how to adjust brightness on lg tv without remote

Asking “how to adjust brightness on LG TV without remote”? Well, without using the remote, picture adjustments on your LG TV can be done in two ways.

You can either interact with the physical buttons on your device or use the LG smartphone app to connect with your TV and gain access to all of its features!

To adjust the brightness on your LG TV without a remote, open the menu using the physical button, and then your channel, volume, and source button will become controls. Go to the “Picture & Brightness” tab and adjust the brightness of your TV.

Let’s explore all possible ways to adjust the brightness of your LG TV, without using the assistance of physical remote control.

How To Change Brightness On LG TV Without Remote?

adjust brightness on lg tv without remote

Changing the brightness can be done in two general ways as we’ve stated above.

It could either be configured from the menu, using the physical buttons, or with the LG ThinQ app.

The smart application for your mobile device will work as a digital remote, that will allow you to gain access to your TV’s features, without the need for a physical remote.

Let’s first learn how to adjust your LG TV’s brightness using the physical buttons.

Step #1 Turn On Your TV

This step is meant for preparing your TV. In other words, we advise you to double-check if your TV is running and is receiving sufficient power flow.

To change the brightness, your LG TV must be up and running, because otherwise, you won’t be able to access the menu.

If you’re unable to turn on your TV without a remote, you may use the power button on the side of the television.

This will send it to the channel viewing list, from where you can navigate to the menu later.

Step #2 Locate The Buttons

locate the buttons

To control your TV without a remote, you must first find the physical buttons.

Their location is dependent on your LG TV’s model & type, so it might take a while to find it. It is possible that they are either located on your TV’s side panel, or on the back of the TV.

Either way, examine your TV closely until you find 5-6 buttons next to each other. In most LG TVs, those buttons are channel up/down, volume up/down, and source.

Any additional buttons won’t be included during the rest of the guide.

After locating the buttons on your LG TV, let’s find out how to access the menu without using the remote, but these buttons instead.

Step #3 Access The Menu

Once you’ve found the hardware panel buttons it’s time to reach the menu from where you’ll be able to locate and adjust the brightness settings.

Follow the steps down below to open the menu on your LG TV without using the assistance of a remote:

  1. Double-check if the TV is running.
  2. Press the source button to enter the menu.
  3. Use the Volume UP/DOWN buttons to move left/right.

Now when you’re aware of how to navigate in the menu using the up and down buttons, it’s time to go to the brightness settings.

Step #4 Adjust The Brightness

adjust the brightness

The “Picture” tab is located somewhere on the bottom of the page with LG TVs, so you will be fine as long as you’re scrolling down, using the Channel/Down button.

Here are the main controls you will need for adjusting the brightness:

  • Channel UP/DOWN – This will move your arrow up and down.
  • Volume UP/DOWN – This will move your arrow left and right.
  • Source button – By pressing the source button, you can select and enter the highlighted setting.

Using the source button, you need to select the Picture tab and proceed with adjusting the brightness levels using the up and down volume buttons.

Using these controls, you should be able to configure the brightness any way you like!

Now let’s see how you can set up the mobile app to acquire access to a fully capable digital remote, which you can use to adjust your brightness levels.

How To Adjust LG Smart TV Brightness Settings Via The App?

adjust via app

If you could not adjust the brightness using the hardware buttons, then you should try taking control over the TV using another workaround.

Here we’re going to be using the mobile LG ThinQ smartphone application.

Alert: The ThinQ app won’t work with LG TVs that aren’t smart.

In that regard, if your LG TV is non-smart, the application won’t be able to scan for the device & connect with it.

Let’s now learn how to adjust your smart LG TV’s brightness settings, using the ThinQ app:

Step #1 Acquire The Application

The first step is pretty simple. All you have to do here is grab your smartphone, head over to the App Store/Google Play and download the LG ThinQ application.

Wait for it to download, install and launch. From there on, you should be able to connect your TV, which we’re going to review in the next step.

Step #2 Connect Smartphone To Your LG TV

connect smartphone to lg tv

Now that you have the ThinQ application installed, your smartphone is eligible to connect with the TV.

There is one requirement though. Your TV and smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Pro Tip: Use the hardware buttons to connect your TV to WiFi, if not already connected.

Once you’re done with connecting them to the same WiFi, follow the steps below to connect your phone to the LG TV:

  1. Open the ThinQ app and press the little “+” icon on the top.
  2. Tap “OK” after reading the connection information.
  3. Scroll to the “Home Appliances” tab and wait for the scan.
  4. Once finding your LG TV, tap on the connection to pair it with the device.
  5. Wait for the verification code on your TV screen.
  6. Input the code in the required field on your phone.
  7. Connect an email (optional).

Now your smartphone is connected to the LG TV! Let’s learn exactly how to adjust brightness on LG TV without remote, using the ThinQ app.

Step #3 Use Digital Remote & Navigate To Settings

Once you’ve connected with your LG TV, go to the home screen of your ThinQ application. Tap on your TV and a digital remote will automatically open.

There is no difference with the physical remote since the digital one has all buttons and features.

To change the brightness, tap the “Menu” button and navigate to the “Picture” tab. From there, change the brightness setting any way you like!

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to change the brightness of your LG TV without a remote, you can either use the physical buttons or the ThinQ app. Use the hardware buttons to guide your TV through the settings and head over to the “Picture” tab from where you can adjust the brightness.

To use the application, connect it with your LG TV and use the digital remote!

Now that you know how to adjust brightness on LG TV without remote, we hope you were able to fulfill your goals.

After all, getting a universal remote to work with your TV is never out of the options list, but we’re confident that at least one of the two ways that we’ve described will work.

Nicole B