ge refrigerator light not working

The GE refrigerator light not working and you’re quite bothered? Keep reading!

Using your fridge without a bulb is like driving your car without headlights – no good. 

The lighting of the fridge allows you to store food inside and when you’re separated from appropriate vision, it is quite bothersome.

Here’s a quick fix to the light issue!

To fix when the GE Refrigerator’s light isn’t working, Power Cycle the device and re-screw the bulb from the socket. Next, clean the bulb socket and troubleshoot power issues with the fridge. Finally, replace the light bulb and perform a test.

To understand what has impacted your GE Freezer’s light’s functionality, keep reading!

Why Is My GE Freezer Light Not Working?

why my ge refrigerator light not working

If the light of your GE freezer has stopped working completely, this could only mean several things.

Either the light has gone faulty or there has been a problem with the door’s mechanism. Since the door is what actually makes the light come on this is our suspect.

Let’s summarize all possibilities for your GE Freezer’s lights going faulty:

  • The door of your GE Freezer hasn’t been closed all the way!
  • There’s an issue with the Door Switch
  • Power Insufficiency of your freezer/fridge is preventing the light from coming on
  • The bulb has Developed a Fault or has been Unscrewed from the Socket

No matter what the cause of this problem is, we will find the resolution with our guide!

GE Fridge LED Light Not Working – Best Solutions!

how fix ge refrigerator light not working

After going through all possible causes for this problem, it’s time for a solution!

We did our best for our guide to cover all potential factors of your fridge, that are preventing the light from working.

On your end, it is expected to follow all fixes in chronological order!

  • Our fix will help for light faults both in the freezer and main sections of the fridge!

Solution #1 Re-Activate the Door Switch

The Door Switch of your fridge is what actually triggers the LED bulb!

If the door doesn’t close correctly and doesn’t make contact, the bulb of the fridge will not light up regardless.

What we’re suggesting is to have the switch reactivated, by correctly closing and then re-opening the fridge’s door.

reactivate the door switch

Let’s learn how to do this:

  1. Grab your Fridge’s Handle.
  2. Close the door All the Way and make sure it taps (test if it has closed fully).
  3. Wait for 15 Seconds.
  4. Pull the fridge door by the handle.
  5. Wait for the light of the fridge to start.

You must make sure that the door of your fridge closes tightly and securely. Only then you shall open it.

Otherwise, the door switch will not detect the actual door being closed and so your fridge’s LED will remain OFF.

Note: When closing the fridge door, the magnet should pull it when close to being closed.

Solution #2 Tighten the LED Bulb

tighten the bulb

In some cases, the bulb installed in the LED socket of your fridge might be Loose.

This will prevent electrical charge from contacting the bulb’s poles and therefore it won’t turn on when you open your fridge.

What you should do during this solution, is make sure that the bulb is tightened enough for it to securely connect with the socket’s electrical pole.

  • Open your fridge door and locate the light bulb!

Based on your fridge’s technology, the bulb could either be spun clockwise or counterclockwise.

You should test the mechanism, but do not apply too much force. If you’re spinning it in the incorrect direction, the bulb may break apart from the socket.

Note: Once found in the correct spinning direction, do not over-tighten the bulb!

Solution #3 Power Cycle the Fridge

power cycle the fridge

A process that also works like a reset, is the Power Cycle for the GE Refrigerator!

What power circulation does, is discharge all of the power from your device, with the goal of refreshing the fridge.

It is a universal solution, for both hardware and software issues and most often manages to solve functionality problems.

Here’s how to power cycle your GE Fridge in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the GE Fridge by pressing its Power Button inside.
  2. Wait for the device to shut down.
  3. Unplug the Power Cable of the fridge.
  4. Standby for 5 Minutes while the device is disconnected from power.
  5. Reattach the power cable to the electrical source.
  6. Do not start the fridge for another 30 Seconds.
  7. Start up the GE Refrigerator.
  8. Test…

The power cycle requires a reliable electrical source or a direct wall outlet.

