how to disable youtube on smart tv

How to disable YouTube on Smart TV? Disabling YouTube on a Smart TV can be a genuine matter for parents when kids spend too much time watching inappropriate content.

The methods to disable YouTube TV on a smart TV will vary according to the TV’s brand. There are alternative ways to do that, which involve simply blocking the site’s address on the router’s settings.

Disabling the YouTube app on your smart TV is possible in many ways.

However, before attempting one of them, you must be clear about the reason behind it. Then, we will help you with all the necessary steps.

How To Disable YouTube On Smart TV

how disable the youtube on smart tv

Perhaps you only want people not to change your settings or search for things that will change your account’s algorithm.

Other times, you might want your kids not to spend so much time watching nonsense content on the platform. Then you wonder “Can I block YouTube on my TV”?

Method #1: Block YouTube From The Router

Suppose you want to completely block your TV from accessing the YouTube platform.

In that case, the best option is to change your router’s settings so that the YouTube IP becomes blocked.

First, you must open a browser on your computer or phone.

Then do the following:

  1. Enter the router’s IP address (it is on the router’s label);
  2. Enter the credentials;
  3. Look for any option that looks like “URL filters” or “blocked websites”;
  4. Now you must add “” to the list of blocked domains.

Undoing the above is as simple as doing it. 

Note: If you are blocking the site/app because of a kid or teenager that spends too much time on it, be mindful that they could research and find a way to undo it.

Method #2: Restrict YouTube On Apple TV

restrict on the apple tv

Apple TVs count with means of blocking the YouTube app for other users while you still keep your access to it.

You can access such a feature by doing this: 

  1. Grab the remote;
  2. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  3. Enter “General”;
  4. Now choose “Restrictions”;
  5. Type your passcode;
  6. Choose “Apps”;
  7. Select “12+”.

Because Apple TV rates the YouTube app among the “12+” category, the app will become restricted. The only way to access it is to type the passcode. 

Method #3: Remove YouTube On Vizio Smart TV

remove on the vizio tv

How to disable youtube on Vizio smart TV? Disabling the YouTube app on your Vizio smart TV involves simply adding an access code.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote;
  2. Use the right arrow to find the “parental control” option;
  3. Within the parental control menu, you must see a list of apps you can restrict;
  4. Find the YouTube app and click on it;
  5. Enter any access code you wish to set up
Note: Add an access code that is hard to decipher.

Method #4: Block YouTube On LG Smart TV

How to disable youtube on LG smart TV?LG Smart TVs can lock some apps and content.

So you can access such settings and prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content. Or use that option so your kids won’t watch so much tv at once.

  1. Press Home on the remote;
  2. Select Settings (right side of the screen);
  3. Choose the three dots (top right corner);
  4. Click on “Set Safety”;
  5. Toggle it to “On”;
  6. Now choose “Application Locks”;
  7. Navigate until you find YouTube and select it;
  8. Press OK on “Apply.”

Although you could simply uninstall the app, it is possible your kid knows how to download apps from the TV’s app store.

However, locking and unlocking apps is a bit more in-depth knowledge.

Method #5: Lock YouTube On Samsung Smart TV

lock the youtube on samsung tv

How to disable youtube on Samsung smart TV? Similar to LG TVs, Samsung also allows you to lock apps.

As already discussed, this method is effective because other people who access your TV might be unaware of it.

Even so, when someone tries opening YouTube, they will notice something is wrong.

  1. Access the Smart Hub screen;
  2. Head to the Apps tab;
  3. Find “My Apps”;
  4. Click on the Gear icon 
  5. Go to “Lock/Unlock My Apps”; 
  6. Enter your TV credentials; 
  7. Find the YouTube app and lock it 
  8. Select “Save” 

Method #6: Disable YouTube On Roku Box

Roku Box offers two different sorts of ways through which you can limit access to the YouTube app.

disable on the roku box

One of them will simply hide it, which is useful if your kids don’t know how to find hidden apps.

The other will add a PIN Store number that must be used whenever you open the app.

Add A Security PIN

Suppose you want a more secure way of preventing your children from accessing the YouTube app without uninstalling it.

In that case, a security PIN is a great method.

Here is how you can configure it:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote;
  2. Head to the Settings;
  3. Choose Parental control;
  4. Decide on a 4-digit personal code;
  5. Input it twice;
  6. Press OK;

Now the apps can only be accessed via the PIN.

Hide The App

hide its app

Hiding the app allows you to keep it installed for your own use but will limit your kid’s access to it.

Do the following:

  1. Head to the Roku’s Settings;
  2. Choose the option “Home screen”;
  3. Click on the “Hide” option;
  4. Now choose which app you want to hide.

Method #7: Restrict YouTube On Sony TV

The method to restrict the YouTube app on your Sony TV will take some steps that differ from any of the TV brands we considered in the other sections.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Go to the Sony TV Menu;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Scroll down until you find “personal”;
  4. Click on it;
  5. Choose “Security and Restrictions”;

Create A Restricted Profile

create the restricted profile

Now you will have to create a restricted profile. Here is how it works:

  1. Click on “Restricted profile”;
  2. Create a PIN for that profile;
  3. Sort out the apps that are accessible on the profile;
  4. Leave YouTube out, as well as any other app you don’t want anyone to access;
  5. Press “Back,” and it will be done.

The restricted profile is one additional profile on the TV’s memory. You can switch between the restricted and the regular one whenever you want.

All you have to do is go to the “Security and Restrictions” settings.

Tip: If you are alone at home and want to watch YouTube, you can use the regular profile. If the kids are home and you’d like to restrict their access, switch to the restricted profile.

Method #8: Manage YouTube On Hisense TV

manage on the hisense tv

Hisense TVs might not be as popular as other brands. Still, its software allows for multiple configurations for allowing or blocking certain content from your kids.

The first thing you will do is manage the parental controls:

  1. Access the TV’s menu via the remote;
  2. Choose “Quick Menu Setup”;
  3. Use the right arrow to access the entire menu;
  4. Click on “System”;
  5. Enter the Parental Controls;

If prompted to enter a PIN, you will probably have to enter 0000. That’s the standard PIN if you’ve never configured one before.

In the parental controls, you can change the PIN to one that’s harder to figure out. 

Choose How To Restrict YouTube

choose how to restrict a youtube

Back to blocking the YouTube app, there are two options. One is the Lock:

  1. Find the “Lock” feature;
  2. Turn it on;
  3. Now all apps will be blocked;

With the “Lock” feature on, accessing any app will require entering the PIN.

That can seem extreme, so there is another option:

  1. Enter the parental controls;
  2. Select “App restrictions”;
  3. Select the YouTube app.

That way, the YouTube app will require the PIN whenever a user tries to open it.

What We Learned

How to disable YouTube on smart TV? Each different TV has a method of disabling apps, hiding them, or adding a restriction.

The guide above has many methods, and one of them will surely work for your TV.

If you have a brand not mentioned, you can block it via the router or by searching for parental controls in a fashion similar to the brands mentioned.

Nicole B