geeni unable to add device

Geeni unable to add device to the mobile application? You’ve found the resolution!

Our sturdy troubleshooting guide will most definitely identify the issue with your setup and make your Geeni device work like a charm with the mobile application!

After many users have complained about this problem, we’ve designed our guide in the best way possible! 

To fix when Geeni is unable to add a device, ensure that the pairing mode is enabled and update the Geeni mobile app to the latest version. After that, check the WiFi connection and Hard Reset the Geeni device, before reinstalling the mobile application.

Let’s figure out what exactly has gone wrong with your Geeni device before troubleshooting!

Why Is My Geeni Unable to Add Device?

why my geeni unable to add device

Identifying the source of your Geeni device’s problem is essential to coming up with the best methods to troubleshoot.

In fact, acquiring a common understanding of the issue’s occurrence will enable you to troubleshoot by yourself and come up with a resolution to the problem.

Here’s what most often prevents Geeni devices from being added:

  • There’s a problem with the Geeni Mobile Application
  • The Pair Mode hasn’t been enabled on your Geeni device
  • Your Network Device and WiFi are having outages
  • A Physical Problem with the Geeni device you’re adding

We hope that you’ve been able to understand what’s going on with your Geeni device after reading the following causes.

To find a resolution to the problem, proceed with our guide!

Geeni Unable to Add Device – Fixed!

how fix geeni unable to add device

After uncovering the source of the problem with your Geeni device’s connectivity, we shall move on to the guide!

Make sure to pay close attention to the upcoming solutions and follow our instructions precisely, in order to end up fixing the issue with your Geeni device and app!

Let’s jump right into the guide!

Solution #1 Enable the Pair Mode

In order to connect a Geeni device to the mobile application, you must enable the Pairing Mode on the unit.

For instance, pairing mode on Geeni bulbs could be enabled by turning the bulb ON and OFF multiple times, until you notice that the device is flickering.

enable the pair mode

Ultimately, Geeni doorbells and cameras usually have the pairing mode enabled by default, but for bulbs and other lightning accessories, you must do it manually.

Here’s how to enable the pairing mode on a Geeni bulb or strip light:

  1. Make sure that the Geeni bulb is connected to the power.
  2. Locate the Power Switch of the Geeni device.
  3. Turn on the power to the device and then turn it OFF 3 x times.
  4. Wait for the Geeni device to start flickering rapidly.

Once the pairing mode has been triggered, the device will be scannable by the Geeni mobile application.

Press the “+” icon on the home screen of the Geeni app and you should be able to connect with the Geeni device, as long as the pairing mode persists.

Notice: The pairing mode will last for about 60 seconds, so connect the Geeni device quickly!

Solution #2 Hard Reset the Geeni Device

hard reset the device

If the problem is with the Geeni device itself, you should Hard Reset the unit in order to make it work again.

Chances are that something has gone wrong with the internal chip of the Geeni device and it has become undiscoverable by the technology of the Geeni mobile app.

  • To Hard Reset a device, you must cut the power to the unit completely!

Follow these instructions to perform a Hard Reset on your Geeni device:

  1. Turn off the power to the Geeni device, from the Controller Switch (dimmer for bulbs).
  2. Unplug the Power Adapter of the Geeni device (or unscrew it if it’s a bulb).
  3. Wait for 5 minutes, while the Geeni device is disconnected from power.
  4. Re-install the Geeni device’s power supply.
  5. Turn on the Geeni device.
  6. Attempt the connection again…

As long as you’ve kept the Geeni device disconnected for long enough, it’ll be able to power cycle and therefore resume all of its software functionalities. 

Alert: Plugging the Geeni device straight away, will interrupt the discharge process!

Solution #3 Update the Geeni Mobile Application

update the geeni app

Your next task is to ensure that the Geeni mobile application is running the latest OS version!

