geeni camera won't scan qr code

Wondering why Geeni camera won’t scan QR code? Stay with us to know!

In order to pair our Geeni camera to the application, we need to show our smartphones’ screen (containing a QR code) in front of the device for a few seconds.

Typically the verification happens instantly, but in some cases, we keep holding our smartphones until our arms get tired.

Yet, the pairing is still not completed. Here’s why!

Whenever the Geeni cam can’t scan a QR code we first need to check whether the device is plugged into the power and working. In case that doesn’t help, we need to inspect our network connection and eventually, Factory Reset the Geeni device!

Let’s proceed with unwrapping the reasons why a Geeni camera can’t scan a QR code!

Why is Geeni Camera Not Scanning QR Code?

why the geeni camera won't scan qr code

There could be multiple explanations for why the camera can’t scan the QR code including the condition of your smartphone’s screen as well as the lens of the Geeni cam.

To provide you with the best summary of what might be wrong with the setup, let’s take a look at ALL causes!

  • Smartphone’s Screen is Too Bright
  • Bad QR Code Angle Positioning
  • Smudgy or Obstructed Lens/Screen
  • Software-related Geeni Camera Issue
  • QR Code Screen is Too Small

In order to target ALL of these possibilities in one go, it’s best to follow the guide we’ve made for you below.

So without further ado let’s jump right into the solutions!

How To Fix When Geeni Camera Won’t Scan QR Code?

how fix the geeni camera

It’s easy to make the camera finally scan a QR code in order to complete the pairing process once and for all.

We’ll start with easy methods that you can immediately attempt and avoid technical steps throughout the entire guide.

Let’s jump right in!

Method #1 Try Another Angle!

We know how exhausting it is to hold your smartphone in front of the device only to see that the pairing process is still… not complete.

Well, first, prepare some furniture so you can position your smartphone’s screen in front of your device to relax your arm throughout the guide.

Then, restart the scanning process and align the screen slightly to the left or to the right.

  • Try different angles and wait throughout the entire time!

In case no angle works and the Geeni cam still won’t scan a QR code, keep reading!

Method #2 Check Line of Sight

check the line of sight

The direct line of sight is necessary for the Geeni cam to freely scan a QR code from the screen of your mobile device.

You need to show the screen of your smartphone right in front of the lens of the device and anything in between is considered an obstruction.

The screen (QR code) has to be 7-9 inches away from the lens!

Try This Now!

Acquire a soft or microfiber cloth and wipe both, the screen of your mobile device (QR Code) and the Geeni cam lens.

Position the devices stationary, then restart the pairing process and when a QR code part comes in, wait until the process is successful or until it fails.

Note: Is there too much cigarette smoke? Try scanning in another room!

Method #3 Adjust The Screen Brightness!

adjust screen brightness

One of the most-frequent suggestions, when a Geeni camera can’t scan a QR code, is to lower the brightness of your mobile device.

Any smartphone, tablet, or laptop has the function to lower the brightness just a little bit and test the scanning again.

Well, if you’re attempting to scan a QR code from your TV screen or any other large screen, the proximity between the devices might be the culprit.

Test with 30%, 40%, 60%, and 80% brightness to check whether the Geeni cam will scan a QR code.

If you’re trying to scan outside use 100% brightness or get inside and try scanning a QR code under a different ambient light.

Tip: If you’re scanning from a big TV screen, try to increase the Picture Sharpness Option!  

Method #4 Factory Reset Geeni Camera

factory reset the camera

The ultimate and most-powerful solution is to factory restore the Geeni cam and attempt the pairing process again.

Perhaps something with the operating system of the device is out of the ordinary which is exactly what the steps below will address.

Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on a Geeni camera:

  1. Find the Geeni cam Reset button.
  2. It’s located in a pinhole near the lens of the device.
  3. Using a sharp object reach inside the pinhole.
  4. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds.
  5. The camera is going to start blinking in red.

The reset shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds, so be a little patient and re-attempt the pairing process again.

When a QR code scanning part comes, simply use everything you’ve learned in this guide so far, and hopefully, it will work!

Note: In case the process fails, hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds!

Method #5 Scan QR From Another Device

scan the qr code

Sometimes the Geeni cam won’t scan a QR code from smartphones or other devices with certain screen defects. 

For example, if your smartphone’s screen or screen protector is shattered or a screen defect is overlapping its QR code, the Geeni cam won’t scan.

In that regard, the best thing we can do to clear this possibility out is to test scanning a QR code on another device!

Simply take one of your old devices or ask a family member or a friend for a 1-minute favor, which is to download and sign into the Geeni app.

From there you’ll need to re-attempt the setup process and hopefully, the scanning will work this time!

Alert: Turn OFF any active display modes such as “Night Light”, “True Tone”, and more...

Method #6 Use a Larger Screen!

This method might be a bit more technical but surely, it is the very last thing you can try at home before contacting Geeni or the merchant for assistance.

To increase the chance of a Geeni camera scanning a QR code, we’ll need to get bigger!

use a larger screen

If you have a tablet or another smartphone, download the Geeni application and test scanning a QR code from there!

Get Geeni App On A Computer:

  1. On your Desktop/Laptop, open the online browser.
  2. Search and download the BlueStacks application.
  3. Install the emulator, and sign on or create an account.
  4. On the dedicated device, open the Play Store.
  5. Find and download the Geeni Application.
  6. Sign into the same Geeni Account, used for the camera.
  7. Start the pairing process from scratch.
  8. Use the large computer screen to scan a QR Code!

By default, BlueStacks assigns the latest Samsung smartphone, but the emulated device does not matter.

You only need access to the mobile Geeni app to make a QR code appear on a larger screen and finally test whether your camera will complete the scan.

Best Next Step – Claim Warranty!

Well, in case you’ve applied everything that you’ve read in the guide above and your Geeni camera still won’t scan a QR code, perhaps the device is faulty.

The best next move is to get in touch with the merchant or supplier from where the Geeni device has been purchased from.

Alert: Do not attempt to open the Geeni device since this voids the warranty!

Quick Recap:

Hence, Geeni camera won’t scan QR code whenever the display of your smartphone is too bright or smudgy in a way, impossible to be scanned.

In case the problem is due to the Geeni device, a Factory Reset will settle the problem in no time!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B