hitachi roku tv remote not working

Whenever the Hitachi Roku TV remote not working there are quite a few things to inspect before rushing to a conclusion.

The remotes to any TV work almost the same. They use batteries to provide them with the necessary power and infrared (IR) signal to communicate with the TV.

In case one of these factors is impacted in a way, your Hitachi Roku TV remote will not be working.

To fix when the Hitachi Roku TV remote is not working you should begin with re-inserting the batteries and later replacing them. Then you should inspect for anything that could be blocking the IR signal and if that doesn’t work, reprogram the remote.

This is what the solution includes but there are quite a few more approaches out there.

Let’s next review the possible causes in-depth and proceed with the actual fix guide later.

Why Won’t My Hitachi Remote Work?

There can be multiple causes to why your Hitachi remote is not working.

As you probably figured, batteries are what cause problems with your remote the most, and in 90% of the cases, the problem is solved by replacing them.

However, there are multiple different occasions on which your Hitachi remote will not work:

1. Batteries are Worn-Out

The batteries inside of your Hitachi TV remote unit must be replaced in order for the remote to continue functioning.

2. Signal Interference

Your Hitachi remote’s IR might not be reaching the TV’s “eye” and, in turn, there would be no response.

3. Problem with the TV

Sometimes your TV could be stuck or frozen, which will prevent any signals from being executed.

4. Remote has a Hardware Problem

In some cases the remote is simply broken as a result of drop damage or liquids inside.

How To Fix When Hitachi Roku TV Remote Not Working?

fix hitachi roku tv remote not working

To solve the problem you’re going to use a series of solutions, that will help you not only solve the problem but also discover the true cause.

We strongly recommend not skipping any of the steps in the below guide for best effectiveness at troubleshooting.

Solution #1 Power Cycle The Remote

A quick and easy solution to any remote problems you’re experiencing is the power cycle process.

power cycle remote

This solution has a great application if your Hitachi Roku TV remote fails to withdraw power from the batteries and via power circulation, you will refresh the operation.

Here’s how to power cycle the remote in easy steps:

  1. Turn your Hitachi Roku TV remote upside down.
  2. Pull the battery latch off.
  3. Expose the batteries.
  4. Eject the two batteries inside of your remote.
  5. Press each button on the remote for 5 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  7. Re-insert the batteries you’ve ejected earlier.
  8. Test your remote out.
Note: Mind the polarity of the remote’s battery compartment and how you insert the batteries.

Solution #2 Replace Hitachi Roku TV Remote Batteries

replace remote batteries

If the power cycle didn’t work, you should fix this problem by replacing the batteries of your Hitachi Roku TV remote.

This is the most common problem for any remote and you shouldn’t continue further in the guide before excluding this possibility.

Here’s how to replace the batteries of your Hitachi Roku TV:

  1. Acquire a fresh pair of new batteries for your remote.
  2. Remove the battery compartment cover of your Hitachi Roku TV remote.
  3. Eject the old inactive batteries out of your remote.
  4. Press and hold the power button of your remote for 30 seconds.
  5. Position the new set of batteries within the compartment.
  6. Install the battery compartment cover.
  7. Test your remote out.
Alert: Don’t use old batteries for the replacement, instead, make sure to buy fresh units.

Solution #3 Resolve Signal Interference

remove signal interference

If your Hitachi Roku TV problem wasn’t fixed by now, you should resolve any signal interference that is blocking the communication between the TV and remote.

Such problematic interference can be caused by a variety of factors and we’re about to review most of them.

Here’s what can cause signal interference with your Hitachi Roku TV remote:

  • Persistent sunlight flashing your Hitachi TV’s “eye”
  • Dirt on the Hitachi Roku TV’s “eye”
  • Dirt on the Hitachi Roku TV remote’s “eye”
  • RF transmitters near your TV or remote
  • Solid objects and obstructions between the remote and TV
  • Objects blocking the TV’s “eye”

Those were the usual suspects of signal interference. Although there could be more, it’s enough to make sure that nothing covers your TV’s IR “eye” or the remote’s “eye”.

Tip: Test your remote after resolving each factor of interference between your remote and TV.

Solution #4 Reboot Your Hitachi Roku TV

After troubleshooting your remote thoroughly, you should also pay attention to your Hitachi Roku TV.

Chances are that a software problem is preventing your remote from communicating with the device, leaving you unable to command the TV.

In that regard, it’s suggested that you reboot your Hitachi Roku TV using the power button.

reboot hitachi roku tv

Since your remote isn’t functional this far, the only way for you to actually reboot the TV without unplugging its power cord is to press the power button on the back of the device.

1. The power button tends to be located on the right side of the back panel and a 10 seconds press should get the TV shut down.

2. Then, press the power button only once to boot the device up and test whether the remote would now be working.

Note: Wait for your TV to fully shut down before pressing the power button again to start the device.

Solution #5 Reset The Hitachi Roku TV Remote

If nothing worked so far, you should reset the Hitachi Roku TV remote to solve the problem.

This will reprogram the remote to the Hitachi Roku TV and get the unit working again.

remote reset

The reset doesn’t take longer than a minute and you will need access to your TV’s power adapter and power source.

Here’s how to reset the Hitachi Roku TV remote in easy steps:

  1. Grab your remote and undo its battery compartment cover.
  2. Take out the batteries.
  3. Unplug your TV’s power adapter.
  4. Wait for 60 seconds while holding the remote’s power button.
  5. Let go of the power button and connect your TV to the power.
  6. Re-insert the remote’s batteries.
  7. Test the Hitachi Roku TV remote.
Alert: Double-check if your Hitachi Roku TV is receiving power from the source before testing the remote.

Thus, to solve a non-working Hitachi Roku TV remote problem, replace the batteries and perform a power cycle on the remote. Next, inspect for IR signal interference and reboot your Hitachi Roku TV. Lastly, reset the remote and reprogram the unit after.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you’re aware of why Hitachi Roku TV remote not working and how to potentially solve the problem, you’re ready to attempt our solutions.

In case nothing helps you need to try and recall an event that has lethally damaged the remote.

Such a case could be if someone dropped the remote or any liquids got inside, which can definitely put an end to your remote’s life.

In case none of this happened to your Hitachi Roku TV remote, then you should attempt to put your warranty into use.

Nicole B