ge refrigerator led lights dim

Wondering why your GE refrigerator LED lights dim? Keep continuing reading the guide!

Although GE refrigerators are the best and most trustworthy appliance, the most annoying problem that practically every user has to deal with is the lightning issue.

When you open the door and you see the darkness inside then stay with us for a solution that only takes a minute!

The dim lighting of the GE refrigerator is normal as long as it’s not totally dark. In such cases, it is because of a power glitch, faulty light board, or bad main control board. The solution requires a thorough inspection of all components involved.

Now let’s discuss the refrigerator dim lighting issue in more detail…

Why Are GE Refrigerator LED Lights Too Dim?

ge refrigerator led lights too dim

The ability to dim the lights is usually an integrated feature in the GE refrigerators because when the door is opened, the lights first brighten but gradually start to dim after 8 minutes

The longer you keep the door open, the longer it will become dim, but if the door is kept open for 15 minutes, it will suddenly turn off. 

This is normal because the light timer will start working as soon as you open the door!

If you are sure that the lights are totally dim when you open the door and this is not because of the light timer, then this is the time to be concerned. 

There are some factors including faulty main board, light board, or any power glitch in the appliance that usually affect the fridge lights. 

That’s why they lose functionality and flash dim lights.

Therefore, it is beneficial for you to first be aware of what causes your refrigerator’s lights to dim, so you can fix the issue properly.

Next, let’s discuss how to fix your refrigerator’s dim light:

How To Fix When GE Refrigerator LED Lights Dim?

how to fix ge refrigerator

We are now going to discuss the easy way to troubleshoot your refrigerator’s dim lights problem on your own before calling a technician for help. 

But first, make sure you follow the guide completely and don’t miss out on any step. 

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Check Refrigerator Door Opening Time 

Checking the time that your refrigerator door opens is the first thing you need to do.

Keep an eye on how long the door has been open because when the door is opened, the timer for the lights is reset. 

check ref door opening time

If the door is left open for 8 minutes, the light will gradually start to dim, and if it is kept open for 15 minutes, the lights will completely shut off.

Note: This transformation of lights will apply to both freezers and refrigerators!

When you notice the same patterns of lights that we discussed in the above sections, you no need to worry because this is an absolutely normal process and will not negatively affect your fridge’s performance.

In case it’s completely dark after opening the door, proceed reading!

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your Refrigerator

power cycle the refrigerator

Sometimes the power cannot reach out properly from the main board to the light board and that’s why, because of insufficient voltage, lights become dim. 

The only way to reset this power issue is to power cycle your refrigerator.

By doing this, the power on the main board restores and then it’ll properly supply voltage to the light board, thus the fridge will lighten up.

Here is how to power cycle your refrigerator:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator from the Power Outlet.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker.
  3. Wait for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Turn on the circuit breaker.
  5. Plug in the fridge cord in the outlet.

After a couple of minutes, open the fridge door and check whether the lights brighten up!

Solution #3 Test LightBoard

test its lightboard

The next thing you need to check is the GE refrigerator light board because it gets power from the main board and then further provides it to bulbs.

There is a possibility that the light board in your fridge has got some malfunction and that’s why it is not working effectively in supplying power! 

Here is how to test your refrigerator light board:

  1. Unplug the fridge from the Power Outlet.
  2. Open your GE refrigerator door.
  3. Take off the light board plastic cover from the board.
  4. Next, disconnect the Light Connector from the board.
  5. Hold down the control board and take it out.
  6. Test the board via a Multimeter for continuity.
  7. Replace the board if there is any fault in continuity reading.
  8. Connect the light connector back to the board and secure it with its cover.
  9. Once you have done this, plug the refrigerator into the outlet.

In case the control board shows continuity and is working, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #4 Replace The Main Board

replace main board

If the light board is tested and found to be in working order, there is a possibility that the main control board of your GE refrigerator is defective or no longer functioning.

This is why it is not operating properly and not powering other components. 

Solution: You only need to replace the main control board of your GE fridge!

Here is how to replace the refrigerator’s main control board:

  1. Unplug the GE fridge from the Power Outlet.
  2. Get access to the back of the fridge.
  3. Then unscrew the hex head screws of the control board cover plate.
  4. Next, note the orientation of the wires and unplug all the wire connectors.
  5. Depress the plastic cover to release the board and take it out.
  6. Set up a new control board, and connect all the wires to their places.
  7. Secure the board by screwing all 9 screws.
Note: Once you are done, restart your fridge and test the lights!

Still Need Help?

If you have tried every method from this guide but still your GE refrigerator lights are dim or, you may not have enough experience to inspect further such appliances. 

This is why it is better to take help from a professional by emailing GE Support and letting them know the problem! 

still need a help

They can then further assist you in a proper way but don’t forget to share what you’ve already attempted to save as much time as possible.

Otherwise, call an experienced technician!

Frequently Asked Question!

Let’s next answer some of the most frequently asked questions about dim lights on GE!

Why Are The Lights In My Refrigerator Dim?

Insufficient power voltage is the main cause of why the lights in the refrigerator are dim.

Sometimes when the voltage fluctuates, the control board develops a bug and doesn’t supply the lights with enough power, which is why they become dim. 

Could Dim Lights On GE Fridge Be a Malfunction?

An overloaded circuit with too many appliances plugged in also causes power deficiency.

Each appliance can need sufficient power for proper working, but when the circuit gets overloaded, the refrigerator can’t get a sufficient amount of power, and the lights become dim. 

Quick Recap:

Whenever your GE refrigerator LED lights dim, you first need to restart your appliance by plugging it out from the power source. Also, make sure to test the refrigerator light board and control board to inspect the faulty one, and then replace the bad component!

We hope that this guide was helpful so follow us for more!

Nicole B