hbo max not working on safari

HBO Max not working on Safari iPhone browser? We have got solutions for you!

The way Google Chrome is the default browser for Androids, Safari keeps the number 1 browser for iPhones, which means it’s 100% compatible with HBO Max.

This logic only suggests that the problem is coming from something else, rather than the browser so let’s find out.

The reasons why HBO Max is not working on Safari would be because your device is not connected or your internet is slow or down. Sometimes the Safari browser could also be glitching out so a thorough inspection is definitely required to track down the problem!

Let’s move further to learn how to fix the not working HBO Max on Safari:

How To Fix When HBO Max Doesn’t Work On Safari?

When the HBO Max online version does not work on your Safari browser, there are a few things that have to be inspected first.

how to fix hbo max issue

This is why it’s important to follow the order of our solutions, which will not only help you solve the problem but also identify what’s causing it. 

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Check Internet Connection!

The most common reason why HBO Max is not working on Safari is poor internet

Since HBO needs a good internet connection to stream and maintain the quality of content when your device is disconnected HBO won’t work.

Besides a disconnected device, we also need to check whether your internet is intact since any online streaming platform depends on it.

Here are some important steps to take to inspect your internet connection:

  1. Test your internet speed online for free!
  2. HBO Max required 5mbps to stream the content properly. 
  3. Reconnect your device to a proven-to-work WiFi.
  4. Switch to a wired connection (Ethernet cable).
  5. Stop any downloading/uploading on your network!
  6. Disconnect ALL other devices from the WiFi.
  7. Power cycle your router by unplugging it from the power!
  8. If you’re using Cellular Data, check your coverage!

It’s important NOT to proceed further in the guide before making sure that your internet is intact, as well as the device’s connection.

No internet means no content from the Safari browser!

Solution #2 Reload/Reopen Safari

reopen the safari

If your device is connected to a good internet connection but still HBO Max not working, then keep refreshing the page.

Because sometimes the internet goes down suddenly and that’s why streaming gets interrupted. So, refreshing the page may solve the problem! 

Here are some ways to refresh Safari:

  • Click on the recycle icon from the browser, and keep reloading the page
  • Hard refresh Safari by clearing all Cache & Cookies from the browser
  • Close Safari > Remove app from temporal memory > Reopen Safari

If you are using an Apple computer or laptop, hold down the shift key and tap on the refresh icon for a refresh.

Also, make sure to restart the browser to refresh the operation.

Note: Some of these steps will cause your account to be signed off from HBO Max

Solution #3 Update Safari Browser

update the safari browser

If you are using HBO Max on the iPhone mobile app or laptop, then ensure to update the Safari browser to the latest version.

The latest firmware comes up with many bug fixes, so it is necessary to keep the browser application up to date. 

Here is how you can check for Safari updates:

  1. For iPhone, simply visit the App Store
  2. Check for Safari updates by clicking on the Update option from the bottom. 
  3. If the update is available, then update Safari right away. 

For PC devices, macOS automatically keeps updating the browser if the automatic updates are enabled.

Simply go to the Apple menu, tap on System Preferences, click Software Update, then select Automatically keep my Mac up to date. 

Tip: If there is a VPN that is turned on in your Safari browser then turn it OFF and test. 

Solution #4 Refresh Login Session!

refresh the login session

Due to long login sessions, users’ data on the browser got corrupted, and this caused websites such as HBO Max to experience glitches.

In case you’re able to sing in your account but the problem comes down only when you start streaming, Sing Out and Sing In your account.

Here is a way how you can refresh your login session for HBO Max:

  1. Open HBO Max on Safari. 
  2. Sign out of your HBO Max Account
  3. Reload the Safari browser.
  4. Log in back into your HBO Account. 
  5. Check whether the HBO Max is now working.

In case you’re unable to even reach HBO Max, perhaps their services are down!

Solution #5 Check HBO Server Status!

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the device or Safari browser, but still, HBO Max is not working.

All you need to do is to check the HBO Server Status because when the servers are offline (under maintenance) you won’t be able to access the platform.

check hbo status

You can check whether HBO Max Server Status and draw conclusions!

  • In case you see “No problems detected with HBO Max” then the issue is on your side!
  • When you see “HBO Max is currently offline/down” then the problem is on their side!

When there is a server problem, all you need to do is wait patiently, until the issue is resolved.

However, in case the issue appears to be on your side, test accessing HBO Max from another Apple device through the Safari browser.

This will help you locate the problem!

Solution #6 Restart Your Device

Another solution that helps when HBO Max not working on Safari is restarting your devices

No matter which device you use for streaming HBO Max on Safari, restart that device.

Perhaps the problem is related to a deep software problem, which you can solve by rebooting the operating system.

Here is how you can restart Apple devices:

Apple Mobile:

an apple mobie

For Apple mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod, press and hold down the Power button on the slide LEFT to turn OFF the device completely.

Wait for a few moments and turn on your device by pressing the power button again.

Apple Computer:

For Apple laptops (Macbook) and computers (iMac), go to the device Menu, and tap on the Restart option.

Within some seconds, the device is automatically turned on.

Apple TV:

For Apple TVs, go to TV Settings, look for System, and click the Restart option!

In case the problem continues attempt to restart the device again but also by unplugging it from the power to perform a power cycle.

This will discharge the unit, and hopefully will help!

Solution #7 Check For Device Compatibility

check the compatibility

Check for your device compatibility, if you have switched to another device. Although HBO Max supports Safari, the application won’t work on really old iOS firmware!

  • HBO Max only supports Apple devices with iOS 12.2 or higher!

Even when you’re not using the application and attempting to stream from the Safari browser, you will either experience severe lag or the platform won’t work.

It’s just how it is and when your device is really old, it’s normal for some online platforms to become unreachable.

Solution #8 Switch To Another Browser (Workaround)

If you have tried all possible solutions, HBO Max still doesn’t work, and you eagerly desire to find a solution we got you covered.

Even if Safari is the top-recommended and default iOS browser, you can still download and use Google Chrome from the Application Store.

  • Open the App Store and download the Google Chrome browser!

HBO Max also supports the latest version of Chrome. Open the Chrome browser, search for HBO Max, log in to your HBO Max account, and viola!

The platform should now work!

Good Luck!

Why Wont HBO Play On My MacBook?

why wont play on macbook

HBO can stream content very smoothly on MacBook because HBO is compatible with all Apple devices.

The reason why HBO is not working on the MacBook is due to bad internet

Try to connect your device to a good internet that has a speed of 5Mbps, and close any background running applications, websites and downloads if any. This should help!

Moreover, if you are still unable to use HBO on your MacBook, then log out from your HBO account, restart your device and try again.

The last-resort alternative would be to download the Google Chrome browser, just like we did in the final workaround the test whether that helps!

Quick Recap:

Hence, you can fix HBO Max on Safari by clearing the browser’s cache and boosting your internet speed to get over 5Mbps. In case that doesn’t help you’ll need to restart your iOS device and make sure that your Safari browser is up to date from the App Store.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why HBO Max not working on Safari we can follow the solutions in this guide to solve the problem permanently.

What we’ve learned is that our internet connection is the fundamental factor between a working and non-working HBO Max through Safari!

To be safe while browsing online content on your Safari browser, make sure to use AtlasVPN, which will also unlock a lot of area-restricted content.

In addition, you’ll be able to bypass parental controls and keep your identity private while online. You’re missing out!

Nicole B