homelink not working with liftmaster

Is your Homelink Not Working With Liftmaster? That can be due to a myriad of issues.

Issues preventing proper functioning include system failure, lack of lubrication on the garage door, misaligned sensors, or even incompatibility between devices.

If you want to find the issue and fix it, keep reading.

We will cover each and teach you how to get your HomeLink to work with LiftMaster.

Why Is Homelink Not Working With Liftmaster?

why the homelink not working

It is a bummer when you get home, and your Liftmaster does not open the door.

You might think there is something wrong with either Homelink or Liftmaster. Sometimes, both.

It is not always easy to tell what is at fault exactly. First, you must perform a thorough investigation to determine the cause. Fortunately, we will help you with that.

Below you can check the most common causes of door activation failure.

The door lacks lubrication – In that case, there is nothing wrong with the electronic parts. All you have to do is get down to work.

Safety sensors out of alignment – When that happens, the door opener cannot follow commands from your Homelink.

You need a bridge to connect – Some vehicles are not natively compatible with Homelink and Liftmaster, needing a device known as a bridge.

System issue – Some devices will have system issues. In that case, you must reset them and create the connection again.

How To Fix The Connection Between Homelink and Liftmaster

how fix the connection

What to do when Homelink does not work with Liftmaster

Many readers might face different issues with their Homelink and/or Liftmaster.

For example, perhaps your devices were working fine but now are not. On the other hand, you might not be able to even perform the first connection.

We will cover each case carefully so you can put your devices to work properly.

Solution #1: Reset Your Connection

reset the connection

This solution applies to devices that were functioning properly but stopped doing so.

In that case, the first approach is resetting the devices and attempting to link them again.

Here is how you can reset it:

  1. Press and hold the outer two HomeLink buttons for 10 seconds.
  2. Press the button on the garage remote
  3. Press the button located on the motor
  4. Hold the buttons until the light on the garage door opener blinks.

Next, you can set everything up again. If you don’t remember how then follow these steps:

  1. Press and let go of the learn button on your garage door opener.
  2. Press and hold the HomeLink button in your car for 30 seconds.
  3. If you hold down the HomeLink button, the car will connect to the signal from the machine.
  4. If the pairing works, your LiftMaster machine’s light will blink once.

You can test the system by pressing the button inside your car and waiting for the door to open.

Note: Ensure you are not trying to connect an incompatible, old HomeLink. If that is the case, jump to Solution #4.

Solution #2: Lubricate The Garage Door

lubricate the garage door

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the connection between HomeLink and SmartLift.

However, in that case, you must check if your garage door’s lubrication is up to date. If it is not, that is the reason your door won’t open.

Lubricating the garage door takes a bit of work, but it is a task you can’t avoid.

If you have never had to deal with it, below you will learn useful info and tips on how to do that.

Consider applying a lithium-based oil or silicone grease to lubricate the garage door rollers and hinges. 

  1. Lift the door slowly and gently 
  2. Oil the hinges
  3. Apply the oil to the hinges as the door curves along the track
  4. Oil the rollers (these are attached to the door’s track just beyond the hinges)

For optimal performance, apply lubricant to the bearing plates and the springs.

To lubricate these components: 

  1. Thoroughly spray or wipe them down with the grease
  2. Open the garage door

Opening the door will promote a more even distribution of grease.

Lubricate The Top Rail And Arm Bar

lubricate the garage

The next step to oil a garage door is spraying the grease on the top rail and arm bar.

If you aren’t acquainted with the top rail, it is the section of the door that runs parallel to the ceiling in the garage. 

You may also identify the top rail bar by checking the door section along which the chain goes.

Since the chain goes along the top of this rail, this is the place that will require lubrication.

The arm bar links the garage door to the top rail. You should also spray or wipe this component with oil to guarantee smooth functioning.

Tip: If you are unsure which lubricant product to buy, refer to your local store and talk to professionals.

Solution #3: Align The Sensors

align the sensors

Users who just bought a LiftMaster and are facing trouble with it can easily find out if the issue lies in the sensors.

Fortunately, your garage door can auto-diagnose itself and tell you if the sensors are misaligned. 

Security+ 2.0

The up arrow on the garage door opener will blink four times, then the down arrow will blink six times.

That indicates the sensors are either displaced from their intended positions or blocked.

Security+ 2.0

The LCD will flash “Error code 4-6 sensor briefly blocked” to indicate the sensors are misaligned or obstructed.

Other Models

another models

If the sensors are occluded or not properly aligned, the garage door opener will flash the learn button four times every ten seconds.

How To Put The Sensors Into Place

First of all, you must locate the safety reversing sensors.

They’re attached to the door tracks on each garage door side and shouldn’t protrude more than 6 inches from the ground.

  1. Loosen the wing nut on the front of the sensor
  2. Line up the sensor so that its lenses are facing each other
  3. When they are in the correct position, the sensor LED lights continuously. 
  4. You can tighten the wingnut. 

The garage door opener will function normally after the two LEDs on the safety reversing sensor are always on.

Finally, close the garage door manually, then try controlling it using the remote or the door control.

Note: If the issue is on the sensors, but the above did not fix it, get in touch with LiftMaster or a specialized professional.

Solution #4: Buy A Bridge

buy a bridge

It must be clear that this solution is specific for cars that do not have automatic compatibility with HomeLink and SmartLift.

However, many cars nowadays already come with HomeLink built-in with LiftMaster compatibility.

If you want to make sure your car is or is not compatible, you can access the LiftMaster site and check.

For example, you can enter the info regarding your car model, and the site will tell you whether you need a bridge.

How To Install The Bridge

Fortunately, a bridge is not very expensive. You can get one for around $35 to $40.

However, once you have it in your hands, here is what you must do:

how install bridge

To use the HomeLink CompatibilityBridge, plug it into a 120 V polarized outlet near the garage door opener. Further, the antenna has to be aligned. Next:

  1. Press and release the garage door opener’s yellow button. The Learn LED will continue to light.
  2. Press and hold the pre-programmed HomeLink button on your car for 30 seconds.
  3. When the garage door opener light starts to flicker, let go of the HomeLink button. 
  4. You should hear two clicks if the garage door opener’s light bulbs are not mounted. 

Press the vehicle’s programmed HomeLink button to make sure the garage door opener works with it. 

Are you utilizing the HomeLink Compatibility Bridge with a garage door opener with a Battery Backup feature?

Ensure the original remote is still programmed to the garage door opener and stored in your car’s glove box in case of a power outage.

What We Learned

What should you do when you find your Homelink not working with Liftmaster? Since the cause will vary, the solutions will be diverse too.

You must check if it is a system problem and reset each device. Further, checking for your door’s lubrication or the sensors’ alignment might do the trick.

Ultimately, you cannot set the devices up because they are incompatible – you will need a bridge.

Nicole B