ge dishwasher soap dispenser not closing

Wondering why is GE Dishwasher soap dispenser not closing? Keep reading to know!

When the dispenser cap is not closing on your GE Dishwasher is the worst situation ever because you end up with dirty dishes which is totally unacceptable.

If you are currently in this situation when the dispenser is not closing, then no worries because you can fix this problem!

The GE Dishwasher Soap Dispenser is not closing because of soap accumulation, waste buildup, damaged latches, loose pins or springs, or dry gasket seals. The solution only takes a couple of minutes in inspecting the GE Dishwasher dispenser deeply.

Let’s next learn more about what’s causing the issue in the first place!

Why is GE Dishwasher Detergent Cup Won’t Close?

why the ge dishwasher soap dispenser

If the cap on your dishwasher’s soap dispenser won’t close, there may be some obstruction accumulation that is stopping the cup from closing.

The obstruction layer may be built of soap or hard water minerals that accumulate over time.

Aside from blockages, though, the dispenser’s parts might occasionally become faulty and stop supporting the movement of the cup.

Here are the most common causes that prevent the dispenser cup from closing:

  • Faulty Dispenser Door Latch
  • Cracked Latch Spring
  • Dry Gasket Seal
  • Bend Door pin
  • Big size Dishwashing soap
  • Loose Dispenser Cup Cover

Let’s learn how you can fix your dishwasher not closing dispenser cap easily at home:

How To Fix When GE Dishwasher Dispenser Won’t Close?

fix the ge dishwasher

If the dishwasher dispenser won’t close, one of the dispenser components may not be functioning or the cap is definitely obstructed by anything.

So, you need to make sure to follow every method and step from the guide, so you can inspect the dispenser in a proper way. 

Note: Make sure the soap you are trying to insert is not obstructing the dispenser door!

Solution #1 Clean Soap Dispenser

Usually, if there is an obstruction in the wash cycle that prevents all of the soap from being used, it will leave leftovers on the dispenser that will eventually start to build up.

If you see any soap accumulation on your dispenser, all that is required to fix is a simple cleaning of the dispenser.

clean the soap dispenser

Here is how you can clean your unit dispenser from soap buildup:

  1. Unplug the GE Dishwasher from the Power Outlet.
  2. Open the unit door and then use a damp cloth to soften the soap build-up.
  3. Then take any hard thing to scrub the dispenser so all the build-up can be removed.
  4. Use a clean cloth to clear build-up dirt from the dispenser.
  5. Test checking whether now the dispenser door is closed.
Note: After cleaning soap buildup, you next need to thoroughly clean the waste!

Solution #2 Clear Machine’s Waste 

check the machine waste

Similar to soap, the dispenser develops a waste or hard water mineral deposit layer over time, which will negatively impact the functioning of the dispenser door.

The more often you use the dishwasher, the more care you need to take to keep it clean and avoid problems like these. 

  • Simply, open the dispenser and inspect it for any waste accumulation!

Here is how you can unclog the dishwasher dispenser from waste buildup:

  1. Make a mix of hot water and vinegar (max amount).
  2. Pour it into the dispenser cap.
  3. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Turn on the unit and run an empty wash cycle. 
  5. This will properly remove the buildup layer from the dispenser.

After clearing the buildup from the cap it still won’t close, then keep reading!

Solution #3 Check Door Latch!

check the door latch

Dispenser door latches keep doors open and closed, but occasionally they develop cracks or other faults.

Your dispenser door latch may appear to function well but really have some cracks that prevent it from stopping the door from closing. 

Solution: Check the door latch, so you can replace the component if there is a fault.

Here is how to check the dishwasher dispenser door latch:

  1. Unplug the GE Dishwasher from the Power Outlet.
  2. Open the door and unscrew all screws from inside the door.
  3. Next, separate the inner door liner from the outer door.
  4. Place the inner liner back on any blanket or towel.
  5. Use a plier to pull out the door latch locking pin.
  6. Take a small plier and press two Locking Tabs to release the latch with spring.
  7. Carefully check a latch for cracks, stuck debris, or breakage. 
  8. If the latch is broken, replace it.

Before replacing make sure the soap cap is open as well as the locking tab of the latch, and then put the spring on the latch and push it on the locking tab.

Once you fix the latch, cover it with a locking pin. Reassemble the inner door with the outer panel by tightening its screws.

Make sure to test whether now the dispenser is closing, if not, then move on!

Solution #5 Replace Cap Pin

replace the cap pin

Dispenser caps have pins at either end that help them move, however over, after months of usage, the pins get bent or cracked and lose their ability to retain the cap.

It’s possible that the dispenser cap pin has a fault; in that case, replacing it would be the best course of action.

Here is how to replace the dispenser cap pin:

  1. Open the GE Dishwasher door.
  2. Use a small Allen wrench and push it in the hole to release the door pin.
  3. Next, lift up the dispenser door to disconnect the pin from the other end.
  4. Take out the pin and spring from both ends.
  5. Inspect both for any cracks and bent.
  6. Use a new pin, first insert spring in the hole with a long hook facing outside. 
  7. Then insert the pin, and push it from one end.
  8. Use a screwdriver to push the other end to the bracket.

When you’re ready, test whether the GE Dishwasher soap dispenser is now closing properly. 

Tip: Be gentle with the spring to avoid damaging the component.

Solution #6 Inspect Gasket Seal

replace gasket seal

When GE Dishwasher soap dispenser not closing, perhaps the dispenser Gasket Seal is impacted over time as a result of the buildup layer that forms.

If the dispenser still won’t close after trying the aforementioned fixes, it may be more feasible to replace the dispenser cover if its condition is poor!

Note: Instead of replacing the dispenser seal, you can lubricate it if it is not damaged but dry.

Here is how to inspect and replace the dispenser gasket seal:

  1. Open the GE Dishwasher dispenser door.
  2. Check the Gasket Seal for breakage or bent.
  3. Use vaseline or any lubricant and apply it on the door gasket seal to fix seal dryness.
  4. Close the door to test whether now the dispenser cap closes.
  5. If not, then replace the dispenser cover.

Sometimes changing the door cap or replacing the whole dispenser assembly fixes the issue! 

Quick Recap:

Whenever your GE Dishwasher dispenser cap is not closing, you first need to ensure to clean the build layer from the cup using vinegar water mix. If the problem persists then check the dispenser Door Latch, Spring, and Gasket Seal, and replace the faulty component.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have discussed how to fix GE dishwasher soap dispenser not closing.

All we have gotten from the guide is that all you need to do to fix this issue is clean the dispenser cup and inspect the dispenser’s components, which can be done simply by following our guide.

For more dishwasher helpful guides, make sure to visit our blog!

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