best picture settings for sanyo lcd tv

What are the best picture settings for Sanyo LCD TVs? This is a frequently asked question by many Sanyo TV users and in this guide, we’ll provide you with a description and the best picture settings to use.

This way, you’ll get the most out of your Sanyo TV and enjoy the best possible picture quality.

The best Sanyo TV picture settings are the balanced ones. Of course, on different content and environment lightning, the best picture settings are not the same so it’s best to learn what each of them does.

What Are The Best Picture Settings For Sanyo TV?

The picture settings of any TV are mostly based on users’ preferences and activities.

Depending on whether the TV is used for cinema, gaming, or internet browsing, the best picture settings are different for each occasion.

In addition, Sanyo supports both LCD and LED TV screens where the picture settings are different for each.

In that regard, depending on your TV screen type, jump to the appropriate picture settings guide below.

LCD or LED, How To Know?

led or lcd

To identify the type of Sanyo TV screen, you should simply check online by using the model. The main difference between LED and LCD is in the screen lights.

Generally, LED TVs are more expensive and deliver higher quality, more functionality, and a better picture.

Once you identify whether your Sanyo TV has a LED or LCD screen, proceed with the best picture settings guide below.

Best Picture Settings For Sanyo LCD TVs:

sanyo lcd tv settings

If you’ve got an LCD Sanyo TV such as the DP32242 model, then the best picture settings for your TV are below.

Let’s learn what each setting does and how to use them correctly.

Picture Mode:

Depending on your activity, the picture mode you want to use is always different.

The picture mode generally disables certain features and enables others to improve responsiveness, and quality for different occasions.

The picture modes are the following:

  • Personal – Balanced colors, matches most of the playable content.
  • Standard – Default picture mode, with fewer enhancements.
  • Vivid – More contrast to improvise color density.
  • Sports – Dimmer colors and improved sharpness.
  • Movie – Enhanced overall picture quality to improve the cinematic experience.
  • Game – High responsiveness, decreased picture density.
  • Eco – Power saving picture settings.
Tip: Eco mode is generally used when listening to music or enjoying a screensaver.


Each TV uses a backlight to deliver the intensity of the light source. Depending on the light in your environment, you can adjust the backlight to a lower or higher value.

Tip: The best stationary backlight, suitable in most rooms and environments, is 30.


The contrast is the ratio between the white and dark of your Sanyo TV.

By increasing the contrast your TV screen will be able to provide deeper black color and it’s suitable for darker environments.

For a brighter room, the contrast best value is higher, from 50 to 70, as far as for darker environments, the recommended setting is between 30 and 40.

Note: Increasing or decreasing to contrast to the max/min might result in unpleasant color.


The brightness of your Sanyo TV will change how luminous the picture looks.

Same as with the contrast, it’s better to keep it in the higher values in a brighter environment.

It’s interesting that the brightness can improve the picture when using picture modes such as HDR.


The sharpness is commonly referred to as “edge enhancement” and it basically makes edges sharper.

Depending on whether you’re watching movies or playing games, you may find sharpening interesting to experiment with.

Note: The recommended value for general movie watching is about 8 - 15, and for gaming, you would need a sharper image.


The color setting on your Sanyo TV is the saturation of the TV screen. Too high color and your picture will look unnatural, while too low will make the picture black and white.

The balanced and the best color setting is between 30 and 45, depending on user preference.

Tint (G/R):

The Tint is the ratio between the green and red color on your Sanyo TV screen.

This setting is recommended to remain as default and it’s used in only specific situations. The default value of the tint should be 0.

The Best Picture Settings For Sanyo LED TVs:

sanyo led tv settings

You should know that the LED Sanyo TV does support ALL picture settings that the LCD has so you use the guide above if you want to configure them.

However, the LED TVs do deliver more advanced picture settings so let’s learn more about them.

Color Temperature:

The color temperature is how warm the colors on your LED Sanyo TV screen appear.

Be interesting you will intensify the yellow color which is better for your eyes in darker environments or during the night.

Tip: A higher color temperature will allow you to fall asleep faster.

HDR Mode:

The HDR mode is not a specific setting that focuses on a singular enhancement.

Instead, the HDR mode is preset with picture settings that are best for watching content that supports HDR.

You can still use HDR mode even for regular movies to boost the smoothness, framerate, and motion.

Alert: The HDR mode has slow responsiveness and it’s not recommended for gaming internet browsing.

Best Advanced Settings (LED & LCD)

advanced settings

With LED Sanyo TVs this setting goes under the label “Detailed Settings” and they pretty much are the same for both screens.

Dynamic Contrast:

When enabled the dynamic contrast will balance the dark color and prevent an excessive difference in the dimmer sections of the picture. Recommended state ON.

Black Tone:

Same as the dynamic contrast the black tone will further enhance the black color providing deeper gray color. The recommended state is OFF.

Flesh Tone:

As the name suggests, this setting adjusts the skin color and the default value should be 0. The best adjustment depends on user preferences and the type of content.

RGB Only Mode:

The RGB mode is preset with high-definition colors and enhances the picture.

The RGB mode makes everything smoother but it’s not recommended for reaction game-play due to the lower responsiveness. Recommended state OFF.

White Balance:

In contrast to the Black Tone and Dynamic Contrast, the White Balance concerns the brighter colors and their intensity.

If you want to make pink – light pink or blue – lighter blue, change the setting accordingly.


Gamma is an advanced option that can convert the incoming video signal into a different type of output signal.

Since the encoder is heavily used by this option, the responsiveness will decrease. The recommended value would be -1.

Tip: Most advanced settings are better when left to their default values.

The best picture settings for Sanyo TV are movie mode with the backlight set to 30. The contrast and brightness depend on the environmental lighting and the best sharpness value is between 8-15. The advanced settings should remain at their default values.

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Last Thoughts

Now that you know what are the best picture settings for Sanyo LCD TV and LED, you can work with them until you’re satisfied.

Don’t forget that there is a restore to default button that you can always use when things get out of hand.

Nicole B