febreze plug in flashing blue light

Is your Febreze Plug in flashing blue light? There’s a simple solution to that problem!

A flashing blue light on the Febreze plug must be identified by the Blinking Pattern.

The blue light is not fatal but one must pay attention to the blinking pattern.

In this guide, we’ll review how to fix a flashing blue light on a Febreze plug-in in less than 5 minutes!

To fix a Febreze plug that flashes in a blue light, power cycle the device and refill its fragrance. After that, connect the device to a different outlet and pour in a new liquid.

To understand this problem better, let’s learn what blue light means exactly!

Why Is My Febreze Plug In Blinking Blue?

why does my febreze plug in flashing blue light

There are different patterns of blinking blue light on your Febreze plug and you should be capable of telling them apart.

When setting up your plug for the first time, the LED will blink in blue twice, to indicate that the device receivers power successfully. 

When a continuous blinking blue light occurs, then there is something wrong!

A Blinking Blue Light on your Febreze plug means that it’s time for a refill.

Your Febreze air freshener may have run out of juice and it will indicate that by blinking continuously in blue light.

This is the plug’s way of letting you know that it could no longer spray. 

Let’s learn what are the best solutions for the blue flashing light on your plug!

Febreze Plug In Blue Light Blinking – Best Fix!

After learning why the blue light potentially occurs, let’s get it resolved.

Most of our solutions include different troubleshooting approaches, so make sure to execute all of our suggestions to fix your plug.

how fix febreeze plug

Follow the steps and instructions in chronological order!

Let’s jump straight in!

Solution #1 Refill the Air Freshener

Your first task is to Refill the Febreze Plug and make sure it has enough liquid.

Use a container of isopropyl alcohol or essential oils and fragrances for the refill

The main reason your plug blinks continuously in blue light is that it has run out of air-freshening liquid.

Refilling your plug is really simple, as long as you follow our instructions correctly. Before that, you’ll need a container of the liquid used in the plug!

refill your air freshener

How to refill a Febreze plug:

  1. Carefully remove the Plastic Cap of the device.
  2. Insert a small funnel (less than ½ measured in diameter) into the Refill Canister.
  3. Pour in the liquid fragrance.
  4. Leave 1-2 centimeters of free space in the wick.
  5. Close the plastic cap.
  6. Test your plug.

You should be very careful not to overfill the air freshener since this could cause it to malfunction.

It is also of great importance to leave some space in the wick, where the fragrance is poured. The device needs some free space to spray the liquid.

Note: Using a funnel is optional. You could also pour the fragrance directly but be careful.

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Device

power cycle the device

If refilling the Febreze plug-in didn’t fix the problem, then you should try a Power Cycle.

What this process does, is essentially have the electricity of your air freshener discharged.

This solution is greatly recommended amongst all electrical units and could help with unknown or unidentified functionality problems with the device.

Let’s learn more about this!

How to Power Cycle Febreze Plug-In:

  1. Unplug the Air Freshener from the power outlet.
  2. Put the plug-in in a Stood Up Position.
  3. Wait for 5 Minutes.
  4. Reconnect the Air Freshener back to the power source.
  5. Wait for the blue light to flash twice.
  6. Test your plug…

Each time the air freshener is plugged into a new or old electrical outlet, it will flash in blue light twice.

This is a standard indication that the Febreze plug is successfully withdrawing power from the associated power source, which is a good thing.

Tip: Keep the Febreze Plug disconnected for longer, to be able to cool down!

Solution #3 Plug in a Different Outlet

plug to different outlet

Chances are that there’s an issue with the Power Outlet, rather than your Febreze Plug.

Usually, the Febreze Plug will blink in blue twice, only when plugged in.

If the blue light keeps on flashing, then it means that there’s an inappropriate power withdrawal of the plug.

In most cases where a plug-in has this problem, the power outlet causes the malfunction.

Solution: Disconnect your Febreze Plug and connect the device to a new power outlet

Also, make sure that the new power source had another device plugged in beforehand.

This way, you’ll know for sure whether the new source of the air freshener works well.

Note: If the power source is reliable, the freshener will blink twice and then start working!

Solution #4 Clean Device’s Crevices

clean the device crevices

What’s the most bothersome aspect of air fresheners is that they could often get their crevices damaged due to fragrance leaking.

That’s not something uncommon but requires attention every once in a while to keep the device’s hardware dry and clean.

That’s why our next suggestion is to Clean your Air Freshener’s insides to fix the issue.

How to clean Febreze’s crevices:

  1. Remove the Plastic Cap of your Febreze plug.
  2. Discharge All of the Fragrance.
  3. Undo the screws that hold the bottom compartment attached.
  4. Get a Soft Dry Cloth.
  5. Begin collecting and drying up the air freshener’s insides.
  6. Take an Air Blow gun or Air Compressor.
  7. Begin blowing away all of the dust and debris inside the device.
  8. Reinstall all compartments.
  9. Refill New Fragrance.
  10. Test…

It’s of great importance to make sure not to overload the air freshener with liquid.

This is what most commonly causes leakage and potentially damages the crevices.

Note: Be careful when uninstalling your freshener’s components to avoid damaging them.

Solution #5 Pour a Febreze Original Liquid

pour febreeze original

Most users found a way out of this problem, by pouring an original liquid.

It may sound a little absurd, but some fragrances with higher concentrations could cause blockages in the freshener’s spray systems.

You should only use fragrances that are recommended for your Febreze model to avoid damaging the hardware furthermore.

Find the Febreze Plug freshener’s liquid at the bottom of the guide!

Once you have acquired the new liquid, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Plastic Cap of the air freshener.
  2. Get rid of the old liquid.
  3. Pour in the New Fragrance.
  4. Close the cap.
  5. Insert your plug into the source (only if you’ve disconnected it).
  6. Test.

The Febreze Plug should now be working well. In case the flashing blue light continues to appear, we’ll need more effective methods.

Let’s proceed further!

Solution #6 Reset the Febreze Plug

reset the febreeze

If the Febreze Plug in flashing blue light still, you should attempt a Factory Reset.

This type of advanced power cycle will cause the spray system of the plug to be refreshed.

This will result in more appropriate spraying and fewer functionality faults.

Perhaps the reset will restore the operation of the device so let’s learn how it’s done!

  1. Disconnect the Febreze Plug from the power source.
  2. Put it in an Upwards Position.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the  Febreze Plug.
  5. Disconnect the Plug again.
  6. Wait by for another 30 seconds.
  7. Reinstall the plug into the electrical outlet.
  8. Test…

In order to trigger the reset sequence, the air freshener must be unplugged while the blue light is blinking after a connection with the source is made.

If not unplugged during that time window, the Plug will not go into a reset. 

Note: The reset of the Plug takes somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds to complete!

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Quick Recap:

Thus, the solution to the flashing blue light on your air freshener is to refill the device and power cycle it. After that, clean the device’s insides and pour a different liquid fragrance into the compartment. Finally, trigger and undergo a Reset on the plug-in.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, you’ve learned what the Febreze plug in flashing blue light indicates and how to properly solve the issue.

If the blue blinking light persists regardless, perhaps you should get a new air freshener or seek a replacement by contacting Febreze Support.

Need a Febreze Plug Refill?

Using third-party liquids is never a good idea to avoid functionality issues with our Febreze Plug-in, so get the Original Febreze Plug-in Refill Kit.

This will keep your device functioning at its finest to keep the odor away!

Nicole B