frigidaire refrigerator code h1

Frigidaire Refrigerator code H1 suddenly appeared?

Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll learn everything about this error and how to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Our solution guide will help anyone with error H1, regardless of the situation.

Here’s the most important thing to know first!

The Frigidaire Refrigerator error code H1 means that the temperatures are too high, which can be caused because of an open fridge door or faulty Thermistor. The issue can also appear when a new fridge was immediately loaded, before being able to adjust.

Let’s learn more about Frigidaire Refrigerator error H1 and when it appears!

H1 Code On Frigidaire Refrigerator – Explained

the h1 code error

The Frigidaire Refrigerator H1 is a common error, especially if you’ve just installed the fridge.

The machine takes some time to cool down when the environmental temperatures are high, therefore one needs to wait. Let’s learn more!

The error H1 means that the freezer and refrigerator are too warm!

Let’s take a look at what’s responsible for error H1 on Frigidaire Refrigerator:

  • Temporary/Accidental Issue
  • The machine is too warm
  • Too high environmental heat
  • Faulty/Bugged Thermistor
  • Newly Installed Refrigerator

These are the reasons why the H1 error code would appear on your fridge.

Based on the bullets above, we’ve made a solution guide that will help out anyone experiencing the H1 error on Frigidaire Refrigerator.

Let’s next jump into the solution guide and solve the problem in minutes!

How To Fix Frigidaire Refrigerator Code H1?

how fix frigidaire ref

In order to solve the problem we’re going to follow a chronological order of methods that will address ALL possibilities.

To solve the problem as soon as possible don’t skip anything from the methods and make sure to read the guide until the end.

Let’s jump right in!

Method #1 Wait For the Adjustment

In case you didn’t know the Frigidaire Refrigerator needs time to adjust.

A common mistake most users make is immediately loading their new refrigerator with food when the machine arrives, only to see error H1 later.

In those cases, the reason for error H1 is that the Frigidaire Refrigerator hadn’t enough time to adjust the cooling temperatures.

The smartest thing to do is unload all food, and wait for at least 20 minutes until the error disappears.

In case it’s too hot in the kitchen, the fridge might need more time to adjust.

Alert: Loading the fridge with food will severely impact the time it takes to cool down!

Method #2 Restart the Refrigerator

restart your refrigerator

The next and simplest possible method is to Power Cycle the Frigidaire Refrigerator.

  • Simply unplug the machine from the power outlet for several minutes!

When you plug back the Frigidaire Refrigerator into the power, this will clear the H1 error and the fridge should start working normally.

It’s also important to make sure that your machine is plugged directly into the power and not into a power strip or any sort of electricity divider.

Tip: To complete a power circulation, keep the refrigerator unplugged for at least 3 minutes!

Method #3 Reset the Refrigerator

reset your refrigerator

The next step to resolve error code H1 on Frigidaire Refrigerator is to perform a reset, which often helps after a power outage.

This way, in case the error H1 is incidental we can clear the fault by following simple instructions.

Here’s how to reset Frigidaire Refrigerator in easy steps:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  2. Connect the fridge back to the power.
  3. Press and hold the Alarm/Reset button for 3 seconds.
  4. Quickly, press the Down Arrow button 3 times.
  5. Press the Up Arrow once!
  6. Choose a temperature for the freezer.

You can also reset the Frigidaire Refrigerator by using the Power Cool + Power Freezer buttons located on the appliance.

The fridge should be working correctly again, and error code H1 should no longer appear. Feel free to restart the Frigidaire Refrigerator again after the reset.

Note: The reset takes approximately 5 minutes so be patient.

Method #4 Test The Thermistor

test the thermistor

Besides previous possibilities of H1, the main protagonist in the story and the component responsible for the cooling is the Thermistor.

The main purpose of the Thermistor is to monitor the temperature changes in your Frigidaire Refrigerator and send signals to the control board.

  • Said simply, the thermistor is responsible for keeping the cool temperature!

The H1 error appears when the Thermistor is faulty and we need to test whether that’s true!

Where is the Thermistor?

where is the thermistor
Note: You’ll need a multimeter to measure the continuity of the Thermistor.
  1. Unload ALL food and unplug your fridge.
  2. Take out the crisper and deli drawers.
  3. Detach the bottom glass shelf with the rails.
  4. Take out all other shelves and the air duct cover.
  5. Undo the screws holding the duct to be able to pull it out.
  6. Use the multimeter to contact the wire connectors.

Indication: When there is No continuity & No Resistance upon temperature change, the Thermistor is faulty and has to be replaced.

In case the Thermistor is working correctly and you see a change in the continuity, restart your Frigidaire Refrigerator by unplugging to remove H1.

In case the Thermistor has to be replaced, continue reading the next method!

Method #5 Replace The Thermistor

replacing thermistor

When your readings found out that the Thermistor is not working, then you’ll need to replace the component.

Luckily this can be done at home but we strongly recommend checking whether you can use your warranty.

In case your fridge is out of warranty, keep reading!

Tip: Find an original replacement Thermistor for Frigidaire Refrigerator at the bottom!

Based on the previous solution, now we know where the Thermistor is seated and we’re going to continue with the replacement steps.

It’s really simple!

  1. (Important) Turn OFF the Frigidaire Refrigerator!
  2. Locate the Thermistor.
  3. Detach the Thermistor from the duct.
  4. Remove the Wire Connectors.
  5. Install the new Thermistor.
  6. Seat the wire connectors.
  7. Embed the duct and use the screws to secure it.
  8. Don’t forget to reinstall the air duct cover.

When you’re ready, you can install all the shelving but don’t insert the food just yet. Plug your fridge into the power and check whether error H1 is now gone.

Surely enough with the new Thermistor, you wouldn’t have trouble with this error code anymore so good luck!

Frigidaire H1 Code on Refrigerator Side is Still There!

the h1 error code still there

In case you’ve tested or replaced the Thermistor in your Frigidaire Refrigerator but the H1 error still appears, something keeps the fridge warm.

In all cases, you would need to perform a reset so scroll up and use the steps from Method #3 to clear the Frigidaire error H1.

When the error is persistent you need to find out what’s keeping the temperature high.

It’s possible that the door is not closing all the way in, or your Frigidaire Refrigerator experiences power fluctuations.

Make a thorough inspection to localize why the error appears.

Use Your Warranty!

use your warranty

When you haven’t replaced the Thermistor yet, it’s a good approach to reach the Frigidaire Contact Center and report your problem.

If you share what you’ve already attempted, the support will be smooth and a solution for the H1 issue will be found as soon as possible!

Quick Recap:

Thus, the H1 error on the Frigidaire Refrigerator means that the temperatures are too high for normal operation. The solution revolves around the Thermistor that has to be tested and when faulty, replaced for error H1 to disappear.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned what Frigidaire Refrigerator code H1 means and how to solve the problem easily, we no longer need to worry about the error.

We strongly suggest saving this guide in case the problem appears in the future so you can be covered anytime!

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