how to change lg tv from cable to antenna

Asking how to change LG TV from cable to antenna? You’ve come to the right place!

Changing your television from cable to antenna isn’t hard at all, especially with the simplicity that comes with LG TVs!

Regardless, we will provide you with a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to wire your antenna and start watching television as soon as possible!

To change your LG TV from cable to antenna, your first step is to disconnect the cable you’re using and attach the antenna (outer doors or inside antenna). Once you have that done, you will want to go to the settings of your TV and perform an “Autotune”.

If that overview doesn’t seem enough to help you understand how to properly connect your antenna, stick around as we go over the process in the steps down below!

How To Change Your TV From Cable To Antenna LG TV?

change lg tv from cable to antenna

Switching from cable to antenna can rarely represent any difficulty, especially if you know what you’re doing.

However, it really depends on whether you’re using an inside or an outside antenna since this can cause misunderstanding when connecting the device.

Our guide can be used both for connecting an inside and an outside antenna, so there is nothing you should worry about!

Proceed with the steps down below to learn how to change your TV from a cable unit to an antenna on LG!

Step #1 Prepare Your Device

The first task of this guide is to get the device you’re going to use ready.

Although, you will be mainly interacting with your television and the antenna you have brought, double-check if your TV is started up and ready to receive signal.

If you’re using an outside antenna, it would be appropriate to wait out any bad weather.

It might not necessarily damage the signal every time, but you won’t get a good idea of the broadcast’s quality once you have tuned your TV.

With that having said, let’s now proceed to disengage your cable.

Step #2 Disconnect Your Old Cable

disconnect lg tv cable

It is of great importance to avoid creating interference with several signal units.

That’s to say because when you tell your LG TV to auto-tune for potential channels over the air, you might find yourself unable to do that.

That happens because the TV will start scanning both through the antenna and the cable and this is not anything you would like to happen.

In regard to what we’ve stated above, make sure to disconnect the television cable you’re currently using and move it away, so it doesn’t block the entry when later connecting your antenna!

Now that you have the basics aside, let’s answer the question “how do I change my LG TV from antenna to cable?”.

Step #3 Locate Antenna Output

Before we move on to connecting your antenna, you should first examine the hardware of your LG TV in order to find the antenna output.

A regular male antenna output would look round with a little pin in the middle as if you’re looking at one of the old telephone jacks.

What Are The Different Antenna Outputs?

Keep in mind that an antenna regularly uses a coaxial cable unit. In that regard, you will rarely come across a different output, like the ones your LG TV could have (ANTENNA/IN).

In rare cases, antennas can also use round outputs with a little pin on the middle. You will know what input you should use on your TV once you have seen the antenna’s cable.

Look for a similar coaxial cable input on your LG TV’s back or side panel, based on the year your TV was released.

With newer models of LG TVs, most of the outputs have been moved to the back of the TV, so this is where you mainly want to search. 

Once you have identified the output, let’s move on to connecting your antenna!

Step #4 Connect Your Antenna’s Cable

connect tv antenna

Now that you have your television cable disconnected, it is time to establish the connection between your LG TV and the antenna itself.

Based on whether your antenna is outside or an inside unit, you will want to lead the cable carefully and sit it next to your TV until further notice.

It is important that you preserve the cable’s hardware because antenna cables and coaxial units can often cause distortions in the signal when twisted or damaged. 

You will want to get a hold of your antenna’s cable and carefully attach it to the coaxial cable unit on the back of your LG television.

Once this is done, your TV should be able to successfully recognize the antenna and start searching for channels!

Now that you know how to change LG TV from cable to antenna, let’s restart your TV first and then search for channels!

Step #5 Restart & Head Over To TV Menu

Once you have the antenna’s cable connected, we suggest restarting your TV.

Sometimes there might be a fault with the antenna’s recognition and it is recommended from the users to perform a power cycle on their TV.

Follow the steps down below to power cycle your LG TV:

  1. Turn OFF the TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the device from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes (no cheating, wait for the TV to feel cold on touch).
  4. Reconnect the power adapter.
Once you’re done, you will want to go to Menu > Settings. From there, you will be able to begin your channel searching session!

Step #6 Search For Channels

search for tv channels

And the final step is to actually put your antenna into use. This is done by activating a channel searching protocol, from your LG TV settings.

Follow the steps down below to begin a search for channels over-the-air on LG TV:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings.
  2. From there select the “Programmes” tab, go there.
  3. From the programs tab, go to “Programme Tuning & Settings”.
  4. Select “Auto Turning” and in the next tab, highlight “Antenna”.
  5. In the following tab, choose “Digital Only Search”.
  6. Lastly, wait for the tuning to complete.
In the previous tabs, before initiating the channel search, it’s important that you choose “Antenna” and “Digital channel search” afterward.

Your antenna is set to scan for a certain channel and you won’t find yourself successful if not selecting the appropriate settings!

To change your LG TV from cable to antenna, disconnect your old cable and connect your antenna. Go over to the “Auto-Tune” settings in your LG TV’s menu and begin a digital-only channel search.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that after finding out how to change LG TV from cable to antenna, you were able to successfully get your channels back and start watching!

With the correct directions, nothing is too complex for anyone!

If this post was helpful, make sure to check our online blog for more solutions for your smart home devices.

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