braeburn thermostat not heating

Is your Braeburn thermostat not heating? This issue is bound to arise because your device is only man-made and must pass through some issues.

However, you should not be worried since you can resolve the problem using some DIY ideas.

Read below to understand why your thermostat is behaving this way and get quick fixes.

If your Braeburn thermostat is not heating, you will need to check if the filter is dirty and clean it. If it uses batteries, kindly replace them if they are low. Do not forget to check if the circuit breaker is tripped or has a blown fuse and correct them.

Reasons For Your Braeburn Thermostat Not Heating

Your Braeburn thermostat may fail to heat due to various reasons. Common ones include:

  • The batteries may be low.
  • The thermostat has a blown fuse.
  • Your Braeburn thermostat is on the wrong set.
  • The filter is dirty.

Let us look at how we can fix this problem and have your Braeburn thermostat heating your room again.

Note: Braeburn thermostats come in different models. When trying to fix it, always check the instructions provided in your user manual.

If you are not sure about any, do not hesitate to ask for support instead of messing.

How To Fix A Braeburn Thermostat Heat Not Working

fix braeburn thermostat not heating

Knowing why your thermostat is not heating is one step and fixing it is another.

Below are working solutions you can apply to your Braeburn thermostat if it is not heating.

Fix #1: Check Your Thermostat’s Batteries

If your thermostat runs on a battery, it should always be the first thing to check when your system fails to work. Remember, when the batteries are low, the device will not work.

You can note that the batteries are low when the display flashes a low battery warning. So you will need to replace the batteries.

Some bad batteries may drain out but fail to display the warning on your device. You can still replace the batteries to see if the thermostat will begin working.

All you need is to get the correct batteries for your particular Braeburn thermostat model.

You can always refer to the user manual, the kind of recommended batteries.

Go to method two if the thermostat still fails to work after changing the batteries.

Fix #2: Check The System’s Circuit Breaker

If your circuit breaker is not in order, your thermostat will not heat.

So, if you have changed the batteries but the system is still not heating, your circuit breaker is the problem.

The role of the circuit breaker is to supply power to the whole system. Sometimes it trips off by itself. So, you will first need to check if it is off. If so, turn it back on.

The fuse may also be blown, so you will need to check it too. You can always know a blown fuse if you do not see anything on display.

If so, kindly replace it to get your system working again.

Fix #3: Clean Your Filter         

If your filter is clogged, then your system will not work correctly. You will need to check for any dirt or grime in it.

The dirt blocks air from flowing to the system’s furnace; hence it may not create heat.

Replacing the filter can also work. Remember, you should replace the filter at least every month or after two months.

A new and working filter is a sure way to help your system run smoothly.

You should also note that if your filter is clogged, the efficiency of the furnace is low. Besides, it consumes too much energy to function. So, the more frequently you change it, the better.

Fix #4: Check The Gas Supply

Does your device have a gas furnace? If it has, then it might be off, causing it not to heat.

You will need to check it and turn the gas valve on. Ensure you turn it on carefully and check if the system heats.

If the system does not heat yet, you smell the gas; you need to turn it off. Remember, if the gas leaks in your room, it can cause a hazard. So, you must consider calling a pro to fix it for you.

Fix #5: Check Your Thermostat’s Setting

For your heat setting to work properly, you need to set your system’s temperature high above your room’s temperature.

However, if you set it too high, the furnace can jumpstart at times. When you obtain the temperature, you wish you should turn it off.

You will need to make sure that the switch of your thermostat is in ‘heat’ or ‘auto’ mode. Set the fan to ‘on’ or ‘auto’ mode. If your device fails to heat, try the next step.

Fix #6: Check Your Pilot Igniter

Pilot igniters turning dirty is a common problem with most thermostats, including Braeburn. Dirt clogs the system; hence the furnace fails to ignite properly.

If you are not familiar with fixing it, you should consider a pro doing it for you. However, the simple steps you can take to resolve the issue are:

  1. Power off the source of your furnace’s power.
  2. Remove the thermostat’s front panel.
  3. Inspect the igniter.

If you see it dirty, call a local expert in HVAC to help you clean it. Remember, an expert can also help you know if the thermostat has other issues that will need to be fixed.

Fix #7: Reset The Thermostat

Resetting your thermostat fixes lots of issues, including HVAC system, programming, and connection issues.

Resetting restores your settings to default; hence everything that was not right begins to work normally.

Follow these steps to reset your Braeburn thermostat.

  1. Locate the reset button on the front side of your thermostat
  2. Use a pointed tool to reach the button.
  3. Click and hold the button for around three seconds.

Your thermostat restarts. Try running the heating system to see if it works. This method should not fail you if the others do not resolve.

Is Your Braeburn Thermostat Still Not Heating

Have you tried the above fixing methods, but your Braeburn thermostat is still not heating?

The thermostat issue is more complex than you can handle.  You will need to call an expert who should check if its heating pump is broken.

Besides, if your thermostat has a warranty that has not yet expired, you can contact Braeburn support.

They will help you know if they can resolve the issue or replace the whole system.

To get your Braeburn thermostat to heat again, you will need to change its batteries. Ensure that your circuit breaker is in good condition, and remove any dirt on the filter or pilot igniter. You can also reset it and get it to heat up your room again.

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For a Braeburn thermostat not heating issue, you may not need to worry.

The issue is quite common for most devices, but the best thing is that you can always resolve it.

What you need to do is to use the above fixing methods, and you will be good to go. If none works, do not stress up but contact Braeburn support for a quicker fix.

Nicole B