Arlo Pro 2 (on the right). That will surely help you identify your camera.

Note: There are other Arlo Pro models. If you remember, your Arlo camera is a Pro model, but it doesn't look like the ones above, then it is a more recent model.

Method #4: Locate The Serial Number

locate its serial number

Suppose you have in your hands an Arlo camera, but it is not linked to anyone’s app, and you don’t have its box.

Plus, it indeed is not an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2. So then, the best move is to locate its serial number!  

How to perform an Arlo serial number lookup? Different types of cameras have serial numbers located in different places.

Fortunately, there are only two standard places for the serial number:

  • Wire-free Arlo cameras have the serial number located behind the battery
  • Powered Arlo cameras display the serial number underneath the device

Finding The Serial Number On A Powered Camera

find on the powered camera

Then, the first step is to identify whether you have a wire-free camera.

If it is a powered camera, do the following:

  1. Take a close look underneath it
  2. Note down the serial number
  3. Type the serial number on any browsing service (such as Google)

Once you do that, the precise page of your camera on Arlo’s website will show up.

Finding The Serial Number On A Wire-Free Camera

Wire-free cameras will require you to remove their battery so you can check the label behind it:

find on a wifi free camera
  1. Press the charging port button located underneath the camera.
  2. Wait for a clicking sound, and the camera partly falls out of the camera housing.
  3. Pull the camera until it is completely freed from its housing.
  4. Pull the battery until it slips out of the camera to remove it.

When the battery is entirely removed from the camera, you will see a label with its serial number inside the battery compartment.


  1. Note down the serial number
  2. Type the serial number on any browsing service (such as Google)

What We Learned

How to Tell Which Arlo Camera I Have? When you have an Arlo camera in your possession, it is of utmost importance to know which model you have.

If anything goes wrong and you need to get in touch with Arlo, the model specs are necessary.

Fortunately, learning which camera you have is not complex, even if you don’t have the box anymore.

As long as you can check the serial number or have the camera linked to your app, discovering the model and its features is doable.

Nicole B