firestick keeps crashing

Firestick keeps Crashing? Amazon firestick just like any other streaming stick is a dream come true. You can stream so many different and unique channels with just one stick.

But what if you are in the middle of an awesome movie and then everything crashes.  It’s very annoying when that happens and even more if it happens over and over again.

There could be several reasons why your firestick keeps crashing. We have come up with some tricks to help you save your nerves with this Amazon product.

Reasons for Firestick Keeps Crashing

reasons firestick keeps crashing

To help you understand this better, we will explain possible reasons why it could crash so that you can perhaps prevent it. The main reasons are:

  • Incorrectly injecting the stick. With any USB stick you plug into your TV or device it is the same procedure- it must be removed properly, otherwise, you may experience some issues
  • Overheating is another issue you may encounter. Check all the heat sources in vicinity, it can be sunlight as well as a radiator, so be aware of it
  • File system error. Damage in your file system can lead to your firestick crashing as well
  • Unnecessary Apps. You don’t want to overload your TV with too many apps installed on it. This can lead to crashing issue easily

How to Fix Firestick Crashing Issue?

firestick keeps crashing fix

Let us learn how to fix this crash issue. Follow these steps one by one and you can fix the issue easily.

Basic Step- Restarting

firestick restart

If your screen is frozen or the stick crashes, first, check your remote control. Check if it is paired by toggling up and down. Then, try to restart your device by plugging it out or using your remote control.

Here are the steps:

  • Press and hold Home button for a couple of seconds
  • Go to Settings
  • Press My Fire TV
  • Click Restart

Factory Reset

firestick reset

If the previous step didn’t yield any results, the next step would be to do a factory reset, a hard factory reset as the name suggests, erases all data and stored preferences from the device.

However, if you have no choice and want to perform a factory reset, follow these steps.

  • Find and press Back button on your remote
  • Find the navigation circle (the big button in the middle) and press the right side of it
  • Hold both buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds
  • Press Continue if you still want to reset or Cancel to cancel it. Note that if you don’t press anything in a few seconds, the device will reset automatically.

Reset the TV

Besides resetting your firestick, you can also reset your TV. Each model is different, but basically, you can find the reset option in the Settings menu.

After this reset, your TV will be set on its original settings, but we may have just eliminated the cause of why your fire stick keeps crashing.  

As we already mentioned, too many apps on TV can contribute to streaming stick problems. And if you just want to erase some apps, go to Setting and find Applications. Remove the ones you don’t need.

Software Update

update firestick

Occasionally, your device needs a software update. If you haven’t done it for a while and you have a problem with your stick, try to check for possible updates.

Steps to do that are here

  • Find Settings
  • Choose My Fire TV
  • Choose About
  • Click on Check for system update

Overloaded HDMI Ports

I am aware that many households have many devices especially if kids are in the picture, but too many cables being plugged in even when not in use, can burden your stick and make it underperform.

Internet Issues

issues with internet

Your firestick can crash and reboot due to a slow Internet connection. It may be a peak time or whatever the reason for a slow connection, you can always check with your Internet provider, as long as you are aware that this can also cause problems.

Clear Cache

clear cache

As you may or may not know, cache stores data for later use and it is there for fast retrieval of frequently requested files. That’s a great thing, but it can cause issues as well.

To clear your cache, follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Clear app cache

Original Cables Only

firestick cables

It may sound trite but, you should only use cables that are specifically designed for a particular device. Failure to do so can lead to certain issues, such as crashing or rebooting.

If the cable is not correct, the stick will probably not get enough power. If you need to use anything other than the original cable, use those that have a better capacity than the original.

That could help prevent malfunctions.

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Power Adapter

firestick adapter

You will get a power adapter with your stick and it is there for you to use. What some people tend to do is to unplug the USB cable out of the power adapter and simply plug it into the TV.

Just because there are lots of USB ports on your TV, it doesn’t mean that all of them produce power.

Some of them weren’t meant to and some of them have limited power so, the safest choice is to plug your stick into a power adapter when charging and not into your TV.

Damaged Cables

cable damage

If none of these tricks and advice helped and your fire stick keeps crashing, the last thing you want to do is to check if there is any damage to your cables.

Check them thoroughly, it may be that your dog is chewing on them, or there has been some heat damage, or they are simply old and need to be replaced.  While you are there you may also check your wall socket.

Maybe for some reason, it no longer provides electricity.  For any additional help, you can go to this page and look for possible solutions.


Firestick keeps Crashing issue can be frustrating. There are numerous reasons for the crashing issue and some of the major ones are mentioned above.

We hope you can figure out the correct reason and how to fix it.

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Nicole B