Since apps were invented, applications would regularly receive updates to implement hotfixes from the app’s merchants and innovate the app’s software.

If your Geeni app is running an outdated version, no wonder you’re experiencing a variety of technical difficulties.

Let’s get your Geeni app updated with the following instructions:

  1. Launch the app store of your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the “Manage Installed Applications” tab.
  3. Press the search field.
  4. Tap “Geeni Home” and press “Enter”.
  5. Once results appear, select the Geeni mobile app from the list.
  6. Hit the “Check for Updates” button, in order to validate the app’s current firmware.
  7. (Optional) If an update ends up being available, select the “Update” button and wait.

Once the update of the Geeni app has been triggered (if one is available), it’ll take your phone 1-2 minutes to upgrade the firmware of the platform.

Canceling the update will require you to perform the same instructions as above once again, so be thoughtful.

Alert: Your mobile must be connected to the internet in order to perform the update!

Solution #4 Reinstall the Geeni Mobile Platform

reinstall the mobile platform

Next, you should Reinstall the Geeni mobile app to settle any connectivity issues!

Even if updating the app didn’t manage to fend off the problem, then perhaps the issue has been rooted in your Geeni app and all it needs is a clean reinstallation.

It’s easy! Here’s how to reinstall the Geeni app:

  1. Access your mobile device’s Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Storage Unit.
  3. Access the Applications Section.
  4. Locate the Geeni platform.
  5. Highlight the Geeni app by tapping the three dots next to it.
  6. Select “Uninstall” from the dropdown menu that’’ appears after highlighting the app.
  7. Once the Geeni app is removed, re-acquire it from the app store on your device.

You’ll have to sign in to the Geeni app after reinstalling it onto your mobile device.

You should also note that uninstalling the app, will erase the settings configuration you’ve made for your paired devices.

Note: When launching the Geeni app after the reinstall, be sure to enable “Automatic Updates”.

Solution #5 Reset the Geeni Device

reset the geeni device

Perhaps, all your device needs is a Reset in order to hook up to the application and connect with the Geeni cloud.

It is discovered that interacting with the software of the Geeni device often generates a cache that could only be erased via the Reset Process.

Let’s review exactly how to reset your Geeni device in easy steps:

  1. Make sure that your Geeni device is plugged in or powered via batteries.
  2. Examine the panels of the device closely.
  3. Locate the Reset Button on the device’s back or top panel.
  4. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds.
  5. Once the Geeni device finishes the reset, you’ll hear a voice prompt.

Once the voice prompt has been heard, you’ll be able to connect the device to the Geeni cloud using the mobile platform.

If your device was already connected or added by any means, it’ll be removed from the cloud as a result of the reset.

Tip: Only trigger a reset on the Geeni device as a last-resort measure if it fails to be added.

Geeni Camera Unable to Add Device – Quick Methods!

geeni camera unable to add device

If you’re failing to add your Geeni Camera to the application, try out the following things:

Method #1 Power Cycle the Camera! 

Take the camera off its stand, remove the battery compartment and eject the batteries.

Keep the battery of the camera for about 5 minutes, before placing it back in.

Method #2 Charge the Battery!

Even if Geeni cameras have long-lasting 9000mAh batteries, they still need to be recharged every once in a while.

Take the camera off its stand and plug it into a USB to recharge.

Method #3 Reset the Geeni Camera!

reset the geeni camera

Locate the Reset Button on the Geeni camera’s hardware and hold it for 5 seconds until the device goes into “Reset Mode”.

Wait for another 2 minutes for the reset to be finalized.

Tip: The solutions back in the guide will help your camera as well. Be sure to try them out.

Quick Recap:

Thus, when Geeni is unable to add the device, it’s best to Power Cycle the Geeni device and updates the Geeni app to the latest version.

After that, reboot your network device, validate the WiFi connection and reinstall the Geeni mobile platform.

If our guide was helpful, check out more from us at our online technical blog!

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