how to clean the filter on a frigidaire dehumidifier

Are you wondering how to clean the filter on a frigidaire dehumidifier? Then, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Cleaning your Frigidaire dehumidifier filter requires a few cleaning products and knowledge of how to take the filter out. 

With that in mind, keep reading the next paragraphs, as we will teach you how to clean your Frigidaire filter step by step.

How To Clean The Filter On A Frigidaire Dehumidifier?

how clean filter of frigidaire dehumidiifier

Cleaning your Frigidaire dehumidifier filter is an easy task. You will certainly need a few cleaning products to get started.

After that, you should take up to 10 minutes to complete the process.

Pay attention: if you are looking for how to clean the Frigidaire dehumidifier filter, you will find out that you can't clean the filter without cleaning the other parts.

Have you ever wondered how often you need to clean a dehumidifier’s filter? Manufacturers suggest that you clean every two weeks

That means the process we will teach is something you will perform twice a month.

Let’s get our hands dirty! (and very clean in the end)

Step #1: Get The Materials

get the materials

First things first: you will need some cleaning products. One of them is dish soap/detergent so that you can clean the dehumidifier’s bucket and the filter itself.

Another helpful item on our list is a soft cloth. It will first serve the purpose of wiping the surface of your device. 

An optional but very convenient item is a vacuum cleaner. If you have it at hand, it will make the work easier.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner can easily make lint and dust go away. 

If a vacuum cleaner is out of reach, you can use a faucet to cleanse the filter.

A further item you might need is a screwdriver. For example, if your dehumidifier contains a pump, we advise you to remove it before cleaning the filter.

That will require a screwdriver!

The last thing you will need also depends on the model of your machine. Some dehumidifiers require you to buy a HEPA-type filter and change it every six months.

Tip: Wearing a mask and goggles is recommended if you have allergies or are immunocompromised.

Step #2: Clean The Surface

clean the surface

To start cleaning your dehumidifier, unplug it from any power source. 

The first item you will use is the soft cloth. With it, you will clean the surface of the humidifier to get rid of dust that accumulates daily. 

Dust and lint may accumulate on the air-intake grille, so it’s important to regularly wipe it off using a damp cloth.

If you have a vacuum cleaner at easy reach, it will be much more convenient to use when cleaning the grille.

Alert: A dehumidifier's performance may deteriorate if it is not maintained routinely and cleaned.

Step #3: Pull Out The Filter

The filter location varies across different models of dehumidifiers.

The user manual is your best bet if you need to know where the filter is located on your device. 

But suppose you don’t have your manual around. In that case, filters are either in your dehumidifier’s front or rear.

Filter Inside The Dehumidifier

the filter inside dehumidifier

The filter can be within the device itself. Hold the front reservoir on both sides and pull in a straight line when taking it out.

Once the main reservoir is removed, the filter will be exposed vertically above the main water supply.

Therefore, taking out the filter requires very little effort.

Simply grip the lever at the base of the filter and pull it down to disassemble the filter for cleaning.

Dehumidifier’s Rear-Mounted Filter

Alternatively, the dehumidifier filter is usually on the upper rear of the device.

When that’s the case, you just need to apply a little pressure to get it unlocked.

Take hold of the tabs on each side of the filter, which are located at the upper corners.

Once you have a solid grasp on the tabs, pull gently in the direction of your body to free the filter.

Step #4: Clean The Bucket

clean the bucket

Keeping the bucket clean is important. After all, cleaning the filter and putting it back into a dirty machine is worthless.

Pull out the container and clear its inside before detaching the splash guard from the tank’s lid. 

For the cleaning, use a soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge, a small amount of dish soap, and warm water. Rinse it completely, replace the cover, and return it to the machine.

Doing the above is only essential if you manually empty your machine or if you use the pump to do it. The tank is continually moist in both circumstances and may contain mold or germs. 

In case you used the pump, you must also detach its filter before cleaning the bucket.

You can find it mounted to the bucket wall, possibly by screws. 

Clean the filter under running water, and after cleaning the bucket, replace it.

Note: You do not need to clean the reservoir bucket if you have been passively emptying your machine with a hose.

Step #5: Clean The Filter

clean the filter

Now it is finally time to clean the filter. After removing the filter (taught in Step #3), examine it and determine whether it needs replacement. 

Dehumidifiers often use washable or reusable filters. However, you must change even those eventually.

Remove loose debris and dust with a vacuum if it is still usable. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can simply rinse it under running water. 

Mix warm water and mild detergent in a big container to create a cleaning solution.

Soak the air filter for up to 10 minutes in the solution. Then, before returning it to the dehumidifier, let it dry.

If your filter is reusable and it has been six months since you last changed it, ignore the instructions above and throw it away.

In that case, ensure you have a new filter to put back in when reattaching the humidifier.

Note: If the filter is not too dirty, you can only vacuum clean it and leave the soaking step for the next cleaning in two weeks.

Step #6: Mount Everything Back Together

mount everything back again

Now that everything is clean, you must let all the parts dry. 

After all, since it is a humidifier we are talking about, it is important everything is dry before attaching back. Otherwise, the filter and bucket will only get dirty more quickly.

The first thing you need to do is put the filter back in. If you cleaned it, check that it is dry.

If you threw the old one away, get a new one and insert it where the old one was.

Finally, check that the bucket is dry. If it is not, you can wait for a little or:

  • Dry it with a cloth
  • Dry it with heat

When it is dry, reattach it to the dehumidifier. 

That’s it! Your dehumidifier is clean and ready for use again.

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What We Learned

How to clean the filter on a Frigidaire dehumidifier? Cleaning the filter of your dehumidifier will require you to clean all the other parts of it too. 

Therefore, cleaning the whole device every two weeks is recommended. Also, cleaning only the filter will decrease effectiveness.

Nicole B