how to clean dust out of xbox one

If you’re wondering how to clean dust out of Xbox One even without opening the device, then in this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Like any other machine, the gaming consoles gather dust over time preventing the ventilation openings to cool down the hardware with fresh air.

There are multiple ways to suck the dust out and provide your Xbox One with fresh air to keep the hardware components cool.

To clean your Xbox One you would need to turn it OFF and wait for the machine to cool down. Then you need to remove the dust around/on the air openings and the entry ports using tools suitable for the job.

Let’s next answer some of the most frequently asked questions and proceed with explaining what tools you need and how to use them to clean your Xbox One.

Why Should You Clean Dust On Xbox One?

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The main reason to maintain your device clean is to prevent the ventilation openings to be clogged and for your machine to be able to bring in the fresh air.

When positioning your Xbox One closer to the ground, more dust will be gathered in the port openings and around the air openings.

In contrast, when your console is positioned on your desk, it would require more time for the openings to get clogged, therefore, it’s the better alternative.

Regardless of where your Xbox One is positioned, you should clean it every once in a while to keep the machine clean and able to cool down its internal hardware components.

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Xbox?

When not cleaning your Xbox One, it might get dangerous for the hardware since the temperatures might start to exceed their normal values.

The main suspect is dust and when built up, it could completely close the air openings and internally damage your Xbox One hardware.

Note: When ventilation openings are clogged, temperatures will be higher and, in turn, your Xbox One fans will be louder.

How Often Should You Clean Dust On Xbox One?

clean dust out of xbox one

Again, how often you should clean your Xbox One, really depends on where it’s been positioned and how often it has been used.

When closer to the floor, more dust gathers around the entries and air openings, and quicker they get clogged.

The ventilation openings are mainly there so the internal fans can suck fresh air from the outside.

In turn, that brings a lot of dust inside the console and clogged the air openings to a point where the machine won’t be able to cool down the hardware as before.

The Best Cleaning Schedule?

The best recommendation would be to clean your Xbox One at least once every 3 months, where usage also finds its way into the equation.

The more you use your Xbox One, the more time fans are spinning, therefore, more dust finds its way inside and on the outside.

Tip: By taking a look at the air openings of your Xbox One you can determine how fast dust builds up and form a cleaning schedule suitable for your case.

How To Clean Dust out of Xbox One Without Opening?

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There are a few ways and quite a few tools you would need to clean your Xbox one without opening the machine.

Without opening, you won’t be able to remove the dust off the cooling fans inside but you will be able to unclog the ventilation openings and provide fresh air.

There are a few places to focus on cleaning and here they are:

  • Front side air opening (on the left of the Xbox Logo).
  • Back side air opening (above the cable entries).
  • Side ventilation opening (the entire left side).
  • The cable entries.
Cleaning these will definitely keep the temperatures lower and guarantee better operation for your Xbox One for the next few months. 

Let’s review each tool you need and how to use it:

#1 – Clean Xbox One With Vacuum Cleaner

use vacuum cleaner

We assume that every household has a vacuum cleaner and this should be the very first tool to approach the dust problem with.

Using a vacuum cleaner will not only remove the dust from the outside surface of your Xbox One but will also suck dust from the inside.

With the vacuum cleaner set on sucking mode, you should focus on ALL of the 3 ventilation openings thoroughly.

Go over them several times, keeping the vacuum tube as close as possible to the actual openings.

Alert: Never blow air inside the openings before sucking the dust out first.

#2 – Clean Xbox One With a Toothbrush

use toothbrush

Since the vacuum cleaner can’t quite get the dust that’s stuck on the ventilation opening wings and the cable entry ports, you’re going to need a toothbrush.

You’ll need to go over all of the openings and the cable entries to remove the dust that is stuck on the plastic wings of each opening.

Reach inside the cable entries without much concern and get all of the dust you can reach. Repeat the cleaning process several times to make sure no dust is left.

Tip: Using an older toothbrush is better for removing dust, rather than a new one with harder bristles.

#3 – Clean Xbox One With a Compressed Air

It’s understandable if you don’t have compressed air at your disposal but this is the best way to clean your Xbox One inside without opening the case.

It’s important to remember that you should first take the dust on the openings so you can freely blow compressed air on the openings without bringing more dust inside.

In case you don’t have compressed air at your disposal you can find such machines for free at almost any gas/petrol station.

It’s for free since people use it to pump their car tires. It would be perfect if you can bring your Xbox One to a petrol station and use the compressed air to clean the internal components.

About Compressed Air Cans

use air cans compressed

The other alternative would be to purchase a dust disposable compressed air online which you can find for about $9.99 online.

Even though it’s weaker compared to a petrol station compressed air machine, it should get the job done in no time.

You would need to blow the air in the ventilation openings to get the dust-out and then repeat the vacuum cleaner step to get rid of it.

This will take almost all of the dust inside out and guarantee the best outcome of your cleaning session.

Note: Compressed air cans have a thin tube that can reach inside through the ventilation openings and get closer to its target.

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Thus, to clean your Xbox One you’re going to need a vacuum cleaner, toothbrush and compressed air can or machine. First, you need to remove the dust on the air openings using the vacuum cleaner and the toothbrush and then blow air through the ventilation openings to clean the internal components.

Last Thoughts:

Now when you know how to clean dust out of Xbox One and what tools you need for the job, you’re ready to maintain your machine.

Make sure to perform the cleaning session at least once every 3 months to guarantee a healthy operation for your Xbox One.

Nicole B