how to clean fingerprints off tv screen

If you’re wondering how to clean fingerprints off TV screen without damaging it, you would need to take some precautions.

Some TVs tend to acquire more smudges and fingerprints than others, especially flat-screen TVs.

In both cases, you would want an efficient way to clear them and in this post, you’ll find many different solutions.

To clear fingerprints and at the same time preserve the functionality of your TV screen make sure that you’re using a soft and if possible anti-static cloth. Ensure that your TV is OFF and disconnected from the power before you start wiping!

In case you’re concerned about damaging your TV screen, we strongly recommend going through our guide to make sure that everything will go smoothly.

Read Before You Clean Your TV Screen!

For many people cleaning means water but technology does not go along with liquids very well.

We understand that a dry cloth will slightly hide the fingerprints but not remove them completely and this is why we’ve prepared a few steps to clear your TV screen perfectly!


before cleaning tv screen

Before we jump into the steps, there are some important precautions to be aware of.

1. Turn OFF your TV

Using the remote control, turn off the TV and unplug it from the power supply until the end of this guide.

2. Wait For Your TV To Cool Down

In case the TV was working until now, you’ll need at least 20 minutes before you should interact with the screen to prevent any damage.

3. Acquire Microfiber Cloth

It’s recommended for the cloth to be anti-static but if you disconnect your TV from the power and wait for it to cool down, any cloth will get the job done.

4. Use Screen Wipes/Screen Clear Spray

On various web platforms you can find specialized screen wipes/sprays that you use regardless, but they are proven to work and not damage your TV screen.

Important: Never use liquids containing solvents, window clears, alcohol or soap!

How To Clean Fingerprints Off Tv Screen?

clean fingerprints off tv screen

While installing their new TV, many users inevitably leave their fingerprints on the screen.

Even when moving the TV to plug that one cable, you could touch the screen and that smudge will remain there attracting your attention.

Follow the steps below to clear your TV screen of dust and fingerprints completely:

Step #1 Turn Your TV OFF

The first and most important step to prevent damaging your screen is to turn it OFF before you start.

Even with a completely dry cloth, you might gather current and potentially shock (kill) many pixels leaving a permanent mark on the screen.

Note: Even with an anti-static cloth, you need to turn the screen OFF, before you proceed.

Step #2 Disconnect Your TV From The Power

disconnet tv power

The next step is to unplug your TV from the power and allow it to discharge and cool down completely.

That would take about 20 minutes, depending on whether your TV was working until this moment or not.

In case you’ve just installed your TV and you haven’t turned it on yet, it’s safe to proceed right away.

In any other scenario, make sure that your TV is cold on touch by feeling the back panel.

Note: Use the time to acquire a suitable, if possible, microfiber cloth in step #3.

Step #3 Acquire A Cleaning Cloth

Unlike other napkins, the microfiber cloth is much more successful at removing fingerprints and smudges off any device’s screen.

It requires less pressure to get the job done, which with flat TV screens is really helpful and safe.

In case you ain’t got a microfiber cloth, the best alternative would be a piece of an old bedsheet, since its fabric is proven not to damage the surface. Make sure that the cloth you’ll be using is clean and not wet.

Tip: In the worst-case scenario take a packaged wet towel out of the box and wait for it to dry.

Step #4 Clean TV Screen

cleaning tv with cloth

Even if counterintuitive you can use water (water only), to slightly moisten the cloth.

However, do not use too much water, instead, a few drops on the cleaning surface of the cloth will be more than enough to start with.

You can add more water drops over time, while cleaning the TV screen, but remember that the more liquid you use, the more time you’ll need to wait afterward.

How To Clean TV Screen?

Now when the essentials are clear, use gentle and circular movements with your cloth in hand and cover the entire screen.

Repeat several times instead of applying pressure until the screen appears to be clear. Use direct sunlight (if possible) for a better surface view to make sure that you cover each spot.

Fold the cloth to change the cleaning surface area and add drops of water each time.

Do not use the same cloth surface as you’ll notice that the dirt will start reflecting on the cloth. This is how to clean fingerprints off flat screen TV and now it’s time for the most important step!

Note: Screen spray users should not apply too much cleaner at once, instead spray over time.

Step #5 Dry TV Screen

dry tv screen

Once your TV screen is clear out of all smudges and fingerprints, close all windows in the room and avoid moving furniture near the TV.

It’s best if you can leave the room for about 20 minutes to avoid the TV screen getting dust while the surface is still wet.

Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth to completely dry your TV screen, but again, it’s better if you wait for some time before you turn it on.

Again, using gentle and circular movements, dry out the screen. After a while, you can plug your TV adapter into the outlet and turn on the TV.

At least now there won’t be fingerprints to capture your attention and would be able to enjoy your content in peace.

Thus, to clean fingerprints off a TV screen you need to turn the device OFF beforehand and acquire a clean cloth to work with. Use circular and gentle motion, applying mild pressure to clean all smudges and fingerprints. Allow your TV screen to dry before you turn it on later.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you know how to clean fingerprints off TV screen you’re aware that precision is all you need. The cloth does not really matter as long as it’s soft and your TV is OFF and cool.

For your next cleaning session, we strongly recommend saving this guide at your disposal or acquiring a specialized product to make the cleaning easier.

If you find this post helps make sure to check our blog for more solutions in regard to your smart home tech.

Nicole B