first alert smoke alarm keeps going off

Does your First Alert Smoke Alarm keeps going off? You’ve found the solution!

In this guide, we’ll go over the best solutions to troubleshoot your First Alert Smoke Alarm that keeps going off unexpectedly.

We’ll also review some user opinions that share the problem with their First Alert Smoke Alarm too.

Let’s see how to quickly settle the issue with the alarm!

To fix when the First Alert Smoke Alarm is going off, press the “HUSH” button and then hard reset the device. Next, ventilate your room and replace the alarm’s battery and in case nothing works perform a Reset on the device to solve the issue!

Let’s next review the potential causes of why your First Alert smoke alarm keeps going off!

First Alert Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Keeps Going Off?

the first alert smoke alarm keeps going off

To understand how to fix when a First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarm keeps going off, first, we need to review the potential causes.

We’ve managed to gather all possibilities reported by users experiencing the same problem as you do.

Here’s a list of common causes of frequent false smoke alarms:

  •  Excess Debris or Dust, Bugs in the Sensor Chamber
  •  Steam or High Humidity of the air in the room
  •  Burned Food or Cooking Steam 
  •  Smoke from Fireplaces or Outdoor Campfires 
  •  Battery Failure

These are all of the possible causes why your First Alert smoke alarm would go off without proper reasoning.

Luckily we’ve found a solution for each of the causes. Let’s jump in!

First Alert Smoke Detector Goes Off For No Reason – FIXED

how fix first alert smoke alarm

Here we are going to target everything that could be involved in the First Alert false alarms! 

We strongly recommend that you follow the order of the solutions to achieve the best effects in the troubleshooting. Without further ado let’s begin!

Solution #1 Press the “Hush” Button!

What is a “Hush” button?

The “Hush” button is a feature most fire alarm devices have. The button temporarily alters the sensitivity of the smoke detector for up to 10 minutes.

Pressing and holding the button will quiet the alarm so you can figure out the problem in peace.

  • The “Hush” feature can be used to mute the alarm without limitation!
press the hush button

Here’s how to locate and press the “Hush” button:

  1. The “Hush” button is on the front of the alarm.
  2. Press and hold the “Hush” button.
  3. Release only after the alarm stops!

Most smoke detectors have a HUSH/SILENCE button so it will be easy to find!

You can press the button to alter the sensitivity of the smoke detector, but always make sure there is no real fire or smoke. It’s important to never ignore an alarm!

Tip: If you do not know the source of the smoke don’t assume it’s a false alarm!

Solution #2 Hard Reset the Smoke Detector

hard reset the smoke detector

If your First Alert alarm is beeping even after installing a new battery, follow these troubleshooting steps to clear all remaining charges from the old battery.

Here’s how to perform a Hard Reset on the Smoke Detector:

  1. Take down the alarm from your wall or ceiling 
  2. Open the smoke alarm by rotating counterclockwise.
  3. Locate the battery stronghold.
  4. Take out the battery.
  5. Press and hold the TEST button for 20 – 30 seconds.
  6. This will fully remove any remaining charge from the older battery.
  7. Insert the new battery.
  8. Close the battery compartment.
  9. Press the TEST button.

In case the First Alert smoke alarm false indications were caused by a power problem, by resetting the device, the issue would be gone.

However, in case the false alarms continue, you’ll need to proceed with the next solution in the guide!

Solution #3 Ventilate your Room!

ventilate the room

Certain substances in the air could eventually make your smoke detector go off, without there being an actual fire.

It is of great importance, to often air out your room, to avoid similar substances from creating circumstances for the detector to go off.

Substances and sources that could make your detector go off are the following:

  • High Humidity in the air
  • Burned Food
  • Cooking Appliance
  • Shower Steam
  • Fireplace Smoke or Outdoor Campfires
  • Tough Chemicals, caused by a gas leak

To avoid those piling up over time, you must air out the room that the detector is in, at least twice a day.

Keep the window of the room open for around 10-15 minutes, and this way, you’ll prevent your First Alert smoke alarm from going off at random.

Tip: Keep the smoke alarm away from cooking appliances and steam from the shower!

Solution #4 Clean Debris or Dust in the Sensor Chamber

clean the debris or dust

First Alert Smoke Alarm keeps going off because of the excess debris or dust that piles up from the frequent use of the device. 

Dust and debris particles bend the light the same way as fire smoke does which causes the fire alarm to go off.

Keeping the chamber of the device dust free is essential for normal functionality, hence cleaning the device frequently is necessary!

Here is how to clean the device:

  1. Rotate counterclockwise to open the First Alert smoke alarm.
  2. Remove the Outer Casing of the device.
  3. Gently vacuum the outside of the alarm using a brush attachment for the vacuum.
  4. A can of compressed air can get the job done as well.
  5. Reassemble the smoke alarm.
  6. Test if the device is working properly.

A dust-free device won’t go off for no reason! So we highly recommend cleaning your alarm once or twice a month to maintain it.

Cleaning the device on a regular basis will ensure that it will work properly. Cleaning and maintenance will also guarantee a longer life for your device!

Note: Do not use water, cleaners, solutions or air compressor machines to avoid damaging the device.

Solution #5 Replace The Battery! (Important)

replace its battery

If your device is not hardwired, you might get a false alarm due to battery failure, or if the detector is not properly connected.

If your alarm is sounding the low-battery “beeping” once every 30-60 seconds, it’s time to change the battery of your device.

Note: The First Alert smoke alarm uses double A or 9V batteries!

Here’s how to replace the battery of your smoke detector:

  1. Remove the Outer Casing.
  2. Locate the Battery Stronghold.
  3. Remove the old battery
  4. Hold the TEST button to remove the remaining charge.
  5. Insert the new battery.
  6. Assemble the device.
  7. Turn on the device.
  8. Test the device.

With the new battery, we wouldn’t expect false alarms but in case they continue, we need to take more drastic measures.

Keep reading the next solution to understand more!

Alert: Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

Solution #6 Replace the Smoke Alarm

replace the smoke alarm

Well, constant false alarms from our First Alert device is no good!

In fact, this is even more dangerous, so in case nothing helps, you’ll need to replace the device.

Smoke detectors are good for 10 years after assembly and then, working or not, it’s strongly recommended to replace the device. 

The yellow color on the panel can directly suggest if your smoke detector is old and in case you don’t know, open the device and take a look at the sticker.

It’s not important when the detector was installed, but when the alarm is assembled after 10 years, it has to be replaced.

Tip: The sticker with the assembly date is always located smother on the alarm panel!

Quick Recap: 

Thus, to fix when First Alert Smoke Alarm keeps going off, Hard Reset the device and press the “HUSH” button multiple times. Clean the First Alert smoke alarm and in case of the false alarms continue, replace the old battery and perform a Factory Reset!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more smoke alarm content, check our blog!

Nicole B