how to program magnavox universal remote

If you’re not able to find the correct guide on how to program Magnavox universal remote, we are here for you!

Unlike all the other guides you’ll find online, you wouldn’t be able to get a guide that is as complete and as comprehensive as this!

We’ll give you all the step-by-step processes of programming your Magnavox universal remote so you can choose which works better and easier for you!

You can program your Philips Magnavox universal remote using the search code method or the Magnavox remote codes method!

Before we get to the process or method of programming your Philips Magnavox universal remote, what devices is it compatible with? Which devices can you use to program it?

Devices You Can Program the Magnavox Universal Remote To

It’s a universal remote, meaning, you can use it wherever you are in the world.

But the benefit of using a universal remote doesn’t end there, instead, you can also use it if you are looking to program other devices and equipment, too, such as:

  • DVD Players
  • Cable Boxes
  • Streaming Devices
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • And Others!

Just like any other brand of universal remote, you need to follow a strict process of how it’s done.

So, here are the processes on how to program Philips Magnavox universal remote!

How to Program Magnavox Universal Remote?

program magnavox universal remote

In programming it, there are two (2) methods and ways you could follow: the Search Code Method or the Philips Magnavox remote codes.

Fret not, because we will teach you both ways so you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing what method you’ll go with!

Programming Using the Search Code Method (Auto Search Option)

The auto search option or search code method is the process that most people follow.

Why? – This is because most of us aren’t aware of the Philips Magnavox codes needed.

So, if you are unsure of the TV, DVD, cable box, or even VCR codes yourself and you can’t find the correct ones to help you with your dilemma, follow this method.

Step #1: Turn the Device On

The first step is to ensure that the device you’re programming your Magnavox universal remote to is turned on or activated.

If it’s a television, a DVD player, a cable box, or any other type of auxiliary device, put it to power!

Step #2: Ensure That There are Batteries

Before starting the process, make sure that the remote control has batteries installed. If you’re not sure if the batteries are still good, put in a new pair!

Buy a new fresh pair of AA batteries and install them in the remote! 

Step #3: Press TV + SEL

Once the remote is ready and set up, the next thing you want to do is to start the programming process. Press TV/DVD/VCR and [SELECT] on the remote until the LED indicator lights up.

NOTE: Press the corresponding device you want to pair it to.

For instance, if you’re programming it to a TV, press [TV] + [SEL]; if you’re programming it to a DVD, press [DVD]+ [SEL].

After that, press [POWER] on the remote to enter Code Search.

Step #4: Press [CH +] or [CH -]

What you have to do next is to press either [CH +] or [CH -] until the channel changes (for TV and cable box).

Keep on pressing either of these buttons until changes happen – if it doesn’t change, you haven’t reached the correct code yet.

Step #4.1: Press [PWR] Repeatedly

If you’re programming a DVD, a VCR, or any other auxiliary system, press the power button until the device powers off.

When the device turns off after following the steps religiously, it only means one thing – the Magnavox remote has already been programmed successfully!

You’ll now be able to use it to control the device you had it programmed to!

On the other end of the table, is there a way to program it when you have the remote codes?

What if you’re aware of the Magnavox universal remote codes and you want to perform this manual method instead of the auto search?

Programming Using Magnavox Universal Remote Codes

The next method we’ll be discussing would include using known Magnavox remote codes.

Also referred to as direct code entry, you’ll have to input the remote code directly!

Without further ado, here’s how you can perform this process!

Step #1: Turn the Device On

Akin to the search code process, make sure that the device you’re programming the Magnavox remote to is turned on and activated.

Refrain from plugging it into an outlet where there’s insufficient power.

Step #2: Install New Batteries on the Remote

Then, make sure that there are fresh batteries on the remote.

If you’re unsure of whether the old pair of batteries are still good, it’ll be best to just install new batteries to be sure that the process will work out just fine.

Step #3: Activate the Programming Function

After that, what you want to do next is to activate programming by pressing [SELECT] + TV/DVD/AUX/CBS/CATV/VCR on your remote.

NOTE: The button will depend on the device you’re trying to program it to.

You’ll know that you’re already in the programming function when the LED indicator lights or blinks.

Step #4: Enter the Code

So, the next thing you want to do is to enter the code corresponding to the device! We’ll list down the most common codes for various devices below.

Step #5: Store and Save the Code

To finalize the process, store the code by pressing TV/DVD/AUX/CBS/CATV/VCR on your remote. The code will lock when the LED indicator on the Magnavox remote flashes.

Whatever device you’re programming it to, following these steps will help you get whatever you’re looking for!

Program your Magnavox universal remote using all the given and available codes and lock it in properly!

What Are the Magnavox Remote Universal Codes?

Each device has a different set of codes that you can use and try. There are hundreds of these, but, to help you with it, here are some of the most commonly used codes:

Magnavox TV Codes

  • 1004
  • 1007
  • 1053
  • 1083
  • 1056

Magnavox Cable Box Codes

  • 2004
  • 2010
  • 2002
  • 2008
  • 20018
  • 1014
  • 2048

Magnavox DVD Codes

  • 2018
  • 2245
  • 2327
  • 2318
  • 2320
  • 2293

Magnavox VCR Codes

  • 321
  • 3036
  • 3152
  • 3183
  • 3206

NOTE: These are just some of the most common codes for the Magnavox universal remote, they’re not everything but based on client reports, these have been the most effective codes.

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Bottom Line:

If you’re trying to program your Magnavox universal remote, you can perform the search or automatic method or the manual or direct code entry method to pair and program it up to whatever device you’re using!

Are you perplexed and you’re trying to find a guide that’ll give you a complete take on how to program Magnavox universal remote?

Regardless of your experience and expertise when it comes to technology, it wouldn’t matter because, with our tutorial, you won’t need to look for another source!

We drafted it in the best and easiest way we can so everyone can conveniently understand it! 

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