how to disable WiFi camera

If you don’t know how to disable WiFi camera then you’re at the right place!

In this post, we’ll cover the way to disable both wired and wireless WiFi cameras since the operation is different.

We’ll also explain how to completely uninstall ALL components of the camera in case you would like to reposition the device somewhere else.

To disable a WiFi camera that is wired, you would need to unplug the power cable from the source and uninstall the mounting bracket. For a wireless camera, it’s enough to remove the batteries, which will turn the device OFF and stop the operation.

Let’s next learn how to identify the type of WiFi cameras and follow the aligning steps:

How To Identify The Camera Type?

identify the camera type

Before you start disengaging your WiFi camera, you would first have to identify the type.

In general, the WiFi cameras can both be wired and wireless, but the difference between both types is that the wireless units cannot connect to an NVR.

Wired Or Wireless?

The easiest way to determine the type of your camera is by checking whether a cable is coming out of the device.

Since WiFi cameras connect directly to a power source, a power adapter should be coming out of the device leading to a power source.

The wireless cameras won’t have cable, instead, there should be a battery compartment.

How To Turn OFF Security Camera At Home?

WiFi cameras can both be wired and wireless.

What is specific for WiFi cameras is that they don’t require an NVR to connect with, thus, their only cable is a power adapter that goes into a regular power outlet.

Let’s proceed with disabling and uninstalling wired WiFi cameras first:

How To Disable/Take Off Wired WiFi Camera?

how disable wired wifi camera

Here we’re revealing both, how to just disable and uninstall a WiFi camera at home.

Let’s start with disarming the camera first and then learning how to uninstall the entire device.

Disable Wired WiFi Camera:

1.    Follow The Cables

Your wired surveillance camera will have a cable that goes into a power adapter somewhere in your workplace or household.

Either way, you will have to find where the cable goes in order to cut the electricity to the camera before you disengage the device.

In that regard, locate where the wired WiFi camera is plugged into.

Note: The camera’s power could be coming from an outlet or via a cable that connects to the central hub.

2.    Turn OFF Power To Camera

turn off the power camera

Now that you’ve found where the power adapter of the WiFi camera goes in, it’s time to turn off the power to the unit.

As you’ve probably already figured, unplugging the power adapter of the camera will prevent any electricity from reaching the device, thus, it will power down.

By disconnecting the power cable of your camera the device would go OFF, therefore won’t record or monitor anymore.

All you have to do is go over to the power outlet where the wired security WiFi camera is plugged in and disconnect the cable.

You will immediately notice that the camera will go offline as well as the LEDs and the Live View feed.

Note: You can keep the camera disconnected for as long as necessary.

Uninstall Wired WiFi Camera:

1.    Collect The Cable

collect all cable

Now that you’ve turned off the power to the camera, you should collect the cable as your next step.

You won’t be able to take off the camera physically, while the cable is still hanging.

All you have to do for this step is reach the camera and unplug the power adapter from the pointer.

Then, you will be able to track the cable and save it for later use. If there are any obstructions along the way, use the power adapter’s end of the cable to free it up.

2.    Take The Camera OFF

And now, you can finally take the camera off of the stand as you have removed the cable.

The pointer will be still hanging from the camera, but it’s just a few centimeters of cable and it shouldn’t prevent you from uninstalling the unit.

take your camera off

Most WiFi wired cameras use latches to attach to the wall stand, so attempt to slide the camera downwards to check if it would come loose.

If it doesn’t, then search for screws holding the camera stationary.

3.    Uninstall The Wall Stand

To completely erase all signs of a camera on the spot, you can also uninstall the wall stand that your camera has been holding on to.

These stands are usually held up by screws and you will be able to undo them using a Philips-headed screwdriver.

Once all screws are undone, you should be able to take off the camera wall stand/mounting bracket by pulling it towards yourself.

The entire piece should come loose.

Alert: Make sure to preserve ALL components of your camera!

How To Disable/Take Off Wireless WiFi Camera?

Let’s now learn how to disable WiFi camera that is completely wireless. Those cameras don’t have any cables and are 100% powered by batteries.

how take off wireless camera

By simply taking out the batteries of the camera, you will disable the device and prevent it from working.

However, taking off the camera requires some extra steps so keep reading!

Let’s learn how to disable and take off wireless WiFi cameras:

Disable Wireless WiFi Camera:

  1. First, reach the camera.
  2. Take the camera off the camera from the mounting bracket.
  3. Examine the back side of the unit and look for a latch or an opening.
  4. With a slight push, reveal the battery compartment.
  5. Once the batteries are exposed, eject all of the units.
  6. Close the battery compartment.

Uninstall Wireless WiFi Camera?

  1. If the camera still has its batteries inserted, take all of them out.
  1. Push the camera down so it can come off the stand.
  2. Use a screwdriver to undo all screws holding the wall stand.
  3. Once the mounting bracket becomes loose, pull it towards you.
  4. All the camera components are now uninstalled.

Those steps should be enough for the entire camera to come loose and allow you to perform a repositioning or replace the device.

Don’t forget to preserve ALL camera components for later use in case you plan to reinstall the camera into a different spot.

How To Tell When WiFi Camera Is OFF?

how tell when camera off

Many, if not ALL, WiFi security cameras have LED indicators on the front side panel.

It’s easy to determine whether a WiFi camera is working by checking the lights.

When ALL lights on the cameras are OFF, that means that the device is disabled.

In some cases, there are separate lights for the Night Vision light, which if ON, means that the camera is working as well.

You can be confident that a WiFI camera is not working when none of the LED indicators are lit up.

  • Any blinking LED patterns indicate that the camera is connected to the power!
Tip: The red color with most WiFi cameras means that the device is ON.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to disable a wired WiFi camera you’ll need to unplug the device from the power, which will turn OFF the unit entirely. In contrast, the wireless cameras can be disabled by only removing the batteries, which should turn the device OFF.

Final Thoughts:

That was how to disable WiFi cameras for both wired and wireless devices.

Be informed that once the cameras are installed in a different place you’ll have to carry out the initial setup of connecting the device to your phone and to the WiFi.

Settings might get lost. We hope that this post was enough for you to disable a WiFi camera and to discover more related topics make sure to check our online tech blog!

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