frigidaire dehumidifier not draining through hose

Wondering why is your Frigidaire dehumidifier not draining through hose? Keep reading!

If your dehumidifier is not draining through the hose, this eventually starts to mean that the device is not performing well or there is something wrong.

You simply need to follow our guide to troubleshoot your Frigidaire dehumidifier and fix the drainage from your device!

The Frigidaire dehumidifier typically won’t drain from the hose when the bucket is full or the hose is completely blocked with debris or dirt. This can easily be fixed within a couple of minutes by unclogging the hose or emptying the water from the bucket.

Sometimes the cause could be quite different so read before taking any action yet!

Why Frigidaire Dehumidifier Does Not Drain Through Hose?

why frigidaire dehumidifier not draining

There are many factors that can prevent the Frigidaire dehumidifier from draining through the hose, even if we exclude hardware failure as a possibility.

That’s why it is very important for you to know all about the causes before going to troubleshoot your dehumidifier!

The following are the possible causes of Frigidaire dehumidifier draining issues:

#1. Loose Hose Connection

Most of the time the hose loosens from the dehumidifier receptacle and that’s why it does not drain water from the hose.

#2. Overloaded Draining Bucket

an overdraining bucket

When the draining water becomes full and when the end of the hose is already sunk in the overloaded bucket, the hose stops draining.

#3. Damage Attachment Seal Between Hose

The attachment seal between the hose and the drip tray will begin to crack and release the attachment holding the hose!

#4. Incorrect Humidifier Settings

An incorrect dehumidifier humidity and fan speed settings cause drainage issues, especially when there is no moisture in the surrounding.

#5. Clogged or Damaged Dehumidifier Hose

A fully clogged or broken dehumidifier hose produces trouble with the drainage and hose.

No need to panic because now we are going to discuss the effective way to fix your device!

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Not Draining Through Hose – Fixed

how fix frigidaire dehumidifier

To properly fix the problem, however, you must first be sure to implement all the solutions in the exact manner described.

There is only one important thing to know before proceeding further!


The dehumidifier fan speed and humidity settings are two important factors that will actually affect the level of drainage.

It’s important to check and make sure that you have set up the desired settings, and then test whether the dehumidifier is still not draining from the hose.

Alert: Unplug your dehumidifier from the power before proceeding any further!

Solution #1 Inspect The Hose Properly

inspect hose properly

The very first thing that you need to do is to properly inspect the dehumidifier hose from top to bottom.

The reason why the dehumidifier is not draining from the hose is that there may be any bends, kinks, damage, or depreciation of your appliance’s hose that restricts the water!

  • Look for any holes or damage and make sure the hose is not bent!

Be extremely careful to remove the hose and possibly replace your hose with a compatible one if your device’s hose is too old or irreversibly clogged.

However, in case everything appears OK, simply keep reading and attempt to reset the solutions in the guide!

Solution #2 Check Hose Ends!

check the hose ends

Sometimes the hose orientation is inappropriate, the end of the hose is outside of the bucket or fully dipped in the water.

In some cases, that’s why the Frigidaire dehumidifier will not drain through hose

It is very important for the hose and its ends not to be fully sunk in the resting water in the bucket, since this will stop more water from draining. 

Simply adjust (cut) the hose end to avoid touching standing water and make sure the hose is oriented downward.

Once you have done the adjustment on the hose end and its route, then the water from the dehumidifier will drain easily from the hose.

In case the problem is still there, we’ll need to perform serious maintenance of the dehumidifier’s hose in the next solution!

Note: The draining will eventually stop again if the hose is not regularly unclogged (cleaned).

Solution #3 Unclog (Clean) Drain Hose

unclog the drain hose

Proper cleaning of the drain hose is very important especially if you haven’t cleaned it for a long time.

It’s important because over time any dirt or debris will begin to clog and generate a layer in the hose that will eventually obstruct the hose from draining properly. 

That’s why the proper cleaning of the hose is an effective way to fix this draining issue!

Here is how to unclog the Frigidaire dehumidifier drain hose:

  1. First of all, make sure to unplug the dehumidifier from the Power Outlet.
  2. Then, disconnect the hose by losing its attachment from the machine.
  3. Make sure to empty the drainage bucket as well.
  4. Pour warm water and dishwashing liquid into the clogged drain.
  5. Leave the drain hose for 5 minutes.
  6. Use a brush or any pipe cleaner to properly rub and clean the hose from the inside.
  7. Again, flow warm water to clean the hose for the ingredients.

When you’re ready, connect the drain hose back to its place by making sure that its end route is facing downward.

This way when the Frigidaire dehumidifier is done, the machine should rain through the hose so check whether this helped. If not, keep reading!

Note: You can also replace the hose if the previous one is dirty or damaged!

Solution #4 Empty Dehumidifier Bucket

empty the dehumidifier bucket

As you are well aware, the dehumidifier has a bucket attached to it to collect the draining water.

When the bucket is full, the dehumidifier automatically stops draining from the hose and turns on the bucket full indication to let you know. 

Simply check the water level in the bucket and empty it if it is full!

Here is how to empty the dehumidifier bucket:

  1. Unplug the Frigidaire dehumidifier from the Power Outlet.
  2. Next, move to the front of the machine.
  3. Grab and hold the bucket tabs, and move them out from the appliance.
  4. Afterward, throw the bucket’s water away.
  5. If there is any dirt built up in the bucket, then make sure to clean it.
  6. When you’re ready, place it back after drying it completely.

In case the problem continues to appear and the dehumidifier is not draining through the hose, then something is generally wrong.

Let’s learn more in the next solution!

Solution #5 Configure Drain Hose Attachment

configure the drain hose atatchment

The connection between the hose and the dehumidifier should be checked next because it’s possible that the seal between the hose and the drip tray is too old or broken.

This ultimately leads to drainage issues, especially when the hose is poorly attached to the machine!

Solution: Simply re-configure the attachment between the hose and the machine!

Here is how to configure the hose seal attachment with the dehumidifier:

  1. First, disconnect the Drain Hose from the Drainage Adapter.
  2. Then check the hose for any bents, kinks, or breakage.
  3. Also, check its seal and if it is damaged then make sure to replace it.
  4. Use a clean cloth and clean the drainage adapter properly.
  5. In addition, make sure to unclog any obstructions.
  6. Once you are sure the hose is fine, then tightly connect it back to the adapter.

When you’re ready, the Frigidaire Dehumidifier should be draining through the hose!

Solution #6 Replace Dehumidifier Bucket

replace the dehumidifier bucket

Replace the bucket and hose if all other troubleshooting methods have failed to get your dehumidifier to drain from the hose.

Also, make sure to set up your desired fan speed and humidity settings, so the dehumidifier will perform effectively and easily drain from the hose.

We strongly recommend getting the WK11X10007 Dehumidifier Bucket and performing the replacement in your machine and restoring the normal operation.

The bucket is compatible with most dehumidifiers but make sure to check yours before purchasing!

Need More Help?

In case your dehumidifier is still not draining or very less draining from the hose then we recommend you immediately contact a Frigidaire Assistant for help.

Be sure to report what you’ve already attempted to save as much time as possible. Good luck!

Note: It’s also good to check whether your warranty is intact for free servicing!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Frigidaire dehumidifier not draining through hose, first make sure the hose is properly connected and that it’s not in the resting water.

The next step is to get the bucket empty and set up the desired settings for humidity and fan speed!

We hope you find this dehumidifier post useful for you!

Nicole B