geeni camera making chime noise

Wondering why Geeni camera making chime noise? Stay tuned to understand why!

Welcome to our troubleshooting guide on fixing common problems with Geeni cameras.

In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the chime noise that your camera produces and most importantly explain why! 

The chime noise on the Geeni camera could be caused by a variety of reasons such as motion or sound detection, attempting to connect to a network or a low battery. To fix this chime noise, check the settings in the Geeni device app!

Let’s proceed with unraveling the reasons that are causing the chime noise!

Why is Geeni Camera Making Beeping Noise?

why the geeni camera making chime noise

There could be a few explanations for why the Geeni camera is making chime noises.

This could include a variety of problems such as hardware or software errors.

To provide you with the best summary of what might be triggering the chime noise, here is a list of causes!

  • Connection Attempts that can Trigger a Sound
  • Motion or Sound Detection
  • Low Battery of the Camera
  • System Alerts Such as Notifications
  • Firmware Updates Could Possibly Trigger a Sound
  • Hardware Issues Such as a Malfunction of the Microphone

In order to resolve the problems you need to follow the troubleshooting guide that we have prepared for you.

Let’s not lose time and jump right in!

How to Fix When Geeni Camera Making Chime Noise?

fix geeni making chime noise

To fix the beeping noise on the camera we will try out a variety of solutions.

In order to understand why and how the noise appears, follow the chronological order of the guide and make sure not to skip anything.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Adjust The Geeni App Settings!

In this solution, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how to check the settings of the camera in order to fix unwanted sounds.

This solution will walk you through the process of how to access the camera’s settings and how to rearrange the sound and notification settings in order to resolve the beeping sound.

Note: The Geeni camera must be connected to the app!
  1. Open the Geeni App on your mobile phone.
  2. Login using your Account Credentials.
  3. Once logged in, select the camera making the noises.
  4. Tap on the camera to enter Settings.
  5. Look for the “Notification” and “Sound” options.
  6. Turn OFF any unwanted Notification Sounds.
  7. Save the changes by tapping “OK” or “Apply”

Now that you’ve adjusted the notification settings, you’ll no longer hear chime noises caused by your camera.

In case, however, the noses continue, make sure to attempt the next solution!

Solution #2 Stop Motion Detection Sounds!

stop motion detection sounds

Here we will go through how to check the settings for motion detection, which might also cause a beeping sound from the Geeni camera.

Again we’ll need to open the Settings of the problematic camera, but this time we’ll stop any motion detection alarms and sounds!

Here’s how to disable sounds caused by motion detection on the Geeni camera:

  1. Open the Geeni App on your phone.
  2. Log in and go to Settings for the Geeni camera.
  3. Find the Motion Detection Tab.
  4. Select Detection Alert/Alarm/Sounds.
  5. Make sure to disable any sounds related to the detection.
  6. Test whether the Geeni camera chime noise is still there.

In conclusion, the motion detection of the camera is featured which could possibly cause a beeping sound.

By following the steps above you should be able to resolve the problem!

Tip: If the motion detection is turned on, you can adjust the sensitivity levels as you desire to reduce the frequency of the beeping sounds.

Solution #3 Check for Firmware Updates

check for firmware updates

The firmware is the software controlling the camera’s functions and it also keeps it running smoothly and efficiently.

Sometimes there could be issues due to Outdated Software, which could cause a lot of problems such as noises, malfunctioning features, or other problems.

Here is a step-by-step on how to check for firmware updates:

  1. Open the Geeni App, making sure that the camera is connected to the app.
  2. Go to Settings of the *beeping* camera.
  3. Look for an option Firmware Update or “Device Info” tab.
  4. This will let you see the Current Version you are using.
  5. In case you see an Update option, carry out the upgrade.

The firmware upgrade is necessary, so make sure to apply the upgrade, if available.

When the camera is updated to the latest version, check whether the chime noises continue and in case they do, keep reading the next solution!

Solution #4 Check the Battery Level (Wire-Free)

check the battery level

The Geeni camera rechargeable battery (9,000 mAh), lasts up to 3 months but when the charge starts to get low our camera will frequently chime.

This is why every now and then we need to plug our camera to fully charge the battery.

Let’s learn how to check the battery levels:

  1. Open the Geeni App on your phone or tablet.
  2. Log in and select the camera that is making the noise.
  3. Look for the Battery Indicator on the Geeni main screen!
  4. If the level of the battery is low, connect it to a power source to charge it.
  5. Wait for a few hours until the camera’s battery is charged.
  6. Test if the chime noise is still there.

If the cause of the problem with the beeping noise was the battery, checking the battery levels often is recommended to understand any faults early.

Perhaps the battery can no longer last long or the charging adapter is not able to provide the required charge.

Note: If your Geeni camera is always connected to the power, keep reading!

Solution #5 Inspect WiFi/Network!

inspect the wifi

The Geeni camera is proven to emit chime noises when connecting/disconnecting from our router’s WiFi, thus our network.

When your internet is constantly dropping or the camera is too far away from the internet coverage, you might be facing connection problems.

  • Start by restarting your camera and network router!

If you’re using an Ethernet connection, unplug and plug the cable as well as make sure that your internet is currently working.

You can achieve this by connecting your smartphone to the same WiFi as your Geeni camera and trying to surf online.

Tip: For any internet issues, feel free to contact your ISP for assistance!

Solution #5 Check for Hardware Issues

check for an hardware issues

If the steps above do not resolve the problems, the Geeni camera chime noises could be caused by a malfunctioning speaker or microphone.

To clarify further, we need to check for hardware issues that might answer the question why the Geeni camera is making chime noises.

Here’s how to inspect the Geeni camera for hardware issues:

  • Check if the microphone is blocked or covered
  • If it is remove any obstructions and test the camera
  • Inspect whether the camera’s speaker is also obstructed.
  • Check the Geeni camera’s connection to the Power Source
  • Try to identify any hardware damage on the camera.

In case the chime noises continue, check the user manual for any instructions on how to prevent the sounds.

In case you’re unable to find anything, contact Geeni Customer Service for more assistance in resolving the noises from your camera.

Tip: Explain what you’ve already attempted to save time troubleshooting!

Quick Recap: 

Hence, the Geeni camera making chime noise is typically due to Motion or Sound Detection alerts, Low Battery, or Notification.

To fix the issues go to the Geeni app Settings and disable sounds or their respective features to prevent the camera from making noises.

We hope that the provided guide was helpful so check our blog for more relevant content!

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