how to install google apps on hisense smart tv

Many people have questions like – how to install Google apps on Hisense smart TV?

Because Google Apps are not preinstalled on every consumer-grade Hisense Smart TV, as a result, finding the right set of steps for installing them can be a headache.

To install Google apps on Hisense Smart TV, the first step will be to ensure that there is a Google Play Store. Then, access it, find the desired application - download and install it.

When the TV does not have Play Store, the apps can be downloaded manually using a computer. Download the apk files, upload them on a USB, and then install them on the TV.

This article provides easy steps on how to install Google apps on Hisense smart TV.

We believe that this guide will be helpful for many people who have purchased a new Hisense smart TV or have trouble with their old one.

Benefits of Having Google Apps on Hisense TV?

There are numerous benefits of having Google Apps on your Hisense smart TV.

Nowadays, applications are available for multiple devices – mobile phones, computers, smart TVs, etc. Therefore, they are widely available for the comfort of the users.

Some of the best benefits of having Google Apps on your TV are:

  • Listening to your favorite music source – Spotify, Pandora, etc.
  • Enjoy streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, and others.
  • Tons of free content – there are many free apps out there.

Of course, there are many other benefits like freely browsing through all installed apps from the home screen.

Control over the content you watch – pause and start at will. You can even purchase content easier through installed apps – like movies.

How to Find Out if Your Hisense TV OS is Android?

check if tv is android

Finding out what system your TV is using is an important step you have to take before even thinking about using Google apps on your Hisense TV.

Suppose you are using an older version of Hisense smart TVs that are built on the Roku operating system.

Unfortunately means, the device is not running on the Android OS. Thus, you do not have Google Play, and you can not install Google Apps unless you use an alternative way.

The best way to find if your Hisense Smart TV is running on Android OS is to check whether it has Google Play Store.

If you can locate it, you have to rejoice. That means your tv is using Android OS and can run Google apps. If you do not see it, then you have to add it manually.

How to Access Google Play Store?

Accessing the Google Play Store on Hisense smart TV is easy when it is Android and already has it preinstalled.

There are only a few things you have to do:

  1. Open your TV home screen.
  2. Navigate to the apps menu – below the search button; you will see the app’s icon.
  3. Select the Google Play Store ( the first of the two options).
  4. Use your credentials to sign in or make a new account.

After completing these steps, you will be ready, and you should try to browse the Play Store. Then, you will be able to see all the available applications and find the ones you need.

In case you do not have the Google Play Store installed as default for some reason. You can install it by yourself and then proceed with accessing it, as shown above.

How to Install Google Play on a Hisense Smart TV?

google play install

The process of installing Google Play Store on a Hisense Smart TV can be pretty tricky if you do not know how to do it.

Therefore, it is essential to take different measures and preparations before starting with the actual process.

Foremost you have to allow your device to install applications from unknown sources. That is because you will be installing Google Store in the form of an APK.

To enable it, you have to turn ON your smart TV and:

  1. Open the home screen > navigate to Settings.
  2. Then find “Personal Tab” and click on “Security.”
  3. On top, you will see “Unknown sources” – enable it!

After doing so, you will be able to install any apk files freely. That does not go only for Google Play Store by anything you get from the internet.

You have to make the next move now – start your PC and open your browser. Then simply find an extension file for the Google Play Store and download it.

Note: But, again, make sure not to get yourself a virus - use a verified site.

The Installation Path – Step by Step

At this point, you already have the settings of your Hisense TV prepared, the apk file downloaded, and all left is to install it.

For that, you have to get yourself a flash drive (USB) and upload the Google Play Store file on it.

From there, do these:

  1. Plug the USB into your TV port.
  2. Make use of the TV file explorer to find the apk.
  3. Find and open the file holding folder.
  4. Simply open the apk file and install it – follow the onscreen instruction.

After you complete the installation process, the Google Play Store will appear on your Hisense smart TV.

The location of the installed files will be in the folder. All left to do is to set up the app into the application list of your TV.

Note: Make sure to follow the instructions; if you make any mistakes - cease the process and return to the start.

How to Install Google Apps on Hisense Smart TV?

install new apps

Installing applications from Google Play is an easy and joyful process on a smart TV like Hisense.

There are barely a few steps you have to do, and they are as easy as this:

  1. Get your remote and hit that Home Button!
  2. Navigate to the app store of choice: You can see how to access it above.
  3. Find the application you want to install and download it.
  4. After that, simply press install and wait till it is ready.

See, as simple as that; now you will be able to find the application on your Hisense TV and access it.

Alternative Ways to Install Apps on Hisense TV

There are a few alternatives that you can try to use apps on your TV. But not all of them are as good as the real deal – downloading the apps from the play store.

The first alternative is to use a mirroring application. In short, it connects your Smart TV to your mobile device.

alternative ways to install

For this purpose, you have to:

  1. Use your phone and download such an app on it.
  2. Connect both the devices to the same Wifi.
  3. Now use the downloaded application to find your TV.
  4. Connect the smart TV and your phone.

After you complete these steps, you will be able to mirror your phone activity on your TV. That means you will see everything happening on the phone on the smart TV.

Another alternative is to use the way in which you installed the apk file of Google Play Store on your Hisense smart TV.

Follow the same path as then, with the only difference will be the apk you wish to install and access. Then again, add it to the app list of your TV, and you will be able to see it on the home screen.

Alert: When installing third-party applications, ensure that they are safe and downloaded from a secure website.

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Bottom Line:

Let us assume that after reading the article, you know how to install Google apps on Hisense smart TV.

Then, it is up to find whether your Hisense TV has the Google Play Store and accordingly install or access it to get the google apps you need.

In the article, we did show you various options on how to get apps on your device. But keep in mind that the best option for you is to download your google applications through the Play Store – as it is the safest option.

Also, if you encounter any issues, restart and repeat the steps carefully!

Nicole B