how to clear liftmaster error code 4-2

Wondering how to clear Liftmaster error code 4-2? Let’s clear this up together!

It may be more convenient to install automated Liftmaster doors at home, which allows you to avoid manually opening and closing them.

But there are many errors that appear due to the doors that indicate there is any problem with the setup.

Let’s learn more about error 4-2.

The 4-2 error appears to indicate that an excessive amount of force is applied to the door to open it. This error occurs when the door operator detects that there is a hurdle or if another reason causes too much pressure and force for the door to be opened.

Now let’s examine the 4-2 error code of Liftmaster doors in more detail:

What Is Error Code 4-2 Liftmaster?

what is the error code 4-2

As well as incorporating electric controls, Liftmaster automated doors have many sensors that can adjust all the door settings as well as provide force to move the door as it opens and closes.

Something might be obstructing the free movement of the garage door!

The general reason for the error is that something is preventing the door from moving the correct way.

Some of the components might be stuck or there is an obstruction that requires some human attention.

Whatever causes the 4-2 error on Liftmaster, we’re going to find out.

Causes To Liftmaster 4-2 Error Code?

Let’s next review some of the most frequently reported causes for 4-2 error on Liftmaster:

  • Large obstruction, blocking the door movement
  • Dust gathered around the components
  • The rollers of the doors are damaged or broken! 
  • The setup cannot support the weight of the heavy doors

Sometimes there is a possibility that you lock the doors manually and then you forget to unlock the door.

Therefore when you attempt to open the door with the remote, you might see a 4-2 error because the door is locked. It often happens when we return from vacation!

Let’s move forward to discuss how you can clear the 4-2 error code!

How To Clear Liftmaster Error Code 4-2?

how to clear liftmaster issue

When Liftmaster automated garage doors stop moving, probably the operating controls show a 4-2 error.

Because something causes an excessive amount of force on the door and that’s why the device is unable to move.

You can clear the error by simply following the step-by-step guide.

Let’s move forward with the first method of clearing the 4-2 error!

Method 1. Adjust The Doors Alignment

Due to the wrong alignment of doors, maybe one of the doors acquires more force to move.

First, look at which door is misaligned. If the doors are not in a position in a way to freely move, then they should be realigned. Here is a way to adjust doors alignment:

Step #1 Remove The Bolts

Simply remove the bolts from the mounting bracket of the door. Do this carefully because you need this bolt again while rejoining. 

Use the six-sided wrench to hold the bolt and then lose the bolt by using a breaker bar!

Note: If you think you can't do this, ask a friend for some help!

Step #2 Move The Track

move tracks

After removing the bolt, now move the track of the door in and out. This way you are easily able to adjust both sides’ tracks in the same way.

In case something is blocking the tracks, ensure to remove any obstructions. Use a screwdriver to move the track to align them

Step #3 Tighten The Bolts

After aligning the bolts into the correct track, now it’s time to tighten the bolts into the mounting bracket.

Again use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts into the mounting bracket properly

Step #4 Look For Gate Alignment

Now test if the door is moving properly, if yes, then go to the next step. But if not, then repeat the steps again.

The door should start moving freely before you can proceed further!

Lose the bolts and move the doors left and right to take them on the track!

Note: Make sure the doors are aligned in a straight position.

Step #5 Check The Cables And Rollers

check cable and roller

As you already have aligned the door, then ensure to check the door’s cables and rollers because these are responsible for moving the doors up and down. 

Let’s inspect the essential aspects of error code 4-2 on Liftmaster:

  • Check ALL the cables!
  • If you find any damaged wire, replace it as soon as possible
  • Check whether the rollers are worn-out
  • Test opening/closing the door manually
Note: You have to seek some professional help if there is a need to replace the wires or rollers! 

Step #6 Check the Door Torsion Spring

This step is also very important to have a check on the door torsion spring.

Because torsion springs are able to control the heavy weight of doors when broken the door cannot move! 

All you need to do is to replace the torsion spring!

The torsion spring is quite challenging to be replaced by the average user. In case you’re inexperienced, we strongly suggest acquiring some professional help.

Good Luck!

Step #7 Lubricate The Moving Parts

lubricate the moving parts

This step is very important other than the door alignment. Because with time, the moving parts of the doors become jammed.

So, lubricating all moving parts are necessary.

Use a lubricant spray, oil, or lubricant gel to apply on the moving components! 

Note: That includes the rollers, track, and torsion spring. 

Step #8 Test The Door

Now it’s time to check that the doors are working properly. If yes, then enjoy your automated Liftmaster garage door.

If not, then don’t worry. Repeat the method but with attention to each step and also test the other methods since they could be really helpful.

Method 2. Clear Obstructions!

Besides the error code 4-2 when the door is obstructed by an obstacle, the LED light will flash a few times as an additional indication.

clear obstructions

It’s extremely important to check what’s preventing the door from moving freely. Take a close look at what happens when you input a command.

Simply clear any obstructions from the door’s tracks or the space it occupies!

By taking a look, try to determine the space which the door occupies to freely open and close.

Then based on your findings, remove any objects from their way to allow smooth opening and closing of the door. This will definitely clear the error code 4-2 for good.

Note: Have a look at door enforcement because it may be damaged due to excessive force.

Method 3. Contact The Liftmaster Support

contact the liftmaster support

We hope that your problem was resolved by simply following each step discussed above.

However, in case you have tried every step or also get help from any local dealer, then ensure to approach the Liftmaster Support Team

They have a highly professional team and surely, and they will help you out.

What can really boost troubleshooting is to share what you’ve tried in this post with the support representative.

This will save quite a lot of time attempting the same things again! 

With a bit of luck, the problem will be gone in no time so good luck!

Quick Recap:

Thus, the Liftmaster error 4-2 appears when the door is blocked, obstructed, or under pressure. You can clear the error code 4-2 from the Liftmaster garage door by removing all the obstructions and looking for the alignment and balance of the door. 

Final Thoughts:

Here we have discussed everything about how to clear Liftmaster error code 4-2 and we really hope that we were able to help.

We’ve learned everything that is in our power to help the situation and in case you’re interested in more related content, don’t forget to check our blog!

Good Luck!

Nicole B