how to connect phone to sanyo tv wirelessly

If you don’t know how to connect phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly then keep reading!

The Sanyo TV screen sharing feature supports almost any smartphone’s smart casting feature including Apple’s AirPlay.

In that set of thoughts, you should be able to connect any smartphone to Sanyo TV, so let’s learn how.

To connect your phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly, connect both devices to the same WiFi broadband and discover your specific device casting feature. Reach into the casting feature settings and discover your Sanyo TV, since the TV casting is enabled by default. Tap on your Sanyo TV to establish the connection.

This is generally how to cast your phone’s screen on Sanyo TV, but if you’ve never done it before, we strongly recommend following our step-by-step guide below.

How To Connect Phone To Sanyo TV Wirelessly?

connect phone to sanyo tv wirelessly

Connecting your phone to Sanyo TV is called smart casting and it practically transfers the display of your phone onto the TV.

For the wireless smart casting to work, keep in mind that your phone must support the casting feature.

You can also download the Screen Mirroring App from the app store of your mobile device and also perform the casting.

Although the feature on your phone can be called in a variety of ways, all of them have the very same functionality.

Note: On some phones, the feature may be called Smart View, Smart Cast/ing, or Screen Share.

Step #1 Prepare Your TV

The first step is to get your Sanyo TV prepared for wireless casting. It’s really important to have the TV on the home screen and not to have selected any sources.

That stands if you have a third-party device connected to your Sanyo TV that you can view through the sources menu.

Ensure that you’re not currently viewing any sources of a third-party device, your Sanyo TV is up and running and you’re also on the home screen. 

With these factors undertaken, you shall proceed to our next step.

Step #2 Connect Both Devices To The Same WiFi

connect to same wifi

The casting happens only through WiFi.

To make the Sanyo TV discoverable in your phone’s casting settings, both your smart device and TV must be paired to the same network and the same WiFi thread.

Here is how to connect your Sanyo TV to the WiFi:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Choose Network options.
  3. Navigate to the WiFi tab.
  4. Tap on your own WiFi network.
Note: For your smart device, go to Settings > WiFi and choose the same network as the Sanyo TV is connected to.

Step #3 Discover Phone Casting Feature

cast your phone

Since Sanyo has smart screen sharing enabled by default, the TV will become discoverable in your smartphone’s casting settings.

In that regard, your next step is to identify what type of smart sharing your mobile device has built-in.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this feature can be called Smart View, Smart Casting, Screen Share, Wireless Casting, Screen Mirroring, and more.

With most phones, the smart casting feature tends to be located somewhere in Settings around the WiFi tab.

You will want to search for a while, or simply Google your smartphone’s model to discover what and where to enable the screen sharing feature.

Note: Once you have the feature identified, proceed with the next step to get connected to your Sanyo TV wirelessly.

Step #4 Connect With Sanyo TV

connect sanyo tv

After discovering the screen-casting feature, you will want to enter the settings and go to the “Available devices” tab.

All devices currently connected to your phone’s WiFi with a smart sharing enabled will become discoverable and you will be able to connect. Your Sanyo TV should appear on the menu.

As we’ve said, the Sanyo TV will be auto-discoverable once connected to the same WiFi as your phone and you will be able to connect with it just by tapping on the connection.

Note: The connection of the Sanyo TV should be in the smart view settings menu.

Step #5 Start Viewing

Once you’ve connected with the Sanyo TV, everything that is on your phone’s display will be transferred onto the TV’s screen.

Whatever you do on your phone, will be broadcasted on the TV’s display for you to enjoy on a large screen.

To disconnect from the Sanyo TV, simply enter the smart viewing settings and tap the cogwheel next to your TV’s connection. Next, choose “Disconnect” and this is it.

Note: It might take a few seconds for the broadcast to start, so be patient.

How To Connect iPhone To Sanyo TV Wirelessly?

connect wirelessly iphone

On iPhones, the feature that will let you connect with the Sanyo TV wirelessly is the AirPlay.

This setting is specific to Apple devices and you cannot find it on Android devices. It has the same functionality as the smart viewing, but only the name is different.

Here’s how to cast your iPhone’s display to the Sanyo TV:

Step #1 Connect iPhone And Sanyo To The Same WiFi

As we’ve previously mentioned, your iPhone and Sanyo TV must be on the same WiFi.

  • To connect your iPhone to the appropriate WiFi – Go to Settings > WiFi and choose the network that your Sanyo TV is connected to.
Note: To connect Sanyo TV to the WiFi using the steps at the beginning of the guide.

Step #2 Locate The AirPlay Feature

locate airplay

Next, you have to locate the AirPlay feature of your iPhone. The feature is located in the quick menu of your iPhone and you can find it by swiping up from the bottom.

On iPhone X and above, the feature is exposed by swiping from the top to the bottom.

There, you will find where the AirPlay feature is and the next thing you should do is enter its settings.

Once there, proceed with the next step to start broadcasting on your Sanyo TV.

Step #3 Start AirPlaying To Sanyo TV

start sanyo airplay

Finally, to get your iPhone connected with the Sanyo TV, all you have to do is open the AirPlay settings and tap on the Sanyo TV’s connection.

It might take several seconds for the iPhone to recognize the TV and start AirPlaying.

Make sure not to disconnect your phone or Sanyo TV from the WiFi during the time the screen-casting should be enabled.

Thus, to connect almost any smartphone to your Sanyo TV wirelessly, turn on the casting feature on your device first. Then connect the TV and phone to the same WiFi network after which your Sanyo TV should appear in your smart case phone feature menu. Choose your Sanyo TV from the list to establish the connection.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know how to connect phone to Sanyo TV wirelessly you should be able to cast anything on a larger screen.

In case you’re experiencing issues, you should definitely check whether Sanyo TV supports the casting feature of your phone device.

You can always check compatibility online or if other users managed to establish it. Don’t forget that Sanyo customer service will be able to answer this question right away!

Nicole B