how to reset a hisense tablet

Asking how to reset a Hisense tablet? Well, keep reading to learn how!

In this post, we’ll uncover an ultimate step-by-step tutorial to reset your Hisense tablet and configure the preferences of erasing.

Moreover, we will also explain what sort of files and data you will lose during the reset and how to preserve them!

To factory reset your Hisense tablet, open the settings and head to the System configuration. From there, choose the Reset options tab and then select Erase all data. Confirm the prompt that appeared on your screen and wait for your tablet to complete the reset.

How To Factory Reset A Hisense Tablet?

Generally, you can factory reset your Hisense tablet in two ways.

The first one is using the system menu, the process we’ve mentioned above and the second one is a reset through the Android recovery menu.

Note: Resetting through the recovery menu is only recommended when the device is protected by a password or you’re unable to start the device.

Let’s begin with a regular factory reset, through the Hisense tablet’ system menu.

How To Reset Hisense Tablet Through Settings?

reset through settings

This type of reset is recommended over the second one since a reset through the recovery menu erases the software forcefully and may leave corrupted data even if unlikely.

With the regular reset, however, you won’t be facing such issues but instead, factory reset your Hisense tablet regularly.

Here’s how to factory reset your Hisense tablet through the settings.

Step #1 Start The Device

For the reset through the settings menu, your Hisense tablet must be up and running.

That’s to say because, during this process, you will have to access the settings and initiate the reset from there.

In that regard, make sure to start the tablet by pressing the power button before proceeding with the next step.

Step #2 Navigate To The Settings

Now that your Hisense tablet is up and running, it’s time to navigate to the settings. From there, you will be able to start the factory reset, using the system options.

Here’s where to find the factory reset setting in the options of your Hisense tablet:

  1. Open the settings tab of your Hisense tablet.
  2. Head to the System configuration.
  3. Choose Reset.

This is where you can find the factory reset option in your Hisense’s configuration. Proceed to the next step to learn how to complete it.

Step #3 Start Factory Reset

Now that you’ve found the setting to start the factory reset, you will need the tablet’s password. If you haven’t set up a password, the confirmation will not require it.

To factory reset your Hisense tablet, in the “Reset” tab, choose “Erase everything”.

Now a confirmation prompt will come up, on which you have to confirm that you want to reset the contents of your Hisense tablet. You will want to click “Confirm”.

All you have to do next is wait. Based on the performance of your tablet, the reset may take up to several minutes after which your device will reboot and will be ready for usage.

Note: In case you’re unable to interact with the settings of the device or it won’t turn ON, proceed further to learn how to reset using the Android recovery menu.

How To Reset A Hisense Tablet Via Android Recovery Menu?

reset using Android Recovery Menu

A nice workaround with older Android models of Hisense is the factory reset through the recovery menu.

Keep in mind that this might not work on the latest Hisense tablet models but the reset is proven for Hisense Sero 7.0 and previously released models.

To reset your Hisense tablet through the Android recovery menu, follow the steps:

Step #1 Shut Down Your Hisense Tablet

To access the Android recovery menu, you must first shut down your Hisense tablet.

Since the recovery menu can be booted while your tablet is off, press and hold the power button to shut down your Hisense tablet.

It might take a minute for your tablet to shut down, based on its performance and speed.

You will start seeing the Hisense logo, shortly before your tablet shuts down. Once the tablet is OFF, you will be able to access the recovery menu through a specific combination of keys.

Step #2 Access Android Recovery Menu

There is a way to access the recovery menu, by pressing two buttons on your tablet. On the side panel of your tablet, there are three buttons overall.

The buttons are the power button, which you used to shut down your tablet and the volume up/down buttons.

To access the recovery menu, you will want to press the Power button along with the Volume/down buttons. Hold these buttons down for 10 seconds.

Release your hold of the buttons once a big “RECOVERY” word appears on your Hisense tablet screen.

The meaning of this is that your Hisense tablet is accessing the recovery menu.

Step #3 Initiate A Factory Reset

factory reset tablet

Once you’ve accessed the recovery menu, you will see a menu of options.

You will be able to navigate through the menu up/down using the respective volume buttons. To select and access the next tab, press the power button.

Here’s how to initiate the factory reset on your Hisense tablet:

  1. Press the volume/down button twice and select “Factory reset/erase all data”.
  2. Press the power button while highlighting the factory reset button.
  3. On the next tab, keep pressing the volume/down button until you’re at the Yes.
  4. Choose, Delete all user data options.
  5. Press the power button and your Hisense will start the factory reset.

You will see the little Android logo on your screen, while on the side a label will be stating “Wiping data” and “Formatting /data”.

This way you would know that the factory reset has started, and data is currently being erased.

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Thus, to factory reset your Hisense tablet, you can either initiate the reset from the system menu or the recovery menu. To reset from the system, go to Settings > System Configuration > Reset > Reset everything. Another way would be to start the recovery menu, navigate to “Erase all data/Factory Reset” and then select “Yes”.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to reset a Hisense tablet and you’re familiar with both of the ways, we hope you were successful in resetting your tablet.

Generally, older Hisense tablets are really easy to reset, either through the system settings or recovery menu.

Nicole B