how to program braeburn thermostat

Are you thinking about how to program Braeburn thermostat but do not know how to go about it?

Probably you feel like the pre-programmed settings on your thermostat do not fit your current schedule.

This article will take you through the easiest steps you can use to program your thermostat and make it suitable for your day-to-day activities.

But first, let us understand the different settings.

To program your Braeburn thermostat, you will need to click the ‘prog’ button on your device. Press the heat or cool switch, then set the day and time you wish to set the system to run. Select the days the room will be unoccupied, then click return to complete the programming.

Understand Your Thermostat’s Settings

Programmable thermostats often have pre-programmed settings meant for typical American families.

However, you will not always find this kind of family, and I believe yours too is not one. So, you can program your thermostat to sync the context of your family.

Programming Options Available

You can program your Braeburn thermostat based on these options.

  • Waking up time
  • Leaving time
  • Sleeping time
  • Returning time

Of course, you would always wish your thermostat to be in a state that saves energy.

You can always use these rules from the energy-saving department to program your thermostat for various seasons.

1. Wintertime

When you are at home or awake and going nowhere, program your thermostat at 680 F.

When you are away or are asleep, you can program the thermostat at 580 F. At least 10 degrees lower than the above temperature when you are within.

2. Summertime

When you are at home, set the air conditioning at 780 F.

Anytime you feel like you do not need a cool environment, shut off the air conditioner manually. Remember, your smart device will power itself on when the room is too hot.

When you are not inside the house, program the system to be warmer than usual.

What If You Do Not Want To Program The System Every Time?

I know it can be hectic trying to set the system every time you want a different temperature.

Below are some tips that will help you set the cooling and heating schedules of your home, and forget about it for some hours or even a day.

Tip #1: Before You Leave The House

Any time before you leave your house, remember to shut off the air conditioning or heat at least 20 minutes prior.

Tip #2: Before Returning To The House

Turn on the air conditioning or heat at least 20 minutes before coming home every day.

Tip #3: Before Sleeping

Reduce the cooling or heating of the system at least an hour before you sleep every night.

Tip #4: Before Waking Up

Every morning before you wake up, increase the cooling or heating at least 30 minutes prior.

Tip #5: Tweaking                

You need to tweak your program a few days of the week to help it feel right.

Note: If your Raeburn thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, you can control the temperature in your home wherever you are.

So, even if you are far, you may not need to worry that you are getting late or wasting energy.

You can spend your time on vacation quietly, knowing everything is in order.

Note that your furnace does not need to use lots of energy to warm your house after setting a lower temperature during the day.

So, is it necessary to set your thermostat? Let us see below how you can do it.

Braeburn Thermostat, How To Set

Your Braeburn thermostat has different settings with different buttons. See below how you can use each.

Date Or Time Settings

You can locate this button on the thermostat’s keypad. To change the week’s hours, minutes, and day, you will use the up or down arrows. You can save your selection after tapping your preferred settings.

The Fan Settings

You can change the fan settings by scrolling the fan button continuously till you find your preferred settings.

The ‘Auto’ settings are active only when the fan is running.

When the system is On, the fan will be On continuously.

The “Circ’’ setting keeps the fan running for 24 minutes, then keeps it off for another 24 minutes repeatedly.

The “Prog’’ setting programs the thermostat to run the fan.

The Differential Setting

This setting allows you to select how much temperature changes before the heater or air conditioner comes back on.

Hold the thermostat’s return button for around 4 seconds. Scroll up and down to pick a differential you want.

Some Braeburn thermostat models have up to two or three differential stages. You can set them using the same method.

How to Program a Braeburn Thermostat

program braeburn thermostat

Now you know the different settings on your thermostat. Let us see how you can program it.

Step #1: The Programming

Click the prog button to enter the programming mode.

Step #2: Select Heat or cool

Choose either ‘heat’ or ‘cool’ using your system’s switch. You can also move the switch into any of these positions if your model has the option.

If yours is a touch screen, you will only need to push the ‘system’ on the screen.

Step #3: Choose Day Or Time

Press the day or time button on your device and select to set the thermostat to run weekly or daily.

Step 4: Hours Or Minutes

This step allows you to set the hours or minutes you wish your system to run. Press the down or up arrows on the time button to select your desired hours and minutes.

Step #5: Unoccupied

This setting programs your thermostat for the time or period your room or house will be unoccupied.

Click the ‘prog’ button to set it. You will use the bottom or up button to select the specific day you will be away from your house.

Step #6: The End

Press the return button because you are now through with programming your Braeburn thermostat.

Click the prog button on your Braeburn thermostat, followed by turning on the heat or cool switch. Select the day, hours, and minutes you wish your system to run, then click the return button when you are through.


I hope that this piece gives you the steps about how to program Braeburn thermostat. It is always the most convenient thing to do if you want to save energy.

Besides, programming saves you lots of time since you will not need to keep on setting every time you need a specific temperature.

So, feel free to use the above steps to program your Braeburn thermostat with ease.

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Can I Change My Braeburn Thermostat Batteries?

Yes. If your thermostat is battery enabled, you need to change it frequently. If not, your system will fail to function.

Pull the thermostat’s body from the base, then locate your batteries and remove them. Insert new batteries and cover your thermostat.

When Should I Reset A Braeburn Thermostat?

Anytime your system fails to work, you can reset your device. Resetting resolves any connection, programming or HVAC system issues.

Where Is My Braeburn Thermostat’s Model Number?

You can locate your thermostat’s model number on the back of your device. Use it anytime you need a repair or for compatibility purposes.

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