If you’re using faulty power equipment for running your fridge, make sure to get it checked/replaced.

Tip: The longer you keep the GE Fridge unplugged, the better will the power cycle perform!

Solution #4 Secure the Light’s Wiring

secure light wiring

The wiring of the GE Refrigerator being damaged on unsecured could result in this LED light problem.

For instance, occurrences such as shaking the fridge or it being moved from its usual spot could cause some of the wiring to come loose. 

Here’s how to identify if the wiring of your LED bulb is faulty:

  • Locate the LED light’s cable and gently wiggle it. Wait for the light’s output.

If you see a flicker of your LED light, then it most certainly means that the cable of the bulb has gone faulty.

Here’s how to secure the wiring of the bulb in easy steps:

  1. Open your Fridge Door.
  2. Locate the LED Bulb.
  3. Follow the lead of the LED’s Power Supply Cable.
  4. Gently grab the cable and Pull it Towards the Light.
  5. While holding the light’s surface with one hand, Plug the Cable into the bulb’s port.
  6. Test…

Remember to avoid the use of excessive force while adjusting and securing the light’s cables.

This could result in further problems with the light and may require changing entire components of the fridge’ system.

Alert: If you could not secure the LED’s wiring, contact a technician for the replacement.

Solution #5 Clean the Light Switch

clean the light switch

When the GE refrigerator light not working, there is one last factor you should consider!

  • The Light Switch!

This is where your fridge’s bulb will connect and withdraw power through.

It is essential for this switch to function properly since all of your bulb’s electricity supply and functionality are dependent on it.

Let’s learn how to manage the fridge’s light switch in easy steps:

  1. Open your Fridge Door as you detach it from the switch.
  2. Locate the Light Bulb inside.
  3. Grab ahold of the bulb.
  4. Spin it Clockwise/Counterclockwise based on the mechanism.
  5. Once the bulb has come off, grab a Slightly Wet Cleaning Cloth.
  6. Using the cloth, collect all dust and debris inflicted on the light switch.
  7. Wait for the socket to dry completely.
  8. Re-install the bulb inside of the socket.
  9. Test the light…

Installing the bulb while the socket is still wet could result in a serious power malfunction of your TV.

It’s important to allow the socket to dry completely for a few hours!

Note: While the bulb is uninstalled, make sure it has no dust on its electrical poles!

Solution #6 Replace the Fridge’s Bulb

replace the bulb

Although we’ve tried everything to avoid replacing the fridge’s bulb, perhaps it has come to an end and simply stopped working.

This is common for all electrical components since, at some point, they’ll go faulty and require a replacement. 

These bulbs are used for both the freezer and the main storage of the fridge, so you wouldn’t have to worry.

As long as it is fridge-compatible, it should be easy to install it within your GE device and have it lit up and working.

Here’s how to replace the bulb in easy steps:

  1. Unscrew the Old Light Bulb and remove it.
  2. Unpack the New 40 WATT Appliance Bulb.
  3. Make sure the Light Socket of your GE Fridge’s compartment is clean.
  4. Position the new bulb correctly and Begin Screwing.
  5. Once the bulb begins to tighten into the port, do 2-3 more screws.
  6. Test the new bulb…
how replace the led bulb

The mechanism of the bulb socket does not allow for the over-tightening of the bulb.

The worst that’ll happen is that you’ll break the bulb and expose yourself to danger.

Note: Although the bulb should not be over-tightened, it should stay secured into the socket.

Quick Recap:

Thus, the solution when the GE Refrigerator’s light isn’t working is to close the door all the way and make sure it attaches to the door switch. Next, clean the light socket and power cycle your fridge. Finally, replace the faulty light with a brand-new bulb.

Wrapping Up:

Here we’ve learned how to fix when the GE refrigerator light not working and what are the best solutions available.

Even though getting the bulb replaced requires more of your time, it is the most proven way to fix this fault. Good Luck!

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Nicole B