hoover powerdash pet power button not working

Wondering why the Hoover Powerdash pet power button not working? Let’s find out!

We understand how annoying it is for you when you decide to clean, but your Powerdash pet vacuum won’t turn on.

Most of the time, the pet vacuum button gets stuck or simply stops working due to a malfunction with the internal switch.

Let’s learn more!

The Hoover Powerdash pet power button stops working when the vacuum motor is defective or the button itself is faulty.

Sometimes the button gets stuck and does not power the motor upon pressing and the solution is in most cases, simple! 

Let’s find out more about the Powerdash powering issue in detail!

Hoover Powerdash Pet Not Turning On – Reasons!

hoover powerdash pet not turning on

The most likely cause of your Powerdash pet vacuum not turning on and functioning is that it is not getting power.

In other cases, the device won’t turn on because of the power button and this is why we’ll need to perform a thorough inspection of all possibilities!

Here’s everything that could be preventing your Hoover Powerdash from turning on:

  • Power Insufficiency (Outlet/Cable)
  • Device Power Button Obstruction
  • Defective Power Switch/Button
  • Powerdash Motor Not Working
  • Other Hardware-related Issue

There are many factors that will prevent the Powerdash power button from working properly and that’s why it is important to identify them first.

The solution guide below is designed to help you with narrowing down the true cause and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Now let’s discuss the best ways to fix the Powerdash pet power button issue!

Hoover Powerdash Pet Power Button Not Working – Fixed

fix hoover powerdash

We are now moving next in the guide to discuss the methods that will help you to fix the Hoover Powerdash button issue very easily.

However, in order to succeed and solve the problem as soon as possible, make sure to follow all of the methods in the guide! 

Note: In case of a recent power outage, wait at least 1 hour before drawing conclusions!

Solution #1 Switch The Power Outlet

The very first thing to do is to test whether the Hoover Powerdash vacuum will turn on when connected to another outlet in our home.

switch the power outlet

It’s also important to establish a direct connection and avoid plugging your Powerdash into an electrical strip or any sort of divider.

  • Use only a standalone power outlet that is tested and proven to work!

In case your Hoover Powerdash is not working even when connected to another power outlet in your home, we need to continue our inspection.

Let’s proceed further!

Solution #2 Test Vacuum ON/OFF Button!

One of the foremost things you need to check is the button itself.

Now, as you are sure that the vacuum power outlet is perfectly operational, then it is possible that the switch is defective. 

Usually, when the power button won’t work, it won’t power the vacuum motor and, of course, nothing works.

test vacuum on off button

Also, sometimes the button gets stuck, hair wraps inside or something is obstructive the free movement of the button’s switch. To know, we need to test!

Here is how to test the Hoover Powerdash pet vacuum power button:

  1. First, unplug the Hoover Powerdash vacuum from the power.
  2. Acquire a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Unscrew the top right and left screws of the handle tapers.
  4. Slide the handle down and then take it out.
  5. Next, open the vacuum bag compartment lid and place it aside.
  6. Unscrew the plastic casing and locate the Power Button Switch
  7. Disconnect the bending wires using the needle-nose pliers.
  8. Disconnect both connected wires from the switch.
  9. Next, use a flat-edge screwdriver and lose the grip of the switch.
  10. Test the switch via a Multimeter for Continuity.

Remember that if you replace the power button switch in your Hoover vacuum, then make sure to set up the switch in the OFF position.

Only then reassemble all the components back in the same order as you have disconnected them in order for the button to work!

Solution #3 Check The Power Foot Pedal

When there is an issue with the vacuum Foot Pedal, the Powerdash power button rarely functions.

check the power foot pedal

If you are sure that the power switch is working fine but the vacuum won’t turn on, then maybe the foot pedal has a lot of debris accumulated, which is the primary reason!

Here is how you can check the Powerdash pet power foot pedal:

  1. First, unplug the vacuum from the Power Source.
  2. Then hold the Powerdash and look at the brushes. 
  3. Check if there is something stuck in the brushes.
  4. Also, inspect whether the brushes are dirty or they are misaligned. 
  5. If you have found something, unclog the brushes free.
  6. Next, lift the vacuum to locate the Foot Pedal on the bottom.
  7. Then check if the Foot Pedal Pulley is stuck or obstructed.
  8. If the pulley is defective or stuck, then fixate it appropriately.
Reminder: If you haven't tested the vacuum power switch yet, we encourage you to do so! 

Solution #4 Inspect Vacuum Motor & Wires!

We have mentioned earlier in the guide that when the Powerdash pet vacuum motor stops working, then the ON and OFF switch won’t turn on the machine.

inspect vacuum motor & wires

However, the motor might be in working order while some of the power wires are damaged, burned, or disconnected.

In that set of thoughts, we can guide you on opening the Hoover Powerdash pet vacuum and identifying any faults with the internal components.

Let’s get started!

Here is how to inspect the Hoover Powerdash motor and wires:

  1. Unplug the vacuum from power so you can test the motor safely.
  2. Then turn the vacuum bottom facing up to get the proper access. 
  3. First unscrew the cover screws, as well as the motor cover plate.
  4. Once you find the motor, then disconnect the wires.
  5. Take a proper inspection of each wire and its connectors.
  6. If everything looks well, re-connect all wires.

There is no direct way to tell whether the Hoover Powerdash motor is working or not but if there are any recognizable sights, we better be cautious.

In case of a power surge or any malfunction inside the device, you’ll notice burned areas, melted wires, and damaged connectors.

Solution #5 Replace The Power Switch!

replace the power switch

One of the best-working techniques to restore the functionality of your Hoover Powerdash pet vacuum is to replace the Power Switch.

It has been reported that thousands of users have experienced issues with the power switch of this model so it’s time for a replacement.

Here’s how to replace the power switch in your Powerdash vacuum in easy steps:

  1. Remove the Lower Brushroll on the bottom!
  2. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the 8 screws.
  3. Grab and pull the front suction by the red handle.
  4. Unscrew the Hose to be able to detach the piece.
  5. Tap down the handle’s release button.
  6. Then, lift the top cover that is connected.
  7. Take the entire top cover out and put it aside.
  8. Gently remove the Power Switch Cap.
  9. Unscrew the two screws on the gray plate.
  10. Carefully remove the Power Switch.

When you’re ready you can disconnect the switch and use a brand new switch for your Hoover Powerdash pet vacuum.

In case you’re wondering where you can acquire one, we recommend getting the BrushRoll Micro Hoover Switch

Need More Help?

customer support

In case you have already attempted everything in our guide but nothing managed to help, we strongly suggest checking whether your warranty is intact.

The defective power switch is one of the most common causes on this model so you’ll probably be able to claim your warranty!

Don’t forget that you can also contact Hoover Customer Support and share your vacuum issue. They will then assist you further or send you a professional for appliance repair!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Hoover Powerdash pet power button not working, then first test the vacuum ON/OFF Power Switch and vacuum motor.

In addition, all users need to inspect whether the foot pedal is intact and as a last resort, replace the power switch!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B