how to reset panasonic tv without remote

If you’re wondering how to reset Panasonic TV without remote, then you have come to the right place!

By the end of this post, you won’t only know how to reset your TV without the assistance of a remote, but many other technical workarounds for your Panasonic device!

To hard reset your Panasonic TV without a remote, you must hold the menu button, located on the top or side of your Panasonic TV. After holding the button for 15 seconds, a menu will appear where you should follow the on-screen instructions to perform the reset.

Now, let’s get into details about how to reset your Panasonic TV without the assistance of a remote share with you where to be cautious!

Types of Panasonic TV Reset

Before resetting, your Panasonic TV, ensure that the device is connected with a power source, and it is running.

Otherwise, you won’t get any value from the process, as if your TV is unplugged, there won’t be any electricity to drain.

There are several ways to perform a reset. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and the best part is that you don’t need a remote!

Hard Reset

Also known as a power cycle it will refresh the electricity and provide your device with a clean boot.

Factory Reset

Will permanently erase all content and settings from your TV reverting it as it was when opened for the very first time.

Lock Reset

A specific sequence of actions will allow you to bypass the lock of your Panasonic TV.

Delayed Restart

Helps whenever your Panasonic TV is not turning on.

Lastly, we’ll introduce a guide to reset an old Panasonic TV so if your model is slightly outdated you might want to stick by the end.

Without further ado let’s take a look at all ways to reset your Panasonic TV easily.

How To Reset Panasonic TV Without Remote?

ways to reset panasonic tv without remote

It is actually pretty easy to reset a Panasonic TV without using a remote.

You must first locate the power button on the hardware of the TV and hold it down for several seconds. This will automatically turn off your Panasonic TV after just several seconds of holding the button down.

Now that you have your Panasonic TV turned off, you can either apply the power cycle to the or turn it on by pressing the power button once again.

Hard Reset Panasonic TV (Without Remote)

To perform a power cycle, follow the steps we have provided down below:

Step #1. Make sure your Panasonic TV is turned off. You can ensure that by holding down the power button for several seconds. Repeat, until the red light on your Panasonic TV stops blinking.

Step #2. Now that your Panasonic TV is turned off, unplug the power adapter. It is recommended that you unplug both sides of the power adapter, to drain the remaining electricity in the cable too.

Step #3. Wait for 3-5 minutes and let your TV drain all electricity.

Step #4. Plug both sides of the power adapter into their place and you’re done!

This is one of the ways to reset your Panasonic TV’s power flow and provide a clean boot.

Factory Reset Panasonic TV (Without Remote)

If you’re looking forward to erasing the contents of your Panasonic TV, but you don’t have a remote at your disposal, there is a way to do it manually.

For this purpose, you would have to unplug your TV’s AC power cord from the electrical socket.

At the moment, simultaneously press and hold the volume down and power button on your TV’s hardware. While holding the power buttons down, plug the power cord back into the socket.

Continue holding the buttons down until your TV displays the erasing screen. From there, navigate using the power buttons on your TV and select what you are willing to erase and what to keep.

Reset Panasonic TV’s Lock (Without Remote)

To bypass the lock of a Panasonic TV, you would first have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds.

The television will automatically restart and if the lock is still on, unplug the television and remove the battery, located in the compartment, behind the TV.

This should surely unlock your Panasonic TV if your remote is broken or missing and let you browse your files until further notice.

Delayed Reset (Without Remote)

This method of restarting is targeting users that are having a hard time turning on their Philips TV. If you’re one of them, you’ll most likely get your TV reset and working.

Firstly, you should unplug your Panasonic TV’s power cord for an average of an hour. The longer you keep it unplugged the better.

After waiting for the appointed time, press and hold the power button on your TV for 60 seconds.  After the 60 seconds have passed, press once again the power button and plug the power adapter in.

This will help you reset your Panasonic TV that isn’t turning on, without the assistance of a remote.

How Do I Reset an Old Panasonic TV Without A Remote?

If you’re wondering how to reset Panasonic TV without a remote but your model is too old for our methods to apply, here is the solution.

To reset an old Panasonic TV, put it out of standby mode by pressing one of the buttons beneath the TV screen.

Press the function button on your Panasonic TV with a little [F] scraped within the button and then press and hold the volume down button on the front of your device.

This will send your TV into a direct restart, causing it to automatically reboot and start up again!

To perform a hard reset on a Panasonic TV you should power cycle it and if that does not help perform a factory reset. None of these requires a remote and using the hardware panel buttons you should be able to successfully perform a reset.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to reset Panasonic TV without remote, following the guidance of this post, you should be able to not only hard reset your Panasonic TV.

We hope that you’ve learned something new today and that you have managed to hard reset your TV successfully.

For more helpful guidelines related to Panasonic TV malfunctions, don’t hesitate to visit our technical blog to discover many helpful solutions.

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