how to reset braeburn thermostat

If you want to know how to reset Braeburn thermostat, you can do it in very simple steps.

Since your thermostat is only a technological device, it may not lack issues from time to time. The immediate solution is often resetting it.

Read below to find out the most straightforward steps you can use to conduct this procedure. Let us first find out common problems your thermostat may have.

To reset your Braeburn thermostat, you will need to turn off the power mode.  If it has any batteries, remove them, then click the reset button to reset it. Return the batteries, then turn on and run the system’s cooling mode.

Common Issues With Braeburn Thermostat

When your Braeburn stops working, you may need to find out why it is behaving that way.

The only solution to troubleshoot every problem in your thermostat is not to reset it.

Here is a list of some common issues and how you can fix them before jumping to reset it.

Problem 1: HVAC System Quits Working Suddenly

You will notice this issue when the display on the thermostat is dark. The system may be lacking power.

It may also be having a blown fuse, or it has a tripped breaker in its electrical panel. The first solution is to replace the batteries.

If the thermostat fails to respond after trying the above solution, you will need to shut off the breaker and then remove the cover. Check for any dirt inside and remove the grime using a soft artist brush or something similar.

If the system has any loose terminal screw or wire, ensure you tighten them. If the wires are corroded, replace the thermostat.

Problem 2: Thermostat Setting Does Not Match Room’s Temperature

The leading cause for this issue is the thermostat’s dirty components. Consider cleaning it.

Another cause may also be a frozen anticipator. You will need to locate the round dial, then gently push the arm attached to it to unstuck it.

If you try the above, but the problem persists, you will need to consider changing the thermostat’s location.

If it is near direct sunlight, heat sources, or installed far from the primary living areas, you will need to reposition it.

Problem 3: Short Cycling Or Non-Stop HVAC Operation

The primary cause for this issue is a dirty thermostat or an off-kilter. If the thermostat’s anticipator is improperly calibrated, it can also cause the problem.

So, you will first need to clean the thermostat or solve the off-kilter issue.

You can also lengthen the system’s cycle. All you need to do is adjust the anticipator lever one notch towards the word ‘longer’ at a time on the dial.

Problem 3: The Reset Button Is Always On

Your thermostat’s reset button will stay on because of various reasons, including:

  • It has a loose wire.
  • The heating element has a short.
  • The switch is not in good condition.

When this problem occurs, you will need to replace the thermostat.

Understand Your Thermostat’s Buttons – Before You Reset

Your thermostat has different settings buttons that perform different functions.

So, before resetting the system, you can use any of these buttons to set your thermostat in the manner you want it to be.

The Arrow Buttons

Your Braeburn thermostat has two arrow keys. These buttons reset the temperature lower or higher.

If you adjust your thermostat to any of these two levels, the setting is only temporary. So, it only lasts until you reach the end of the previous program you had set.

The Clock Settings

Your thermostat might also have the hour, minute, or set time button. Others may also have a day button.

You can use these buttons to set your thermostat’s date or time.

The Program Button

Your thermostat also has a program button that allows you to set four different temperatures in a day.

They include the one to use when waking up, when you leave your house, when coming back home, and when resting at night.

You can use this button to set the temperatures at your most convenient time. The button allows you to set the system between 5 and 15 degrees lower if you want to conserve energy.

The Hold Temperature Button

This button allows you to set the temperature at the level you wish, leave it there until you want to change it.

This setting is quite helpful since you will not bother about the system even when you are away.

You only need to reset the temperature to a lower level, especially when you are going to a distant place, and reset it when you come back.

So, When Should You Reset Your Braeburn Thermostat?

As you have seen, the above issues may not require you to reset your thermostat. However, some problems may occur that will necessitate you to reset it.

They may include:

1. When the thermostat cooling and heating units have an issue caused by a sudden power failure

2. When you feel like your room’s temperature is higher than usual.

3. When the thermostat is not working.

Note: Resetting your Braeburn thermostat resolves issues with its programming, connection, or HVAC system issues.

So, sometimes it may be necessary to reset it from time to time if your device has these issues.

How to Reset Braeburn Thermostat – Easy Steps

reset braeburn thermostat

See how to reset Braeburn thermostat using the steps below.

Step #1: The Mode

Set the thermostats mode to ‘’heat.’’

Step #2: The Temperature

Check the arrow that is facing upwards, then press it. Let it reach a temperature higher than your room’s.

Three degrees or above is okay. Your thermostat’s heating system will then start running.

Step #3: Put Off The Switch

Click the thermostat’s power button to switch it off. When you press the off button, the thermostat will stop running immediately.

Step #4: The Reset Button

You can now press the reset key to turn on your thermostat. Resetting will erase all your system’s settings and go back to default.

How To Reset Braeburn Thermostat Models

Braeburn thermostats come in different models, including:

  • Premiere series 5220, 5020
  • BlueLink 735, 7300 etc

The common and the easiest way to reset all Braeburn thermostat models are:

  1. Put your thermostat into an off mode.
  2. If the device has batteries, remove them.
  3. Locate the reset button on the thermostat’s front and press it.
  4. Replace the batteries.
  5. Move its switch to the cool or heat position, then rerun the cooling or heating system.

To reset your Braeburn thermostat, you will need to: Turn on your thermostat’s heat mode, increase the temperature, switch it off, and click the reset button.

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Which Temperature Is Best For My Thermostat?

First, you should consider your preference, would you want a hot or cool room?

If you want it hotter, set it higher, and if you want it colder, set it lower. However, the ideal temperature is between 70 and 780 F.

Where Is My Thermostat’s Reset Button?

You will find it inside a small hole on your thermostat’s front side. To click it, you will need to use a toothpick or a pointed tool.


The steps about how to reset Braeburn thermostat are pretty simple. This option is often necessary when there are issues with your thermostat’s programming, connection, or HVAC system.

Always try to check for any issue, deal with it first, then think of resetting if the thermostat still fails to respond.

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