how to negotiate with comcast

In case you are interested to know how to negotiate with Comcast to get lower monthly bills, you’re just on the right page!

Sometimes a high bill can disrupt your budget and hence you may think about how to negotiate to get a better deal right?

Today, we will be focusing on some of the best ways on how to lower your Xfinity bills and more!

Negotiating with Comcast is easy, you just have to contact them by calling in, and tell them about what you’re looking for!

Learn how you can successfully negotiate with Comcast to get a lower bill using our guide below!

Who Would Want to Get Lower Monthly Bills?

The real question here is – who doesn’t want to shave off a few hundred dollars on their monthly cable bills?

Cable bills nowadays are getting more and more lucrative and the fact that the vast majority of people are having difficulty paying it is already a problem.

Anyone would want to get lower monthly bills for their cable, but is there a plausible way on how you can get the company to do so?

Is there a way on how can I get Comcast to lower my bill with Comcast without really canceling my services?

Have people done this before and found success afterward?

Yes, many people have been successful in lowering their monthly bills without having any changes with their services!

How to Negotiate with Comcast Successfully?

how to negotiate a lower cable bill with comcast

With this guide, you will have the knowledge on how you can effectively communicate with them to get your monthly bills lower.

Take note, though, that these methods are not 100% foolproof but the vast majority of people who tried it are now enjoying lower monthly payments than what they were originally paying.

Read carefully because this will be the best and the most effective guide on how to lower your Xfinity bill!

Step #1: Call Comcast’s Customer Service

The first thing you want to do is to contact Comcast’s customer service department.

Since millions of people are using Comcast, you need to expect that you’ll have to wait for a few minutes for a representative to pick a call up.

Step #2: Tell Them You are Disconnecting or Cancelling

When they pick up, they will ask you how can I be of assistance to you today?

So, instead of telling them that you are looking for ways to lower your bills, tell them you’re canceling.

Telling them that you want to discontinue your services triggers an alarm system within the company.

I mean, who wants to lose customers?

So, what they will do is they’ll bring you over to their client retention or their cancellations department.


You can directly be routed to the client retentions team by choosing Disconnect Service from the voice prompt or the automated menu.

Step #3: Speak to Client Retentions

You will know that you’re in the retention department because that’s how their protocol is.

When you are with them already, tell them about your plans of canceling or disconnecting.

As part of their practices, they will ask you why and they’ll try to give you a better rate or a better offer.

Here are some of the best ways on how you can follow up on what you told them:

1.    Comcast has been wonderful, but the bill is just too much, and I hear AT&T TV is now available here in our location…

2.    I have been with Comcast for a few years now and I just noticed that I’m paying excessively high monthly recurring charges. Verizon FIOS contacted me and told me they will do a better job by offering me half of what you’re billing me right now…

3.    You guys have been wonderful, but I just can’t bear the monthly fees, would there be a way to keep me as a client because DIRECTV offered me a price and they’re waiting for my call today…


Speak in a friendly tone, avoid being overdramatic about it because nothing will ever come out good if you let your emotions run.

Step #4: Continue Talking to Them About Competitors

They might tell you stuff like they might be cheap, but they don’t have as many channels as us or something along the lines of, you might not get HD quality channels and networks with them.

To this, you will answer that you just really need to lower your monthly bills and that you will just go and cancel.

Take a few steps back and allow them to place the call on hold because they will really dig into everything, they can do for you.

9 times out of 10, they will come back with an offer, and it can be like taking off equipment fee, boarding you to a new offer or promo, giving you bill credits, and so forth.

Step #5: Enjoy Your Lower Bills

Before ending the call, make sure that you get some type of reference or confirmation that the modifications or the changes have been made.

This is for your own protection in the event that you see no changes on your next bill.

This money-saving hack will be everything you need if you are aspiring to get lower monthly bills with your Comcast cable TV service.

Can I Do the Negotiation Over Chat?

Yes, it’s possible to negotiate with them through chat. However, the most recommended way to do it would be over the phone.

It’s more urgent, and you’ll have the assurance that you’re speaking to someone who can make the changes for you.

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Other Valid Ways to Lower Your Monthly Bills

valid ways to reduce xfinity bill

Apart from calling in, there are other things that you can do to save up on your monthly Xfinity bills.

1. Double Check Your Bills

There are reports every single day from customers of these service providers having errors or on their bills.

Some of these errors revolve around they are a double-billed, an additional charge for an add-on, etc.

So, check your bills to see if there are any unnecessary charges on them!

2. Purchase Your Own Equipment

In services like this, a major part of your bill would come from the equipment that’s been leased to you.

So, for you to be able to remove this off from your monthly statements, you can consider purchasing your own devices.

Some of the equipment that you can purchase to escape the lease include:

  • Modem
  • DVR Box
  • TV Box
  • And Others

3. Shop Around Other TV Services

Of course, you should never disregard your choice or your option of choosing to go with other service providers for your TV or your internet services.

So far, this one has seen the most action because they were able to get what they want (lower bills).

Also they rarely needed to do anything – companies just offered and offered, they just accepted.

Negotiating with Comcast can give you a headache but with these alternatives, you can be guaranteed that your monthly bills wouldn’t be as high as what you’re paying now!


Can’t find a way on how to negotiate with Comcast to decrease your monthly bills?

Fret not – this guide will be all you need!

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