ge dishwasher won't start just beeps

GE dishwasher won’t start just beeps and you’re wondering why?

Well, the GE dishwasher has its own way to communicate with us, and the *beep* often means that there was a problem.

The beeping sound in combination with a blinking pattern on a GE dishwasher indicates a power-related problem, often happening after a power outage/surge.

The GE dishwasher can’t start and only beeps because there was a power surge/outage or there is a malfunction with the electrical outlet. The solution revolves around a thorough inspection of your GE dishwasher setup and performing a reset.

Let’s next learn more about the reasons why the GE dishwasher beeps instead of starting!

Why GE Dishwasher Beeps But Won’t Start?

the dishwasher beeps but dont starts

There are quite a few reasons for the *beeping* you hear on the GE dishwasher.

The more worrying part is that the dishwasher is not starting, which will be our main priority.

Here are the reasons why the GE dishwasher beeps instead of turning on:

  • After a Power Surge/Outage
  • Faulty Power Source/Outlet
  • GE Dishwasher Open Door 
  • Software-related Bug or Issue

The reason why the GE dishwasher only *beeps* instead of turning on is one of the bullets above.

Luckily, we’ve managed to find a working solution for every possibility, and to solve the problem, feel free to jump into the solution guide below!

How To Fix When GE Dishwasher Won’t Start Just Beeps?

how fix ge dishwasher

In order to solve the problem one needs to address ALL possibilities in an individual manner.

This is the only way to also identify what’s causing the issue, which saves a lot of time.

Tip: Follow the chronological order of the methods!

Method #1 Press Start/Reset Once!

When the GE dishwasher continuously beeps or blinks, the Start/Reset button might have been pressed more than once.

This is why we only need to press the Start/Reset button once to start our washing schedule normally.

To stop the beeping and the flashing lights, press the START button 1 more to revert the machine’s operation back to normal.

Hence, when we want to start a normal washing session, we only need to press the Start/Reset button once. 

Note: The cleaning cycle will be canceled when the Start/Reset button has been pressed.

Method #2 Power Cycle GE Dishwasher

power cycle the dishwasher

One of the most effective solutions is to perform a power circulation on the GE dishwasher, which requires some time, but it’s really effective.

The beeping noises are most often related to power issues and excluding the power source just for now, power cycle the machine first!

Important: Disconnect the GE dishwasher from the power for 10 minutes!

This is enough time for the machine to fully discharge, drain the water and restart ALL services to restore normal operation.

It’s essential to press the Start/Reset button once when the GE dishwasher turns on, otherwise all lights will light up.

According to recent research, this method has proven to help most users, so be patient and allow the machine to reboot properly.

In case it doesn’t help, jump to the next solution!

Method #3 Close the GE Door Latch

close the door latch

When you are hearing a constant beeping every 30 seconds, it means that the GE dishwasher door has been opened.

The issue might have happened after a power outage or accidentally during the washing session.

Perhaps it was not even close in the first place!

Solution: Open and close the GE dishwasher latch tightly!

When the door is properly closed the washing session can continue and the beeping sound should have disappeared.

In case the *beeps* are still there, proceed with the next solution!

Method #4 Run a Door Status Check

The beeps sometimes appear when the GE dishwasher does not think that the door is closed.

Underneath the tub, you’ll find that the door latch switch is broken and has to be replaced, which shouldn’t shock you.

The door latch can be replaced easily since the component only plugs in.

To perform a door status check, press and hold the Select Cycle + Start

All the LEDs should be solid and when the door is open all LEDs will flash.

In case any single LED is flashing and other lights are solid, this will indicate where the issue is coming from.

Method #5 Turn OFF ALL Sounds!

turn off the sound

In case your GE dishwasher beeps when it’s being turned on, but is working well, you can simply turn off all sounds.

Since GE dishwashers starting with GDT/GDF/PDT/ZDT/ADT/DDT will *beep* when you press the Start button, we need to know how to stop the noises.

Simply press the Heated Dry or Power Dry button 5 times quickly in a row!

This will stop the beeping sounds when the GE dishwasher is being turned on and you won’t need to hear another beep again.

However in case your GE dishwasher only beeps but can’t turn on, we’ll cover the solution in the next method so let’s keep reading!

Method #6 Change Power Source!

change the power source

Relocating your GE dishwasher could be troublesome so we’ve thought of an easy way to test whether your electrical outlet went faulty.

You can expect such an issue after a power outage and you would be lucky if the surge only impacted your power source.

Simply, disconnect the GE dishwasher from the power source and plug in a secondary device to verify if the electrical outlet is working.

In case the power source is working, you need to test whether the problem will appear with your GE dishwasher connected to a different source.

Solution: Use a power strip to extend an AC line from a different room (fuse).

Method #7 Reset GE Dishwasher

reset the dishwasher

In case the GE dishwasher is not turning on and only beeps even on a different power source, it’s time to reset the washing machine.

Assuming that you’ve already started and canceled the reset by pressing the Start/Reset button multiple times, we’ll start clearly.

Follow the steps below to successfully reset your GE dishwasher:

  1. Disconnect the GE dishwasher from the power.
  2. After 10 seconds reconnect the machine.
  3. Press the Start/Reset button twice!

The Start/Reset button will be blinking for 70-90 seconds until the reset completes.

It’s important not to press the button during the reset, which cancels the process.

You would know that the machine is ready for a washing session when all lights turn off.

Tip: Press the Start/Reset button only once to start washing.

GE Dishwasher Just Beeps Won’t Start Still…

dishwasher beeps but wont start still

When you’ve attempted everything in this guide but nothing worked, we can still test where the problem comes from by performing a general test.

This will inspect ALL aspects of the GE dishwasher operation and tell us where the issue comes from.

When the lock’s LED is illuminated, we can carry out a general test!

Press and hold the Select Cycle for 5 seconds > Select Cycle > Increments Test.
  • Solid LED: The test is starting.
  • 1 Blink: The pump is draining.
  • 2 Blinks: The tub is being filled.
  • 3 Blinks: Pup circulation changes.
  • 4 Blinks: The heater is turned on.
  • 5 blinks: Detergent solenoid turned on.

The entire process takes no more than 20 minutes and would fail on one of the following stages of the test.

This will let you know where the problem is coming from and shine some clarity over all this fuss.

With a bit of luck, the problem will be minor and soon resolved. Good luck!

Let’s next summarize everything that we’ve earned in this guide!

Quick Recap:

We now know that when the GE dishwasher *beeps* and can’t turn on, we’re either started an accidental reset or there is a power insufficiency. The solution is to power cycle the machine, test with a different power source, and perform a full reset.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why the GE dishwasher won’t start just beeps we can easily identify the problem and prevent the issue from appearing any further.

What we’ve learned is that the most common reason for the *beeps* is always related to an issue, usually with the power.

Power Outlet Malfunction?

In case you’ve identified that your power source is not working and that’s why the GE dishwasher can’t turn on, you can use Power Strip Surge Protector.

This way you will protect both your outlet and GE dishwasher during thunderstorms. 

Nicole B