geeni camera motion detection not working

Wondering why Geeni camera motion detection not working? We’ll keep reading!

Motion Detection is the feature that allows the Geeni camera to know when something is moving in front of the lens, and eventually follow up with action.

It’s important to determine whether the detection is not working or the configured trigger that should be following up. 

Whenever the Geeni camera Motion Detection is not working we need to enable the Motion Detection feature and allow the necessary Permission. In case this doesn’t help, users typically search for a better location for their Geeni camera to solve the issue!

Let’s next learn the potential causes that interfere with the Geeni camera motion detection:

Why is Motion Detection Not Working on Geeni Camera?

motion detection not working

In order to solve the problem as soon as possible we need to inspect ALL directly related factors that might impact the Motion Detection on your Geeni camera.

We’ve created a short list including the suspects so later we can address each of them accordingly!

Here is what might be impacting the motion detection on your Geeni camera:

  • Motion Detection Not Enabled
  • Geeni Permission Is Disabled
  • Bad Geeni Camera Location
  • Geeni Cam/App Out of Date
  • Camera Not Setup Properly
  • OS/Software Complication

These are the general suspects and luckily we’ve managed to find a suitable solution for each of them.

So without further ado let’s jump into the troubleshooting guide!

Geeni Camera Motion Detection Not Working – Fixed

how fix geeni camera motion detection not working

To be able to solve the problem as soon as possible, we’ve created a step-by-step guide in which we’ll target ALL possibilities.

It’s important not to skip any of the solutions in order to be confident and hopefully solve the issue in minutes!

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Enable Motion Detection

The very first and most important factor is to make sure that the Motion Detection Feature is actually enabled in the application settings.

It’s logical to first check this since we can’t expect to detect or capture anything without telling the Geeni camera to do so!

enable motion detection

Follow the steps below to enable Motion Detection on a Geeni camera:

  1. Go to the Main Devices List
  2. Select the Geeni Camera.
  3. Tap on the dots “” at the corner.
  4. Choose Notification > Motion Detection.
  5. Tap the slider to Enable the feature.

Now when the feature is enabled, the Geeni camera should be able to detect motion and send notifications.

If you want to create recordings when a motion is detected you’ll need a MicroSD card to store the footage so if you don’t have one, you’re missing out!

Increase Motion Sensitivity!

In case you didn’t know in the Motion Detection tab in the Geeni cam application, you can control how sensitive the sensor is.

You can choose between 3 options (low, normal, or high), based on your preference. While testing, make sure to select Normal or High Sensitivity.

Tip: Test the sensor by waving your hand in front of the Geeni camera lens!

Solution #2 Allow Geeni Permission

allow the permission

Whenever the Geeni camera motion detection appears to be inactive because you don’t receive notification, the signs might be misleading.

Upon installing the Geeni application, you’re always being asked whether you allow permission for this and for that, and so on…

The biggest mistake users often do is to quickly deny all of the prompts!

In order to receive notifications you now need to manually allow the Geeni permission:

  1. On your Mobile Device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps or Device Manager.
  3. From there find and select the Geeni Application.
  4. Tap on the Notification Tab.
  5. Allow the Location and Notifications.

When you’ve manually allowed the permissions, the Geeni camera will start detecting motion and sending you a notification.

Keep in mind that the settings labels are not the same on different mobile devices so feel free to check online how to enable app permissions.

In case the permissions are already enabled, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #3 Check the WiFi Connection

check the wifi connection

It’s crucial to have a stable WiFi connection for both your Geeni camera and application in order to receive the Motion Detection Notifications on time.

Once the setup is complete your mobile device can even use the cellular internet, but your camera is always connected to the WiFi.

  • Test your internet/WiFi for any outages/delays!

Feel free to use a Free Internet Speed Test tool, to determine whether your internet connection is the culprit for the missing Geeni cam detection.

In case you’re experiencing trouble you should restart your router/modem and eventually get in touch with your ISP for more assistance.

Note: The recommended internet speed you should have is 5mb/s!

Solution #4 Relocate Geeni Camera

relocate geeni camera

It’s extremely important to choose the Geeni camera position wisely!

There are two factors to take into consideration when installing the Geeni camera:

  1. Direct & Clear Line of Sight 
  2. Close to the Router/Modem (WiFi)
  3. Environmental Factors

You need to consider both facts, your camera should be as close as possible to the router since without a strong bandwidth, you can’t benefit from the HD monitoring.

Also, you shouldn’t install the camera behind a window or a mosquito mesh, since this greatly impacts the detection.

Tip: Never point your camera towards the street to avoid the sensors capturing each and every vehicle passing by.

Solution #5 Update App & Camera!

One of the most important steps is to perform a Software Update on the Geeni camera to restore the Motion Detection functionality.

update app and camera

In fact, there are two things to update – the camera’s firmware and the Geeni application version.

Let’s begin with updating the Geeni camera’s firmware in easy steps:

Update Geeni Camera:

  1. On the Main Device List.
  2. Select the Geeni Camera.
  3. Tap on the three dots ” in the corner.
  4. Select Firmware Upgrade.

Update Geeni Application:

  1. Open the Google Play or App Store!
  2. Find the “Geeni” application.
  3. Tap on the Update button if available.

Once your Geeni camera and application are both up to date, unplug the device from the power outlet to perform a restart and test the motion detection.

In case the problem is persistent and upgrading the operating system did not help, keep reading.

Note: For iOS devices, the update button looks like a cloud on top of an arrow!

Solution #6 Re-Setup The Camera

reset up camera

In case updating the Geeni camera and app didn’t help, perhaps the device was not properly added to the application in the first place.

This is why in this solution, we’ll remove the Geeni camera from the app and make sure to set up the device correctly!

Here is how to remove and re-add the Geeni camera to the application:

  1. From the Main Devices Screen.
  2. Tap on the Geeni Camera, then on the three dots”.
  3. Select Remove Device/Unpair Device.
  4. Then go back to the Main Devices Screen.
  5. From there tap on WiFi Camera.
  6. Tap on Next Step (the camera should be blinking in red).
  7. Select the network and insert your WiFi Password.

On average, it takes no more than 30 seconds for the Geeni app to connect the camera to your WiFi and start working.

When the setup is complete, scroll up and follow Solution #1 to enable Motion Detection and finally start receiving notifications.

In case this doesn’t help either, let’s take the troubleshooting to the next step!

Solution #7 Factory Reset the Camera!

factory reset the camera

The ultimate and most powerful solution that you can apply on your Geeni camera is to perform a Factory Reset.

This method will erase the remembered connection, hence the camera will be disconnected from the app, but will not delete any MicroSD (locally stored) recordings.

When you’re ready to Factory Reset the Geeni camera, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the Reset Button on the camera.
  2. It’s located near the lens.
  3. Hold the Reset Button for at least 7 seconds.
  4. The camera will prompt a voice message when ready.

Once the Geeni camera has been reset, scroll up and use Solution #6 to set up the camera for the application.

Then don’t forget to enable the Motion Detection feature as well as the necessary permission in order to start receiving motion alerts and notifications.

Tip: Increase the Motion Detection sensitivity to High and test the sensors!

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Geeni camera motion detection not working, we first need to enable the Motion Detection feature and allow the Notification Permission.

In case that doesn’t help, we need to relocate and Factory Reset the Geeni camera to permanently solve the issue.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant guides, check our blog!

Nicole B