geeni light bulb won't connect to google home

Your Geeni Light Bulb won’t connect to Google Home? We know why!

Although Geeni is supported at Google Home, it’s not unlikely that sometimes setup issues could occur.

Either caused by the bulb or the Google Home service, there is an answer to why that is happening. 

Keep reading to learn the best way to manage this issue:

To fix when Geeni Light Bulb won’t connect to Google Home, re-sync the devices appropriately and reinstall both of the platforms. Next, make sure that the Geeni bulb is paired to the app and fix issues with your WiFi. Finally, Factory Reset the bulb.

Before we jump into the guide, let’s address all of the possible causes for the issue!

Why I Can’t Link Geeni to Google Home – Potential Reasons

why can't geeni bulb connect

Before we get into the guide we should first take a look at what could possibly cause the problem with your Green Light and the Google Home app.

In fact, there is a certain setup you must first undergo before you’re fully eligible to connect the Geeni bulb to your Google Home app and control it via your assistant. 

Let’s review what could possibly interrupt the connection with the Google Home app:

  • The bulb is not connected to the Geeni App
  • The Google Home app is running an Outdated Version
  • There is an issue with your network’s WiFi Coverage
  • There has been a problem with the Geeni Account Linking

In most general detail, that’s what could go wrong during the setup of your Geeni Bulb and the Google Home app.

To appropriately handle this problem, move on to our fix guide!

Geeni Light Bulb Won’t Connect to Google Home – Fixed!

how fix geeni light bulb

After reviewing what are the protagonists in your problem, it’s time to move on with the solution!

We can confidently say that our guide mainly consists of user opinions and solutions that are proven to work either by users or Geeni/Google Home themselves. 

All that is expected of you is to follow the chronological order of the solutions and all details are paid attention to.

With that being said, let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Re-Sync Geeni with Google Home

It’s of great importance to make sure that the setup process has gone successfully.

Chances are that you’ve let a mistake slip by while setup, resulting in the failed connection. 

resync to google home

Failed setup could be a consequence of getting the WiFi password wrong, selecting the wrong network, or disabling particular access settings and features for your Geeni account when linking.

Here’s how to re-sync Geeni with Google Home in easy steps:

  1. Launch the Google Home App.
  2. Press the “+icon in order to add a device.
  3. From the list of services and providers, select “Geeni”.
  4. Input your Geeni username and password.
  5. Press the “Link” button, in order to connect both of the services.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions.

Generally, all of the setup in regard to WiFi, network, and connectivity for your bulb is done through the Geeni App.

This is where most of the problems could occur.

Note: Be careful not to get your Geeni account credentials wrong, since this will fail the setup.

Solution #2 Reconnect the Bulb to the Geeni App 

reconnect to the geeni app

If your Geeni Bulb is no longer connected to the Geeni app, the connection will fail.

In that regard, you must make sure that the bulb is paired to the Geeni app, before getting your account linked up with Google Home.

Here’s how to reconnect your Geeni bulb to the app:

  1. Launch the Geeni App on your mobile device.
  2. Head to “Devices” and check if the bulb is there.
  3. Head back to the Home Screen.
  4. Press the “+Button to add a device.
  5. Select the type of your Geeni Device.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions…

The rest of the instructions will include an essential WiFi Setup that you must be very careful through.

Make sure that the correct network is selected and that you’ve spelled the password correctly.

Note: Make sure that the Geeni Bulb is close to your mobile device during the setup.

Solution #3 Reboot the Geeni Bulb

reboot the geeni bulb

Perhaps, your Geeni Bulb has run into a simple fault.

The easiest way to resolve this is to perform a Reboot on the bulb, both through the light switch and by unscrewing it from the light socket.

This will cause the power within the device to be discharged, resulting in software and hardware refresh of the device.

  • Turn off the power to your bulb, unscrew it and wait for 60 seconds!

Be sure to at least give it some time to discharge, before attaching it back to the slot.

That is the time during which your bulb will discharge, achieving complete hardware and software refresh.

Tip: While the bulb is unscrewed, collect any debris piled up on the light socket, causing issues.

Solution #4 Settle Problems with your WiFi

settle problems with your wifi

If your Geeni Light Bulb is not receiving a sufficient and reliable WiFi connection, it will not work with Google Home.

That’s why our next suggestion is to identify and settle issues with your WiFi, that could potentially interrupt the connection between the bulb and Google Home. 

There are multiple easy ways to address issues with your WiFi Connection, so keep reading to find them all out:

  • Perform a Hard Reset on your network device, by unplugging it from the power
  • Reconnect the Internet Cable from your router/modem
  • Place the Geeni bulb Close to your Network Device
  • Reset the Network Device by pressing the “Reset” button

Once you’ve done all of the sub-solutions above, test your Geeni Bulb’s WiFi by attempting to get it paired to Google Home.

If the WiFi is all right now, the setup will go through.

Alert: If you’re having a WiFi outage, make sure to contact your ISP for more info.

Solution #5 Reinstall the Geeni/Google Home App

reinstall the google home app

Next, we’ll be reinstalling the platforms that are used for the connection!

If either the Geeni App or Google Home has developed some kind of problem, you’ll be unable to get the bulb working with your Google Home assistant.

Here’s how to reinstall both of the applications in a single guide:

  1. On your mobile device, head to Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Storage Prompt.
  3. Press “Scan” to detect all apps and games installed on your device.
  4. Head to the “Apps” section.
  5. Use the search field to locate the Geeni App first.
  6. Press “Uninstall” to remove the Geeni App.
  7. Repeat the same steps for the Google Home App.
  8. Access the App Store on your device.
  9. Download the Google Home and Geeni Applications.
  10. Sign back into the original profiles, the apps were logged in.

Once you’ve had everything as it was before, re-add the Geeni bulb to the Geeni app and then attempt to host the connection with Google Home.

Tip: Allow automatic updates for both of the apps so you won’t miss out on important updates.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Geeni Bulb

factory reset the geeni bulb

If nothing worked so far, perhaps a Factory Reset on your Geeni Bulb, might be able to settle this problem. 

In order to perform a Factory Reset on the bulb, the device must be screwed onto the slot and you must turn the power to the bulb ON and OFF 3 consecutive times.

For better clarity on how to perform the reset, read these instructions:

  1. Turn the power to your bulb ON.
  2. Press the light switch to OFF.
  3. Hit the light switch again to ON.
  4. Perform these steps two more times.
  5. Wait for the bulb to flash.

The bulb will flash in an unusual color if the reset sequence has been triggered.

Once the flashes have occurred, let your bulb be, and do not interact with the device until it has finished resetting.

Alert: Turning off the power to the bulb during the reset, may interrupt the process.

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Need More Help?

If you’re still experiencing any sort of problems with the setup of either device/instance, you should contact the corresponding merchant for more assistance.

Now that you’ve figured out, whether it’s your bulb or Google Home having issues, get in touch with either Google or Geeni!

Wrapping Up:

Hence, to fix when Geeni Light Bulb won’t connect to Google Home, re-sync the bulb with Google Home appropriately and then reboot the device. Next, reconnect the bulb to the Geeni App and settle problems with your WiFi. Finally, Factory Reset the bulb.

Check out our online blog for more helpful guides and solutions!

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